WWF Superstars – December 11th, 1993

December 11, 1993

From Farrell Hall in Delhi, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Stan Lane. They tell us we will find out who faces Yokozuna for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble.

In action are The Quebecers, Bastion Booger, Smoking Gunns, and Tatanka. Plus, an interview with Owen Hart.


The Quebecers w/ Johnny Polo vs. Paul Jones & Chaz Ware

Vince wonders how much longer The Quebecers will stay champions with The Steiner Brothers on their tail. Jones & Ware dropkick The Quebecers from behind as the champs spill outside. They grab the belts but The Quebecers return and quickly beat down Ware. The Quebecers stay in control then use the old Rougeau Bomb before the assisted senton gets the win (1:47). After the match, The Quebecers use the Boston Crab/Flying Leg Drop combo for the win then put the belts around their opponents waists and raise their hands.

Thoughts: They’ve stressed that the Steiners are going to get a title match against The Quebecers here a lot more than they have over the past few weeks.


WWF Special Report with Gorilla Monsoon. First, Gorilla talks about Bobby Heenan as a “Bye Bye Bobby!” graphic airs underneath Heenan’s picture as we see the replay of Gorilla tossing Heenan out of the building on RAW. Gorilla then tells us that he has perhaps eliminated Heenan from the WWF once and for all and time will tell. Gorilla now talks about the Royal Rumble being sold out despite the main event not announced then we find out that Yokozuna vs. Undertaker will be the main event title match. Plus, Jim Cornette slipped in a clause that Undertaker could not get a rematch but Paul Bearer snuck in a clause of his own and it will be a Casket Match. We then hear from Cornette with Yokozuna & Mr. Fuji. Cornette claims the contract he signed did not have the fine print but the one he got in the mail did as he accuses Bearer and WWF President Jack Tunney of being behind this before saying the rumors of Yokozuna being afraid of Undertaker are false. The camera zooms in on Yokozuna as Cornette said that Yokozuna was just feeling out Undertaker then Yokozuna says “sayonara” as the segment ends. The Undertaker getting the title shot was fairly predictable and now the story is that Undertaker as the advantage not only because Yokozuna is scared but that its going to be a Casket Match, a type of match where the Undertaker is undefeated.


Tony Webb vs. Bastion Booger

Lane talks about Cornette finally being outsmarted by another manager and how Cornette is infuriated as Booger beats on Webb. Booger drops Webb with a clothesline then dances as Lane tells a crappy joke about Booger’s ICOPRO going to the wrong address. The delivery was terrible, pun somewhat intended. Booger avalanches Webb against the post outside as Vince plugs a house show in Poughkeepsie, NY. Booger rolls Webb inside and hits a powerslam then a sit-down splash for the win (1:40). After the match, Booger shoves some marshmallows in his mouth.

Thoughts: Just a match for the announcers to use as a backdrop to discuss the PPV main event.


This week’s guest ring announcer is Liz Woodard as she heads into the ring. We then see Crush on the cover of the newest edition of “WWF Magazine.” She is an adult with a voice of a pack a day smoker.


Mike Moraldo vs. IRS

IRS asks the guest ring announcer she cannot get away without paying taxes because she lives in the middle of nowhere. IRS beats down Moraldo as Vince plugs a Salvation Army benefit show that costs $75 where you can meet all the Superstars and get autographs. Moraldo manages a rollup for two but IRS works the neck then uses the Write Off Clothesline for the win (1:40).

Thoughts: Most of this was hyping the benefit show as IRS’s feud against Razor Ramon has winded down now that the latter is involved in a much more popular program with Shawn Michaels.


Bret Hart warns us not to drink and drive during the Holiday Season.


Brooklyn Brawler vs. Tatanka

Vince talks about Tatanka vowing revenge after Ludvig Borga ended his undefeated streak. Tatanka trips up Brawler then hits an elbow drop but misses a charge in the corner. Tatanka fights back and chops Brawler before catching him in a powerslam. Tatanka hits several chops then uses the Samoan Drop for the win (2:38). Vince says that Tatanka has made an impressive return and that Owen Hart is up next.

Thoughts: The story now is that Tatanka is back to vow revenge against Borga over ending his undefeated streak and taking him out of the Survivor Series.


We get an ad for the Salvation Army benefit show held at the Paramount inside of Madison Square Garden.


Now, its the sit-down interview with Owen Hart. It is conducted by Vince and took place earlier in the week in a locker room. Owen is asked about the friction he had with Bret at the Survivor Series. Owen said it started earlier than that and how he was better at football, amateur wrestling, and school than Bret but did not receive the accolades. Vince goes back to Survivor Series and how Owen was the only family member eliminated. Owen said he carried the family honor more as he eliminated two guys and stopped only because Bret was stumbling around the ring apron and should have known better. Owen said his family tended to Bret rather than himself, who got pinned, and he went back alone in the locker room. Owen then said he saw his other brothers celebrate to Bret’s music and had to confront him for being so selfish while he broke his back carrying the family load and its time for us to realize what he has done. Owen then says Bret is his brother and that he is not Bret’s brother then Vince runs down Bret’s WWF accomplishments. Owen cuts Vince off and says he is sick of being Bret’s shadow then orders Bret to step up to the plate as he challenges him to a match to prove to everyone that he can win. Solid interview from Owen as its clear he will be turning against Bret at some point but still, the build up has been strong since the Survivor Series.


Smoking Gunns vs. Corey Student & Joe Brennon

Billy works over Student to start and takes him down with a dropkick. Lane tells us that the Women’s Championship Finals will be held this coming Monday as the Gunns stay in control. Brennon tags in and lands a couple of strikes on Bart before he is caught in a spinning side slam. Vince wonders if Bret will accept Owen’s challenge as the Gunns use a double Russian leg sweep. Vince now talks about both Hart brothers as Bart catches Brennon in a powerslam as Vince hopes we can hear from Bret next week. Vince now goes back to Helen Hart crying at Survivor Series due to the friction between Bret and Owen as the Gunns use a flying elbow drop/powerbomb combo for the win (2:40).

Thoughts: Another match that served as a backdrop to talk about a top feud, with Bret/Owen being the main focus. The Gunns are not exactly climbing the Tag Team ranks despite being solid in the ring.


We get a montage of all the Jeff Jarrett vignettes that stress his message of using the WWF to springboard his country music career.


Jim Ross narrates a video package on this past Monday night’s Shawn Michaels vs. 1-2-3- Kid match on RAW that saw Razor Ramon come out to save Kid then got ambushed by a “phantom punch” that was clearly Diesel before Shawn hit two Razor’s Edges. Weird that they were mildly pushing that the punch was not 100% Diesel on some shows but on others making it clear it was in fact Diesel behind the attack.


“The Model” Rick Martel vs. JS Storm

The announcers talk about Jarrett as Vince looks forward to seeing him in action. Martel beats on Storm but Storm fights back and works the arm. Martel then hits an uranage and taunts the fans before hitting a gutwrench suplex. The announcers use weather related puns about Storm being in trouble then Martel uses a Boston Crab for the win (2:17). After the match, Martel sprays Storm with Arrogance.

Thoughts: They mostly talked about Jarrett during this match as Martel is back but rapidly feeling like a relic from another era since returning.


Next week in action are the Steiner Brothers, Crush, and the debut of Jeff Jarrett. Plus, an interview with Bret Hart and more. Vince then plugs the Randy Savage vs. Fatu match for RAW and the show ends with a music video recap.


Final Thoughts: The big news was revealing the Royal Rumble main event. They also advanced the Bret/Owen storyline with a good segment from Owen to build for next week’s Bret interview and if he will accept Owen’s challenge. Plus, they hyped up Jarrett’s debut and are heavily pushing the Shawn/Razor feud as in the coming weeks we will find out more about the Royal Rumble card. All in all, a strong edition of Superstars.