Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Another weekend in the book. Hopefully many on the American side of the border took an extended weekend like I did and I hope it was a good one and a safe one.

It looks like RAW got a little bit of a bump thanks to Paul Heyman’s new role and apparently he was responsible for, or at least took credit for, all the parts of last week’s show that were well received. That can’t be a bad thing. How he’ll make the go home show for Extreme Rules interesting remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, we’ve got the Home Run Derby tonight where I’ll be rooting for Pete Alonso because my husband is a die-hard and very depressed Mets fan and Pete is a good kid from Tampa.

I think there’s a new Bachelorette episode and American Ninja Warrior and tons of other stuff for you to enjoy.

So let’s keep it clean!