What the World Was Watching: WCW Saturday Night – August 5, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are in the booth and they are taped from Atlanta, Georgia.  These tapings took place at Center Stage on July 26.

Opening Non-Title Contest:  The Renegade (Television Champion w/Jimmy Hart) (11-0) beats Lieutenant James Earl (0-6) after a Renegade Splash in 32 seconds:

Renegade attacks Earl before the bell with a series of clotheslines and maintains his pace of winning matches in less than a minute.

Gene Okerlund interviews Hart.  Hart says that WCW Champion Hulk Hogan is emotional over the reveal of the Giant as Andre’s son and he says that Hogan will beat any member of the Dungeon of Doom tomorrow night on WCW Main Event.  The Renegade then walks in and says that he has become more powerful at Bash at the Beach and it will be time for Paul Orndorff to “meet his creation” at The Clash of the Champions.

Non-Title Match:  Dick Slater & Bunkhouse Buck (WCW Tag Team Champions w/Colonel Robert Parker) (15-9) defeats Gary Jackson & Brian Wall when Buck pins Jackson after a stomp at 4:08:

Wall is Julio Dinero wrestling under a different spelling of his last name.  Slater allows Jackson to tag in so he can be beaten down like his partner.  The tag team champions go through some dull offense before Buck boots Jackson in the head, Slater gives him a side suplex, and Buck delivers a stomp to win their first match since beating Harlem Heat for the titles.

Okerlund interviews Parker.  Parker brags about hanging out with Hank Williams, Jr. and says that Meng and Kurasawa will win at The Clash of the Champions.  He moves on to the Harlem Heat feud, giving a story about beating up a girl named Betsy who kept pulling his hair in school.  He says that the same will happen to Sherri tomorrow night at The Clash.

Sergeant Craig Pittman (26-2) beats Chris Kanyon via submission to the Code Red at 4:13:

Kanyon lost to Pittman on the June 18 Main Event episode.  He fares no better today, taking a spill to the floor after Pittman’s headbutt to the gut.  Pittman seems to get counted out when he goes to get Kanyon as referee Nick Patrick counts to ten, but he allows Pittman to roll in and continue the contest.  Eventually Pittman locks in the Code Red to win another boring squash.

Kevin Sullivan hypes the members of the Dungeon of Doom and blatantly tells Hulk Hogan that he is walking into a trap if he comes to the Dungeon at The Clash of the Champions.

Kamala & the Shark (w/Kevin Sullivan) (1-1) beat the Specialists when the Shark pins Specialist #1 after the Shark Attack at 4:19:

WCW must have thought that fans could not interpret “Los Especialistas” so they are given their English equivalent name for this week’s telecast.  The Shark wrestles most of the squash as Kamala prefers to hold his mask.  The Shark also gets frustrated because Kamala will not stand on the apron for a tag and just runs in whenever he wants.  After the Shark gets the win, Kamala comes into the ring and beats up Specialist #2.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan (29-4-1) beats Terry Richards after a three-point stance clothesline at 2:35:

Richards would achieve greater fame by the end of the decade as Rhyno in ECW.  In 1995, though, he was simply a trainee of Scott D’Amore who did squash matches on WWF and WCW programming.  Duggan shows no weaknesses in this squash, dominating the action for his thirtieth win of the year in singles competition.  Only Alex Wright has more singles wins.

Harlem Heat (w/Sister Sherri) (36-6-2) defeat Frankie Lancaster & Mark Starr when Booker T pins Lancaster after a Harlem Hangover at 7:17:

Keeping with a pattern tonight, this squash goes on far too long because the jobbers mount a minimal amount of offense.  Lancaster gets a jobber hot tag and fires off some punches, but a sidewalk slam and Harlem Hangover put him away rather quickly.  After the bell, Sherri kicks Lancaster and puts her foot on his chest.

The Blue Bloods (18-3-1) defeat Johnny B. Badd & Marcus Bagwell when Lord Steven Regal pins Bagwell after an Earl Robert Eaton Tower of London at 9:50:

Bagwell’s rotating door of tag team partners continues as he teams with Badd, a fellow midcarder with nothing to do.  Choosing Badd is not a “badd” idea because he is undefeated in tag team competition this year.  Bagwell and Badd spend time in peril, with Regal throwing Badd over the top rope behind the referee’s back and Eaton giving him a swinging neckbreaker on the arena floor.  Badd escapes the Blood’s big moves and Bagwell gets the hot tag.  He gives Regal the fisherman’s suplex, which Eaton breaks up, and then covers Regal again after Badd hits Dreamland – which appears to have returned to its original name as the Tutti Frutti – but the referee ushers Badd to the corner and Eaton blasts Bagwell with the Tower of London for a cheap win.  The finishing sequence had lots of fun chaos, but the middle portion of the match was dull.  Rating:  **¼

Okerlund interviews the Blue Bloods.  Regal says that he and Eaton are the only team that deserves a tag team title shot.  He rambles some more about these frustrations, calling the tag team champions some cheap cowboys, before the interview ends.

Arn Anderson (w/Ric Flair) (16-10-2) pins Rick Garcia after a DDT at 4:36:

Anderson continues to get some cheers from elements of the Atlanta crowd as fans on the hard camera lift their hands in triumph when he catches Garcia in the corner with an inverted atomic drop.  Flair beats up Garcia on the floor, showing what could happen to Vader at The Clash of the Champions, and Anderson takes his time destroying Garcia when he is rolled back into the ring.

Okerlund interviews Flair and Anderson, who proceed to mock Vader.  Flair begs Vader to lay a hand on him because Anderson will eat him up since Anderson is Flair’s designated enforcer.

The Last Word:  For whatever reason a lot of the workers on this show seemed to be zoning it in.  The wrestling was uninspired, and everyone seems to want to get through The Clash of the Champions so the build to Fall Brawl can begin.

Up Next:  WCW Main Event for August 6!

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