The set up for Bash ’88 really made no sense

Sting takes Flair to the limit at the Clash. Shouldn't he have gotten the title match?

Luger gets turned on by Windham. Shouldnt there have been some match between them?

Also Tower of Doom? Was this a Dusty brainchild and his attempt to see if lightening could strike twice by having a gimmick match as great as war games?

Tower of Doom was, I believe, Kevin Sullivan and/or Gary Hart via World Class, who did it a few months beforehand and drew pretty well with it all things considered.  Regardless of who actually brought it to Crockett, it was a direct copy of that concept.    

Anyway, the Bash was booked well in advance, and unfortunately Sting got over HUGE at the Clash and accidentally turned himself into a top star when he was supposed to be hanging out at the TV title level for a while longer.  Luger v. Windham was pegged for Starrcade originally, underneath Flair v. Steamboat, which would give Windham time to build up his heat as a Horseman.  But then Steamboat decided not to come in and Turner bought the company and everything got pushed back a couple of months.