Time Machine

You mentioned a time machine in your random wrasslin review. If you had a time machine that was specifically wrestling related. You could only do 1 for each of these things what would you do?

1 Which wrestling tragedy would you prevent?

2 Which Show would you attend?

3 What original broadcast would you record 1 show only?

4 What piece of Merchandise would you buy?

5 Which wrestler would you like to meet?

1.  Come on. Really now. 
2.  Crockett Cup 87.  Tag teams plus tournaments!  Plus Flair v Windham live?  ME WANTEE.  
3.  So much is on the Network now it’s hard to pin one down.  I had a LOT of stuff taped and in my collection already.  
4.  Macho Man’s classic “Hulk Who?” shirt.  
5.  Andre the Giant.