WWF Wrestling Challenge – January 16th, 1994

January 16, 1994

From the Augusta Civic Center in Augusta, ME

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon

This week in action are Doink the Clown, The Steiner Brothers, Razor Ramon, and Bastion Booger


Razor Ramon vs. Mike Bell

Both men trade hammerlocks then Razor slaps Bell after getting elbowed. Razor chops away in the corner as we hear from IRS in an insert promo telling Razor he has good cause to be nervous because he will also be missing the gold around his waist after the Rumble then Razor hits a super belly-to-back suplex for the win (1:35).

Thoughts: Some more hype for the IRS vs. Razor match at the Royal Rumble.


The announcers plug the newest edition of “WWF Magazine” that features an article on Jeff Jarrett.


Jeff Jarrett vs. Brian Walsh

Ross plugs Jarrett as appearing on the 1/31 “Monday Night RAW” tapings in Bushkill, PA as Jarrett beats on Walsh. We then hear from Jarrett in an insert promo talking about winning the Royal Rumble match as Gorilla says he has heard rumblings that Jarrett’s whole family is a “little weird.” Ross then mentions Jarrett being undefeated as Jarrett struts around after hitting a dropkick then Walsh uses a reverse rollup for two but flies into the post when Jarrett kicked out. Walsh comes back with a clothesline and a slam but ducks his head and Jarrett uses a jumping DDT for the win (2:05).

Thoughts: They are still pushing Jarrett, who is not getting over, and we saw Gorilla rib Jerry Jarrett with a comment about his family being weird.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. He mentions Marty Jannetty & 1-2-3 Kid winning the Tag Team Titles on RAW against The Quebecers and with Lord Alfred saying Bret probably will not try now since their match at the Rumble does not involve the titles. We then hear from The Quebecers and Marty & Kid as they hype their match this Monday night at Madison Square Garden.


Doink the Clown w/ Dink vs. Rich Myers

The announcers plug the Rumble Hotline and how you can call and find out who is coming out when. We hear from Bam Bam Bigelow with Luna Vachon in an insert promo saying there will be no clowning around at the Rumble before vowing to win the Rumble match. Doink avoids a dropkick then laughs before using the stump puller for the win (0:56).

Thoughts: The big thing here was how they sold the hotline by saying you could find out the next entrant before they actually hit the ring. They also brought up the Doink/Bigelow to tease a possible confrontation at the Rumble.


Bastion Booger vs. John Crystal

Booger brings a can to the ring. He shoves down Crystal then brushes off a dropkick then hits a leg drop before we hear from him in an insert promo cutting some terrible promo about how he is going to go through all 29 superstars en route to winning the Rumble. Gorilla then says if Booger’s number is in the 20’s then he likely will not participate in the match because he cannot go that long without food as Ross talks about Richard Simmons trying to get Booger on “Deal-a-Meal” then Booger uses a sit-down splash for the win (1:37). After the match, Booger opens the can and we see him eat the contents, which turns out to be a fruit cocktail.

Thoughts: Same as every other Booger squash match as the announcers talk about him being gross but remember what Gorilla said about Booger if he drew a number in the 20’s.


Ross now cuts it to Lowell, MA (from the 12/14 “Superstars” tapings) where Raymond Rougeau welcomes Randy Savage into the ring. The crowd is into Savage. Rougeau tells Savage that he is a two-time World Champion and could win it for the third time if he wins the Rumble match then defeats the Champion at WrestleMania. Savage talks about Crush and sometimes you meet people you think are friends but they stab you in the back. However, when you see them again revenge can be sweet then talks about getting “sweet revenge” against Crush and then talks about the WWF “rocket ship” that he intends to steer into WrestleMania X. This was certainly not the best Savage promo of all-time and even though it was reported he wanted to feud with Crush, his real-life friend, to get him over he seemed to be going through the motions here.


We see the reveal of Yokozuna’s casket inside of the Undertaker’s workshop.


Yokozuna w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Corey Student

The announcers talk about the World Heavyweight Title being defended in a casket match and how Undertaker is undefeated in casket matches despite the fact he has had one of them, which was against Kamala. Student tries to get some punches that look awful but Yokozuna splats him after a belly-to-back suplex then hits a leg drop and covers Student’s face with his hand for the win (1:06). After the match, we hear the Undertaker telling Yokozuna his lights will go out after the Rumble then the lights in the building go off as Yokozuna is frightened.

Thoughts: They once again play up Yokozuna’s fears of the casket to hype the title match at the Rumble.


Royal Rumble Report with Todd Pettengill airs.


Steiner Brothers vs. Jim Massenger & Steve Smith

The announcers talk about Bret Hart saying he will strictly become a tag team wrestler after fulfilling the rest of his contractual obligations as Scott tosses Smith around. We then hear from the Steiners in an insert promo as they say if it comes down to them it will be like old times in the backyard as Rick stumbled through most of his part. Rick is now in and roughs up Massenger then Scott comes back in and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Smith tags back in and Scott suplexes him then the Steiners use a Doomsday Bulldog for the win (2:39).

Thoughts: Besides talking about Bret’s comments they played up the possibility of brothers facing off against each other in the Rumble match to once again hammer home the every man for himself aspect of the match.


Tatanka is here to tell us how drinking and driving does not mix and doing so will cause you to miss his next match.


In action next week are Lex Luger, Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart, Bam Bam Bigelow, and the Smoking Gunns. Plus, an interview with Yokozuna


Final Thoughts:The only exclusive thing to happen here was the Undertaker spooking Yokozuna after the latter’s match as the rest was basic PPV hype as the show was now just six days away.