The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling–03.30.85

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 03.30.85

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce & Bill Watts

Bill announces that they’ve had to postpone their TV title tournament for unexplored reasons, mostly because Chris Adams has refused to face Kerry Von Erich on TV. Wonder what that was about?

Jake Roberts is here and he’s bitching that he’s not even the #1 seed in the TV title tournament, despite him DDTing the champion. AFTER he had already lost to that champion, notes the Cowboy. Also, it wasn’t legal because it wasn’t during the match. Otherwise you just could just take a loaded gun and SHOOT SOMEONE and it would be legal! Also, Kerry Von Erich is way above Jake on the rankings, being that he’s #1 contender to Ric Flair. So Jake goes “Oh, that reminds me, I got a call from Ric Flair, and yes, I am the kind of man who can be bought.” Well that’s pretty ominous.

Meanwhile, on Power Pro Wrestling, Brickhouse Brown and Josh Stroud score a huge upset over Hercules & Dr. Death. Bill notes that they’re always looking for “talent with that spark”. Yeah, muscular talent with that color of skin to replace JYD.

Brickhouse Brown v. Jack Victory

Brickhouse gets some armdrags and a dropkick to send Victory into the corner, then works the arm with a hammerlock. Brickhouse was super cut up at this point so I can see why Watts would take a shot with him. They do some awkward maneuvering and Brown gets a legsweep, and then they’re way off again and somehow Brown ends up getting whipped into the corner instead of the ropes. Brown goes up and finishes with a flying headbutt to the back of the head at 3:25. This got ugly FAST.

Last week, Kamala beats the shit out of new North American champion Terry Taylor and busts him open, but the ref gets bumped and Jake Roberts accidentally helps Taylor retain the title when his interference backfires as usual.

Shawn Michaels v. Kamala

Kamala attacks before any bell and gets DQ’d as a result, but he destroys young Shawn anyway and splashes him off the top rope, sending him out of the territory for good. Not sure if he ever went on to do anything in the sport, but after that flying splash, I doubt it. Terry Taylor saves and piledrives Friday on the floor in a pretty brutal spot, and Kamala breaks off the attack and carries his handler to the back.

Last week, Nord the Barbarian gets into a brawl with Butch Reed and it results in Reed’s three piece suit getting all torn up. This can only mean one thing: STREET FIGHT.

The Barbarian v. Mike Jackson

Nord bounces around the ring like he’s coked up out of his mind and gets a press slam, then a regular slam, then finishes with the full nelson at 1:25. And to think that Berzerker was John Nord when he was BETTER.

Ted Dibiase lets us know that he might have lost a loser leaves town match to Jim Duggan, but he’ll be back in 30 days. Dammit, we didn’t even get highlights of the tuxedo cage match. It was March 22 when it happened, by the way.

Dr. Death Steve Williams & Chris Adams v. Tom Prichard & Terry Daniels

Some fan in the front row has an amazing “CHOOSE DEATH” sign. The heels double-team Tommy in the corner, but he manages to tag in Private Jobber, and Doc promptly destroys him. Superkick from Adams finishes at 1:30.

Kerry Von Erich v. THOR

Mr. Thor is a young blond Adonis from Minnesota, and see if you can reconcile him with what he ended up as…


Yeah, you got it. He had some legal troubles in the intervening years and ended up serving a lengthy prison sentence in Cobb County, GA. Thor gets a pair of armdrags, but Kerry slams him and offers some poses for the crowd. Kerry slugs away and gets a dropkick, which sets up the IRON CLAW to finish at 2:30. Nice touch: Kerry puts a knee on Thor’s chest while doing the move, so he’s actually pinning him with it. Jake Roberts lives up his word and comes out to hit Kerry from behind, but Kerry puts him out with the discus punch. But this just sets up the second part of the plan, as Chris Adams superkicks Kerry from behind and sends him flying out of the ring and into the railing. And then Terry Taylor makes the save, as he’s just all over this show.

The Dirty White Boys v. Tim Horner & Brad Armstrong

Yes, it’s the low key debut of the LIGHTNING EXPRESS on this show. Although I think they were around Crockett before this. But it’s new to me! What’s the point of the White Boys wearing belts over their tights? They don’t have any belt loops! Horner wrestles Anthony down for two, but Denton comes in and pounds on him with forearms. Brad works a headlock on Denton and does a beautiful bridge out of a wristlock. Horner comes in and gets caught from behind like a goober, and Denton gets two. Anthony with a clothesline and fistdrop as Cowboy goes on a nice run about how he’s not a professional announcer and he’s mostly just a fan, and thanks all the other fans watching his TV shows. I just like when someone does that. You’re welcome, Bill! I like your show, too! Denton finishes with the samoan drop at 4:05.

Steve Casey v. Paul Brown

For those wondering, Paul Brown is of no relation to Brickhouse. Casey does a couple of fancy British takedowns into a wristlock, and cartwheels into a headlock. Backdrop into a legbar and he wraps up Brown with a bow and arrow hold for the submission at 2:31. Good debut for Casey here.

Bill Watts talks about his faith to end the show, so that’s great. But next week, Kerry Von Erich teams with Terry Taylor, and the TV title tournament begins! And we’ve still got TV time left, so Boyd and Bill just kind of wing it for a couple of minutes and then wrap it up.

Another mostly good week, rough patches here and there aside.