WWF All-American Wrestling – December 26th, 1993

December 26, 1993

Vince McMahon is your host.

This week’s Exclusive match is the Women’s Championship Tournament finals between Alundra Blayze and Heidi Lee Morgan.


Owen Hart defeats Paul Van Dale from the 12/26 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Back to the studio as Vince is now interviewing The Quebecers & Johnny Polo via video screen. Polo isn’t falling for the sham the Hart brothers are perpetrating and claims there is still trouble. The Quebecers then tell Owen he is the greatest Hart brother before Polo asks Vince “who shot the couch” when making fun of his suit. Vince then asks Polo about his match on RAW against Marty Jannetty as he calls himself a world-class athlete. Vince now asks Jacques about his match against Lex Luger on “Superstars” as Jacques speaks French to Pierre and says what Luger did to Pierre was illegal and that something is coming up for him soon. Its clear they have a plan to attack Luger on “Superstars” to get revenge for what he did to Pierre prior to the Survivor Series.


The Steiner Brothers defeat Mike Bell & The Executioner from the 12/26 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


We see the Kwang debut vignette.


Tatanka defeats Ludvig Borga via disqualification from the 12/20 edition of “Monday Night RAW.”


Vince runs down the Royal Rumble matches and all the names so far announced for the Rumble match.


WWF Women’s Championship Match: Heidi Lee Morgan vs. Alundra Blayze

This match took place at the 12/13 “Monday Night RAW” tapings in Poughkeepsie, NY. Vince McMahon and Stan Lane are on commentary for this match. Blayze takes down Morgan after a roundhouse kick then Morgan retreats to the corner as Lane puts over Blayze’s martial arts skills. Blayze then backs Morgan into the corner then goes up-and-over in the corner and bows for applause but gets dropkicked to the floor. Morgan then flies out with a plancha and steps on top of Blayze before heading back inside to taunt the crowd. Morgan tries a turnbuckle smash but Blayze puts on the breaks and uses ten of her own. Blayze then uses a Mexican arm drag and stays on the arm until Morgan reverses. Blayze now uses an arm breaker as Vince says “these women know their wrestling.” Blayze gets two with a snap suplex but Morgan fights back then uses a few hair pulls that gets a two count. Morgan now chokes out Blayze as we go to break then the action returns with Blayze on top of Morgan as she puts her in a modified Camel’s Clutch. Blayze now switches to a body scissors but Morgan escapes and catapults Blayze but tries it again and Blayze rolls through and follows with a dropkick. Blayze then whiffs on a missile dropkick but is able to side step a flying body press and uses a La Magistral cradle for a two count. Morgan gets two with a Samoan Drop but Blayze ducks a clothesline and uses a bridging German suplex for the win (8:44) **3/4.

Thoughts: I liked this match. The pace was fast and considering neither of them had been on TV before and this tournament only mentioned on TV without us knowing the names of a single competitor they got themselves over a little with the crowd. On commentary, they acted almost surprised that the women were this hard-hitting and athletic and if this commentary happened today it would come off as patronizing with a lot of backhanded compliments but considering the state of Women’s Wrestling when we last saw it in the company (1989) they really had to re-educate the fans that it was more than a sideshow attraction. I will say it was telling, however, that this match only aired in its entirety on this show and shown in clip from on RAW.


Back in the studio, Vince puts over the Women’s match and says the division will be just as good as the men’s in 1994.


Video hyping Johnny Polo vs. Marty Jannetty for RAW.


Another Undertaker’s Workshop vignette airs. It was the same as shown on this weekend’s Royal Rumble Reports.


IRS defeats Ralph Mosca from the 12/25 edition of “Superstars.”


Vince once again plugs RAW then how next week’s show is pre-empted and it will return in two weeks. Vince then plugs “Mania” and the USA World premiere Movie Marathon all weekend long. In two weeks we will see Yokozuna, Bret Hart, and Bam Bam Bigelow & Bastion Booger vs. Smoking Gunns.


Final Thoughts: The Women’s Championship match was a pleasant surprise and The Quebecers & Johnny Polo interview was fine making this a decent edition of All-American. Unfortunately, there are not that many 1994 All-American episodes floating around so I’ll try to do a couple as it was the final year of the show.