NZo the G.O.A.T.


In this age of lame-ass cornballs like Becky Lynch being praised for their "Twitter game" (yuck.), where do you rank the Real1, nZo, Smacktalker Skywalker, among the all-time great insult guys in wrestling? 

Telling D-Von "I'm going to put that lazy eye back to work" is the funniest line I've ever heard on a wrestling program, and his telling Joey Janela "dickriding isn't a form of transportation" shows that he's still got the juice.

Back when I would have PPV watch parties with casual/non-fans, Enzo's prematch promos would have people falling out of their seats. Do you think he's just a victim of the average wrestling fan today being too much in the nerd culture bubble to appreciate how on point he is?


I'm not even sure what to do with this one.  You've had a couple of quality troll e-mails previously so I'm not entirely sure where this one falls.  I'll just say I don't know what "nZo" is on exactly, but it's certainly not "point".