Unbalanced Face/Heel Rosters

Reading the post about Luger in 1995 got me thinking…

(Sorta Luger question…take a drink!)

Was there ever an era in a major promotion with a more unbalanced Face/Heel roster than 1995 in the WWF? Literally every major star was a babyface.

Faces: Diesel, HBK, Bret, Undertaker, Razor, Luger
Heels: Sid, Tatanka, Jarrett, Mabel

Closest I could think of is 2000 WCW where they purposely put all the old stars together as a babyface stable.

In 1995 WWF I can only assume that it was because they were losing so much money that they couldn't turn away even the smallest amount of merch revenue from any of their stars.

You'd think that would be SCREAMING for a Razor heel turn and it would have fixed the situation immediately.  No wonder Diesel couldn't get over as a babyface.  Yeah, I'd agree it was a major problem that year, absolutely.