205 Live #136 – 02/07/2019

Hello You!

So here we are with the second week of 205 Live recaps. Hopefully you’re all enjoying them.

Last week Tony Nese defeated Akira Tozawa to earn himself a match with new Cruiserweight Champ Drew Gulak, mostly likely on the Extreme Rulz pre-show because this company seems obsessed with treating the poor Cruiserweights like second class citizens.

Also The Lucha House Party challenged The Singh’s to a Tornado Match, so we should get to see that this week. And Mike Kanellis’ life continued to get crappy when he was defeated by Jack Gallagher.

So without further ado, let’s strap ourselves in and take flight with some Cruiserweight action!

The event is emanating from San Antonio, Texas

Calling the action are Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness and Aidan English

The show opens up with Tony Nese, Jack Gallagher and Oney Lorcan hanging out in the locker room. Nese tells his two pals that they need to be on their game tonight when they take on Gulak, Ariya Daivari and Mike Kanellis. Jack says he’s excited to be tagging with both men, whilst Lorcan says he’s looking fun to the chaos tonight. Jack’s facial expressions continue to be awesome.

Show Intro

Opening Match
Tornado Rules
The Lucha House Party Vs The Singh’s

So this feud is seemingly over The Singh’s destroying The Luchadores’ piñata, because apparently I woke up in 1993 and no one told me. The Singh’s Panjabi MC rip off theme is pretty great I must say. Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik will be wrestling for House Party here and the fight spills out immediately. Metalik takes on Sunil inside the ring and gets a nice springboard front dropkick, which Lince gets two from.

Metalik and Lince double team Sunil inside the ring, but Samir pulls Metalik outside and then heads back in so he and Sunil can work Lince over. Lince fights back however, which allows Metalik to come back in for some more double team action, this time on Samir. Eventually Sunil crotches Metalik on the top rope after laying out Lince on the outside, which allows for some brief heat on Metalik.

The crowd actually boo’s The Singh’s. It’s not raucous but it’s audible at least, which isn’t always the case on this show.  The Singh’s actually get a version of Demolition Decapitation, but Lince makes the save at two, which allows Metalik to make a bit of a comeback. Lince runs wild next, stomping a mud hole on Samir until the crowd finally reacts and follows with a cross body off the top for two when Sunil saves.

Lince gets the Os Cutter on Sunil, which leads to stereo dives from the House Party. The Singh’s reply with stereo super kicks back inside, but that only gets two. Charles Robinson gets a funny line in by shouting “what are you yelling at me for?” when the Singh’s complain about the kick out. The Singh’s head outside to grab their Bollywood award, but Kalisto stops them from using it, which allows Lince to lay them both out with kicks. Stereo moves off the top finish it for the House Party, thus avenging candy filled paper animals everywhere!

RATING: **1/2

Fast paced and enjoyable TV match. I liked how Kalisto only got involved to stop The Singh’s cheating but then left it to his mates to finish things off. He didn’t actually attack anyone at any point either, and wouldn’t have even got involved if they hadn’t gone for the statuette in the first place.

The announcers now take a moment to hype up Humberto Carrillo, which leads to a video package to get him over. Not bad, did its job showing him hitting some hot moves.


Mike Kanellis is with the interview chick. Mike says he’s not emotionally ready to wrestle tonight due to Maria chewing him out on Raw the night previous. Mike’s delivery is excellent to be fair, as he delivers the WWE jargon well. Mike blames Drake Maverick for what happened because he sowed the lines of division between him and Maria and says that he will pay for what he’s done to them.

Main Event
Jack Gallagher, Oney Lorcan and Tony Nese Vs Mike Kanellis, Ariya Daivari and Drew Gulak

Lorcan’s music really is great, it’s like something you’d get on an Extreme Sports game from the early 00’s. Nese and Gulak start us out for an Extreme Rulz preview, but Gulak of course decides to just tag out before locking up like the good heel he is. We see that Maria is watching the match backstage, as Jack and Mike come in against one another. Jack does his usual great job with the technical wrestling and gets the better of things.

Lorcan comes in next after Kanellis, but it’s obvious that he’d rather fight Daivari. Mike and Lorcan’s chests are soon red from trading chops, as Kanellis seems to have a point to prove. Lorcan gets cut off clean by a Kanellis lariat, which leads to him getting worked over in the heel corner. He eventually manages to make the tag to Nese, who runs wild on Kanellis and Daivari, whilst Gulak avoids getting involved.

Gulak eventually shows himself by shoving Nese off the top rope onto his team on the outside, as well as sacrificing Kanellis in the process. Gulak as the Machiavellian evil genius works as a gimmick quite well actually. Gulak works over Nese back inside, as we seem to be having a second heat segment. After getting clobbered for a while, Nese is able to hit Gulak with a pump handle slam and makes the tag to Lorcan, who runs wild on everyone and hits Daivari with a blockbuster for two.

Gallagher and Lorcan hit Daivari with some tandem offence, but he’s able to kick out once again. Jack sets Daivari up top for a super back drop, but Kanellis breaks that up, which allows Gulak to dump Jack outside. This leads to a series of dives, which ends with Nese hitting a big dive onto everyone. Gallagher, not to be outdone, gets his umbrella and jumps off onto everyone before throwing Daivari into the ring for a flying elbow drop. Gulak breaks the count at two however and we have a double down.

Lorcan and Daivari brawl to the back, whilst Kanellis gets a blind tag. Nese doesn’t realise this though and goes for a splash on Gulak, but Kanellis pulls his partner out of the way and pins Nese for a near fall. Nese replies by hitting Kanellis with the B Bomb for the win however.


Solid six man match there, with the in ring action being to a good standard but the usual lack of crowd heat hurting things. There’s not much else the guys can do about though really at this stage and the onus is on WWE to either tape the show prior to Smackdown or give the show it’s own tapings from smaller venues.

Gulak jumps Nese post-match, and it leads to brawl between all six men as the show descends into chaos. This felt like it could have been a really hot angle to close things on, but sadly this brand is treated with such flagrant disrespect that no one cares.

In Conclusion

They should have Nese and Gulak open the pay per view portion of Extreme Rulz. I think it’s honestly the best chance they have of getting people invested in the action, as crowds are always more inclined to be in to a match if it’s the opener and the match itself is likely to be really good.

They need to get these guys off the pre-show and out of the “come down” slots on shows and actually put them in a featured position, which the opener usually is. Perception is reality, if you make it look like the Cruiserweight match is important then people will start to catch on.

I really think they should try a hot Cruiserweight match in the opening slot on the next couple of big shows and get the fans acquainted with the idea that seeing the division in that slot is something to be looked forward to and appreciated.

As for this week’s show, it probably wasn’t as good as last week but it was still a fun wrestling show with straightforward booking and good in ring action. As always, it was a very easy show to watch, which I’m always grateful for. I just hope they can turn this around and can find a way to improve the atmosphere, because everything else they need is right there.