What the World Was Watching: WCW Worldwide – July 22, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are in the booth and they are taped from Orlando, Florida.

Opening Contest:  Alex Wright (40-3-1) beats Jim Rogers after a reverse flying body press at 2:55:

Schiavone says that Wright and Marcus Bagwell have had much success in the tag team division despite them only teaming once and losing in quick fashion to Dick Slater and Bunkhouse Buck, who are near the bottom of the tag ranks.  That does not appear to be a permanent pairing, though, as Schiavone says Wright prefers to be a single.  And one can easily why as he hits his big moves on Rogers and wins easily.

Okerlund interviews Television Champion the Renegade and Jimmy Hart.  The Renegade simply repeats the same promo from Bash at the Beach.  This company is making so many mistakes with this guy.

Kevin Sullivan (8-4) defeats Mike Thor after a double stomp at 1:45:

Sullivan has taken enough losses after throwing jobbers over the top rope so this time he throws Thor through the middle rope and pounds away.  Schiavone and Heenan play “guess all the members of the Dungeon of Doom” as Sullivan ends a two-match losing streak in singles competition.

After the bell, Kamala runs into the ring and splashes Thor, beating on him until Sullivan covers his eyes.  Heenan justifies this by saying that Thor did something to Kamala in the locker room.

Steve Austin (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (13-2) beats Mike Davis after an inverted suplex at 3:46:

After spending four years in WCW and becoming a United States, television, and tag team titleholder, this is where Austin’s run comes to a close as this was his last televised match before suffering an arm injury in Japan that would serve as the pretext for Eric Bischoff terminating his contract.  The match bores the Disney crowd, with Austin working deliberately before finally finishing Davis with an inverted suplex.  Schiavone and Heenan pay no attention to the match either, which shows how low Austin was on the card before leaving.

Okerlund interviews Vader, who says he is the real man in WCW.  He says he is not nervous about facing two men at The Clash of the Champions.

Diamond Dallas Page (w/the Diamond Doll & Maxx Muscle) (9-0-1) pins Dave Sullivan (6-3) after a Diamond Cutter at 8:34:

After losing at Bash at the Beach, Sullivan needs a win to remain viable in this feud.  Both competitors have more time than they received on the pay-per-view and that allows them to develop a better match.  It is nothing special but they try hard to get casual fans at Disney engaged since those fans never watch WCW programming.  The ending is weird as Page keeps falling out of the ring, Dave eventually follows him, and then Page catches him with a Diamond Cutter when they re-enter.  Sullivan gets his foot on the bottom rope, which Muscle pushes off, and that sends a clear signal that Sullivan is going to be losing this feud unless he can get some help to keep Muscle out of their matches.  Rating:  *½

The Last Word:  This was just an average Worldwide broadcast.  Diamond Dallas Page and Dave Sullivan tried in the main event, but they do not have good chemistry in the ring.  Page also needs a new look as he has some of the worst tights in the promotion.

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