WCW 1993 = …..yes, that bad

Follow-up to my email a week or so ago about 1993 WCW not being "that" bad.  As I wind down the year, holy fuckbeans, did that shit change in a hurry.  I will still contend that their was some decent/watchable wrestling earlier in the year.  I will chalk that up to, as someone commented on last weeks post, residual effects of the Watts era.  Right about the time of Beach Blast I will say is when things went into the crapper.  It went from an undercard of competent wrestling for the most part to Ice Train, Charlie Norris, Erik Watts, shitty (!!!) Flair/Rude matches, and the snoozefests of Steven Regal TV title matches.  Jesus those 150 minute time limit draws are death (I mean 15 minutes of course but they feel like 150) to sit through.  Overall though, you were right, this promotion deserved to lose 23 million dollars with the shit they threw out there.  For the want of a nail, a kingdom was lost indeed.

Apology accepted.