The Kids Love The 90’s


It seems like 90's nostalgia is all the rage in pop culture these days (Toy Story, Child's Play, etc). Why doesn't WWE capitalize more on this by doing their own version of "reboots"?

One of the problems with the product today is that everybody is so bland and generic. Every wrestler on the roster seems to have the same "Fan's Own" gimmick from TEW, "lifelong fan who is living the dream of becoming a wrestler."

People aren't interested in seeing Maverick Bronson and Trevor Cassidy trading finisher kickouts on 205 Why?, but with all of the IP owned by WWE, we can fix that! Big E would make a great Papa Shango, somebody like Sami Zayn would kick ass as The Mountie, I saw on the Daily Thread today that somebody suggested Cesaro become IRS! That'd be amazing! Hell, with his recent media stuff, Rollins seems like a great fit to play Raven! Vince might have had the right idea with Fake Razor and Diesel, he just didn't wait long enough to do it.

WWE seems to have no interest in building new stars, or finding new fans, so why not just give their aging fan base the feel-good nostalgia they crave? Sounds like a win-win to me. What do you think?

I’m sensing some sarcasm here…