Burning Questions

1. My Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling is Flair, Hogan, Austin and The Rock. What is yours?

2. If you could prevent a wrestling tragedy, would you?

3. If Lex Luger wasn't some lug that wasn't also booked like a total loser, would he have went on to be the GOAT?

4. Would the Invasion have worked with Goldberg as Crow Sting and Crow Sting as Surfer Sting?

5. Why did Julie betray Bret by engineering the Montreal Screwjob?

6. Did AEW miss the boat by not calling themselves Attitude Entertainment Wrestling?

7. it is obvious that Vince has dementia and has no connection to the current audience. Why is he booking the WWE like shit?

8. We have downgraded Becky Lynch from Stone Cold to Chilly McFreeze. Do you think that the WWE has destroyed her forever by pairing her with Seth because he has a small penis?

9. When Sasha Banks returns, wouldn't it make sense for her to take the brief case off of Lesnar?

You forgot to ask if they should turn Reigns or Cena heel.  4 out of 10.