205 Live #137 – 09/07/2019

Hello You!

Back again with some more 205 Live action, as this show will be the go home for Extreme Rulz, where Drew Gulak will defend his Cruiserweight Title against Tony Nese.

So without further ado, let’s get Live with the 205!

The event is emanating from Manchester, New Hampshire

Calling the action are Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness and Aidan English

Oney Lorcan opens things up with a promo to camera ahead of his Anything Goes Match with Ariya Daivari where he says he can, and will, do anything he wants tonight. Daivari jumps him mid promo, which leads to agents and refs breaking them up at the orders of Drake Maverick,

Show Intro

Opening Match
The Brian Kendrick Vs Sunil Singh w/ Samir Singh

This came about due to the Bollywood Boys interrupting Kendrick earlier and offering him a “lifetime Achievement” award, so he challenged one of them for a match. Singh dances to start, but Kendrick cannot sanction his buffoonery and works him over, before mocking him with his own dance. Samir causes a distraction however, which allows Sunil to throw Kendrick into the steps to cut him off.

Sunil works Kendrick over inside, even lifting the old Hollywood Blondes “camera mime” taunt. Sorry lads, but you aren’t close to being in Austin and Pillman’s league; I wouldn’t be going out of my way to invite comparisons in all honesty. Sunil finally misses an elbow drop off the second rope, which allows Kendrick to make a comeback.

Kendrick tries hard to get the fans to care, but they’re deader than the dodo here. Kendrick goes to the Captains Hook and Sunil taps out.


Nothing especially wrong with the work but the match was dull and The Singh’s don’t do much for me.

The Singh’s try a post-match beat down but Akira Tozawa makes the save.

Video package with Humberto Carrillo now, as he talks about watching Lucha Libre as a kid and how moving to America has been difficult because he had to leave his friends and family behind. He says he’s in 205 Live to follow his dreams. Good package, he came across as likable.

Match Two
Gentleman Jack Gallagher Vs Devin Justin

I think Jack needs less evil music now that he’s a babyface again. Jack offers a handshake to start and then takes Justin down to the mat for some arm work. Jack throws some European uppercuts and then ties Justin up in the ropes with the Paradise Lock before adding a big dropkick. Hanging vertical suplex next, as I become aware of the irony of Jack being from Manchester but wrestling in another Manchester. I wonder how the two compare?

Before Jack can finish off the enhancement talent though, Mike Kanellis comes out to mess up ringside whilst yelling that he’s going to ruin the show. The crowd chant “Whose your Daddy” at him, which is quite funny. Justin tries to sneak a roll up, but Jack kicks out and then hits a head butt for the winning pin.


Good performance from Jack but the Kanellis stuff wasn’t really necessary. It looks like the Jack and Kanellis feud will continue.

Drake Maverick tries to talk things out with Mike Kanellis, and actually apologises for being an absentee general manager recently. Kanellis blames him for all his problems, but Maverick says he has to fine him for his actions. Kanellis says he can’t wait to see how much Maverick will fine him for what he’ll do next week.

Main Event
Anything Goes
Oney Lorcan Vs Ariya Daivari

Oney Lorcan’s music is what I believe the young hip kids these days refer to as a “banger”. The fight starts in the aisle, with Lorcan getting the better of things. Lorcan throws some chairs into the ring, but Daivari throws him outside before he can use one and then sends him into the announce table. Daivari gets a rubbish bin, but Lorcan kicks him in the gut before he can use it and then suplexes him on the floor.

Daivari reverses a whip and throws Lorcan into the barricades before putting him back in the ring and grabbing a ladder from under the ring. Daivari sets the ladder up in the corner, as I ponder that it would have made much more sense for this to have been the match at Extreme Rulez than doing the Title match. Daivari tries to throw Lorcan into the ladder in the corner, but Lorcan reverses it and throws Daivari into it instead.

Lorcan props the ladder up on the ropes and then goes for a suplex, but Daivari fights him off, only to end up taking a hip toss onto the metal for two. I like stuff like that as it made an impressive sound and looked like it hurt, but Daivari hit it as safely as possible and it wasn’t from a great height either, so even though it may have hurt there was no risk of serious injury. Work smart and you often work safe also.

Daivari manages to hit a reverse DDT on Lorcan and then chokes him with a steel chain before ramming him face first into the corner. Daivari continues to work Lorcan over with the chain some more and then goes to a chair assisted camel clutch, which actually gets a faint “Oney” chant from the crowd. Well at least some of them care anyway. Lorcan manages to catch Daivari out of nowhere with the old Raven drop toe hold onto a chair and both men are down.

Lorcan gets a blockbuster and then a big running uppercut to send Daivari outside, followed by a big dive out there. An audible “we want tables” chant starts up, so Lorcan pulls one out from under the ring for a pop and “Yes” chant from the crowd. However, Daivari catches Lorcan coming in with a super kick and then tries a running dive off the apron, but Lorcan sees him coming and flings the bin at him in a great spot.

They’ve done well to get some of the crowd caring here, which isn’t always the case with 205 Live matches. Lorcan tries to bury Daivari under some chairs before setting up a stack of six of them. I’m sensing some bad intentions here. Daivari hits Lorcan with a bin lid before he can put him through the stack of chairs and then mugs for the crowd. Daivari tries for a suplex off the ring steps through all the chairs, but Lorcan blocks and goes for a powerbomb off the steps, only to get back body dropped through the chairs.

Lorcan landed lower back first there and it did not look fun in the slightest. Back inside, Daivari goes for the table but takes his time setting it up and sets the ladder up first.  Daivari heads up the ladder and then comes off the penultimate rung with a splash for two. That was a cracking near fall and the splash looked great. Daivari now sets the table up, but rolls outside to get another one as he isn’t happy with just the one clearly.

Sadly one of the legs breaks off, so Daivari goes outside to get another one whilst the referee disposes of the broken one. What, have they got a table warehouse under that ring or something? Daivari heads up top but Lorcan puts a stop to that and then suplexes Daivari off the top rope through the two tables to pick up the win.

RATING: ***1/2

Great intense brawl there that actually succeeded in managing to get the usually catatonic 205 Live crowd invested in things. Daivari doesn’t really get spoken about as being a good worker, but he knows just how to push the crowd’s buttons and they could probably do something with him on one of Raw or Smackdown if they wanted to. Great to see Lorcan win as well as I’m a fan of his and I’d love for him and Danny Burch to win the NXT Tag Titles at some point.

Video package for the Gulak and Nese match at Extreme Rulez. They came to 205 Live together as friends, but they grew apart and things intensified during a bout they had in a number one contenders tournament in March, which saw Nese win and then advance on to win the Title on the WrestleMania pre-show. Gulak took on a darker Tomasso Ciampa like character and then won the Title on the Stomping Grounds pre-show, pinning Tozawa in a triple threat match. Extreme Rulez should be the end of the feud.

In Conclusion

A fun main event makes this week’s show recommended viewing. Gulak Vs Nese should be a good match, but it’ll either be on the pre-show or used as a buffer match if previous shows are anything to go by. Personally I hope they make it the opener of the pay per view portion of the show as I think they could really get the building rocking if they were put in a slot that people see as important.

Here’s hoping they show the match some respect on Sunday.