WWF San Jose Arena – January 14th, 1994

January 14, 1994

This is a fan cam copy of this San Jose, CA house show. This card features Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon in a Ladder Match, Crush vs. Randy Savage in a Falls Count Anywhere match, and the main event of Lex Luger & Tatanka vs. Yokozuna & Ludvig Borga


The Headshrinkers vs. The Bushwhackers

According to thehistoryofwwe.com, The Bushwhackers are subbing for the Smoking Gunns. The folks recording this are providing their own commentary for the match and for every other one on the show in Mystery Science Theater 3000 style. While sometimes amusing it wore on me and some of the running gags were horrendous.  The Bushwhackers play up to the crowd then Butch and Samu mix it up but the match soon breaks down with the Bushwhackers clearing the ring. The Bushwhackers march around then the Headshrinkers return but once again get foiled by The Bushwhackers. This time the Headshrinkers return and end up catching Luke in a double-team. Samu chokes out Luke on the mat as the Headshrinkers cut the ring in half. Fatu whips Luke into the corner for a two count. Backbreaker gets two as Butch makes the save. The Headshrinkers stay in control as these two knuckleheads behind the camera show us the WWF logo as part of their routine. Samu ends up getting his neck hung up in the ropes then Butch tags in and runs wild. The ref admonishes Luke as Butch tries a double noggin-knocker but that does not have any effect then Butch is dropped with a double headbutt as the Headshrinkers get the win (12:59) 1/2*. Luke slaps Butch around to wake him up I guess then the Bushwhackers pose to the crowd.

Thoughts: This was pretty bad and by this point the Bushwhackers did not even have any value in opening up a house show card as the crowd did not react much. Gunns vs. Headshrinkers was a much more promising match.


Diesel vs. 1-2-3 Kid

Diesel beats on Kid to start then throws him into the corner where he chokes him out with his boot. Kid fights back and kicks out Diesel’s leg and continues to target the limb. Kid tries a Sharpshooter but Diesel pushes him outside and press slams Kid back into the ring. The camera goes dark so we can hear some amateur Mr. Bill impression then returns as Diesel stays in control. Diesel gets a two count then stretches Kid out over his knee after three consecutive backbreakers. Diesel drops an elbow then after that cranks the neck for a bit. Diesel breaks up a sunset flip attempt with a lifting choke hold then tosses Kid with a choke slam. Kid comes back with a flying headscissors soon after that as both men are down. Kid hits several kicks in the corner then uses a spinning heel kick for a two count. Kid then tries a flying body press but gets caught then Diesel tosses Kid into the corner with a slam and covers for the win (8:00) **1/4.

Thoughts: This was going along quite well until the abrupt finish. I wish they gave this more time especially since some of the other matches dragged on for what seemed like an eternity.


Jeff Jarrett vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

Jarrett keeps ducking underneath the ropes in order to avoid Hart then runs outside as the crowd boos. Jarrett pulls Hart outside just before getting counted out and drops him throat-first across of the guardrail before sending him into the post. The action heads back inside where Jarrett misses a flying fist drop then Hart fires away. Hart now stomps Jarrett in the corner before using an atomic drop as he now takes full control of the match. Hart works the arm for a really long time until Jarrett somehow knocks Bret down, which was missed by the camera, but judging by the boos must have been done via cheating. Jarrett now applies a chin lock then when Hart tries to escape switches to a side headlock. Jarrett goes back to the chinlock and works that for quite some time then breaks to yell at the ref. Jarrett lands a few punches then catches Hart with a sleeper after an Irish whip sequence. Hart floats over and charges at Jarrett but ends up crashing and burning outside. Jarrett knocks Hart off of the apron but Hart returns and slingshots in with a sunset flip and finally gets Jarrett over with a sunset flip for a two count. Jarrett reverses and grabs the ropes for leverage but is caught by the ref. Jarrett then yells at the ref again but as that happens, Hart comes up from behind and uses a school boy for a two count. Hart ducks his head and gets kicked then Jarrett says its over but whiffs on a dropkick and gets hit with a Russian leg sweep for a two count. Small package gets two. Hart then hits backbreaker and flying elbow drop for nearfalls and after that Jarrett begs for mercy in the corner. Jarrett eats boot on a charge but able to use the ref as a shield when Hart came off the top as the ref is out. Hart tries for the sharpshooter but then goes to the ref as it was ruled a DQ with Hart getting the win (17:48) *1/2. After the match, Hart celebrates with the fans.

Thoughts: What a disappointment. A slow, dull match that did manage to pick up in the last few minutes but was marred by a terrible finish. I get wanting to keep Jarrett strong and how you could not have Bret lose but think of something else.


WWF Intercontinental Title Ladder Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon (c)

Razor and Shawn talk trash and pace around the ring as Shawn is apprehensive to lockup and ducks outside. Shawn slowly paces around the ring then returns to lockup and gets decked before he is clotheslined over the top rope. Razor heads out and goes for a Razor’s Edge but Shawn is able to slip away then attacks Razor from behind. The action heads back into the ring where Shawn targets the back. Shawn now tosses Razor outside and heads out but Razor fights back. Razor rams Shawn’s head off of the steps before rolling him back inside. Razor hammers away and tosses Shawn around before heading outside to grab the ladder. The camera goes dark as it appeared Shawn used a baseball slide to ram the ladder into Razor’s face. Shawn rolls Razor inside then hammers away. He grabs the ladder and rams it into Razor a few times as Razor drops to the mat. Shawn continues to use the ladder as a weapon then hits a backbreaker before setting the ladder up in position to climb. Shawn heads up and touches the belt but Razor gets up and yanks his tights, exposing Shawn’s ass. Shawn pulls up his tights then tosses Razor over the top rope and hangs him up in the ropes. Shawn knocks Razor down then heads outside but Razor fights back then heads into the ring and climbs the ladder but Shawn headed up top and jumps to knock him off. Razor now catches Shawn in a sleeper but gets run through the ropes and crashes outside. Shawn sets up the ladder in the corner but Razor reverses an Irish whip as Shawn bounces off of the ladder as both men are the down with the fans going nuts. Razor punts Shawn in the corner a few times then uses the ladder as a weapon while Shawn takes all sorts of bumps. Razor sets up the ladder and climbs but Shawn is able to push him off. Shawn then catches Razor with a super kick and follows that with a piledriver as both men are down. Shawn sets up the ladder and climbs but is a little too far away. Razor gets up and shoves Shawn off of the ladder as Shawn bounces off of the top rope and crashes outside. Just an insane bump and the crowd has no idea how to react as nothing like this had been seen on WWF TV at this point. Razor now sets up the ladder as the crowd cheers then climbs but Shawn is now back in the ring and meets him at the top. They slug it out and both fall down as Shawn once again bounces off of the top rope but this time manages to stay inside of the ring. They both climb up again but Razor tosses him off almost like a suplex then Razor heads back up the ladder and climbs then gets the belt for the win (21:54) ***1/2.

Thoughts: By far and away the best match on this show. Looking back, some of the ladder spots were rough and Razor would also fall off after tossing Shawn off, but for the time and the bumps they took (well, the bumps were mostly from Shawn) it was still a really damn good match.


IRS vs. Bob Backlund

IRS calls out the crowd for being tax cheats. Both men trade hammerlocks to start as the fans have already had enough of this match. IRS works the arm until Backlund reverses and hits a slam. IRS ducks out onto the apron to break an arm wringer then they fight over a wrist lock until IRS breaks that up with a hair pull. Backlund chases IRS outside and back into the ring but the ref prevents him from doing mounted punches. IRS excites the crowd with a headlock but Backlund escapes and tries to fight back but IRS reached the ropes. Backlund finally gets the headlock on but IRS is able to take him outside. IRS rolls Backlund inside for a chin lock then switches to an abdominal stretch to really send the crowd into a frenzy. Jesus Christ. IRS hits a pair of backbreakers then heads up top but Backlund got his boot up as both men are down. This crowd hates Backlund by the way. Backlund then corners IRS and threatens mounted punches but is yelled at by the ref so he gets down and that allows IRS to hit a back elbow smash then use a rollup with his feet on the ropes for the win (13:25) DUD. An atrocious finish is a fitting way to cap off this disaster. After the match, Backlund attempts to shake hands with kids but gets booed out of the building. Even the kids in attendance hated the guy.

Thoughts: It was truly amazing to watch the crowd shit on this match. I mean it sucked and maybe would have worked 20 years prior but wasn’t a technical disaster or anything. The finish was so bad though and Backlund, who was never over at all since returning in 1992, was the most loathed person on the show despite the fact he did not do a single heelish spot.


Falls Count Anywhere Match, Two out of Three Falls: “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. Crush w/ Mr. Fuji

Savage goes after Crush and gets a two count on the floor. Savage then rams Crush’s head off of the steps for two and it looked incredibly weak. We head back inside where Savage uses a slam then heads up top for the flying elbow drop and first fall. Crush regroups with Fuji and almost loses the match as he barely beat the ten count. Savage dumps Crush outside then flies out with a double axe handle that gets another pin it seems but I guess you have a certain amount of time to get back into the ring until you lose the match so I have no idea what the fuck is going on and even the crowd seems confused. So really, its not 2/3 falls despite being advertised as such. Crush now beats on Savage then taunts the crowd after a piledriver. Savage fights back to knock Crush outside but heads out and gets shoced into the post. Crush tosses Savage over the guardrail and beats him down then tosses him back over and gets a pin but Savage was able to get it back into the ring. Fuji taunts the crowd by waving the Japanese flag as Crush works a body scissors. Crush now attacks the back and has Savage in a bearhug. He continues to target the back then heads up top and misses an attack as both men are down. Savage gets up first and heads up top but Crush catches him and Savage gets rammed into the corner. Crush tosses Savage outside and Savage gets pinned then we see Ludvig Borga come out and attack Savage and that makes it so Savage is unable to beat the count to get into the ring and Crush gets the win (20:39) DUD.

Thoughts: I have no idea who came up with this match but they should have been fired on the spot. The stupid rule of having to re-enter after a certain amount of time after getting pinned confused everyone. And the finish I guess is to set up Savage/Borga matches for the future at house shows but we never got to that point as we will learn why in a few days.


Yokozuna w/ Mr. Fuji & Ludvig Borga vs. Tatanka & Lex Luger

Luger and Yokozuna start things off and slug it out. They go back-and-forth then Tatanka comes in but Yokozuna punches him in the face. Borga is in now then misses an attack in the corner as Tatanka now chops away then takes him down with a clothesline. Borga comes back with a clothesline of his own. The camera now shows the floor as Tatanka works the arm. Tatanka uses a crossbody for a two count but after that ends up getting trapped in the corner. Yokzouna tags in and Tatanka hits a few chops until he runs into an elbow smash. Tatanka avoids a few elbow drops but after that gets kneed from behind by Borga. Fuji waves the Japanese flag as Yokozuna works a nerve hold. The crowd boos then Borga comes in as the ref is tied up with Luger as he now applies a chin lock. Tatanka finally escapes but gets caught in a bearhug as the crowd boos again. The heels continue to run interference as they neutralize Tatanka in their corner. Yokozuna now has the chin lock applied as this match is dragging much else just about everything else on the card. Yokozuna tries for an avalanche but Tatanka is able to escape as both men are down. Luger finally tags in and runs wild then Borga runs in while the ref ordered Tatanka back onto the apron and whacks Luger with Fuji’s salt bucket right after Luger hit Yokozuna with his forearm smash. Both Luger and Yokozuna are down right next to each other as Borga waves the Japanese flag from the apron. The ref almost counts to ten then Luger apparently draped his arm on top of Yokozuna and gets the win (15:34) 1/2*.

Thoughts: The fans were restless throughout as this was another dull, slow-paced match with a finish even worse than what we saw from IRS vs. Backlund as both Luger and Yokozuna were down for over a minute before the ref counted three. Who the fuck was thinking stuff like this up as something people would want to see. Also, Luger was not over, Borga was awful, and Yokozuna could barely move. Unacceptable for a main event.


Final Thoughts: The ladder match was good and Diesel vs. Kid was solid but the rest of the card was just fucking horrible. And the camera work by the amateur hour comedy act was bad even by fan cam standards. I guess it is almost worth seeing Backlund get destroyed by the crowd, who sat through a lot of garbage on this show. This is on YouTube and really there is no reason to recommend it unless you’re curious about the ladder match. And there is a fan cam version of the Los Angeles show that took place the following day that seems to have the same lineup if that is something you’re interested in seeing.