serious question part 2

Since you asked so nicely, here is what I mean re: a sanitized product;  No blood, no swearing, no scantily clad women, no edgy, envelope pushing storylines, etc.  Let's not pretend that the WWE wouldn't have won the Monday Night Wars with a TV-PG product, or that ECW wouldn't have had the success they did as well.  I leave you with this question;  How has going PG helped improve the product?  

I literally don’t even know what your argument is at this point.  Smackdown has been PG since it debuted in 1999.  RAW since 2002.  ECW got thrown off TV stations over their raunchy content and nearly got banished from PPV before they ever aired one.  Blood was removed from the product due to health concerns, not TV executives.  
I think you’re making the anti-vaxxer mistake of confusing correlation with causation.  Just because all that stupid shit happened when ratings were highest doesn’t mean they caused ratings to be high.  Vince Russo booked all that and more for WCW and TNA and it didn’t help them one bit.