Wrestling Doesn’t Draw?

Mr. Keith,

People say the WWE in-ring product has never been better. It seems like *** or so is the new basement for TV & PPV matches (generally), everybody can do a ton of moves and cool flips and dives and whatever else, star ratings from reviewers like Dave Meltzer and yourself would seem to suggest that we're getting a Flair/Steamboat quality match at almost every Network special, et al. 

But yet, RAW this past Monday drew a humiliating 3,500 paid seats, half the arena had to be tarped off for Stomping Grounds, TV ratings are hitting new record non-holiday lows seemingly every week… is it time the IWC has a "Come to Jesus" moment that maybe our vision of wrestling just doesn't draw money?

Except of course for AEW drawing record sellout crowds and massive PPV numbers.  And New Japan selling out the Tokyo Dome yearly.  Twice this year probably. And ROH selling out MSG.  
But yeah, it’s the great wrestling in WWE that’s the issue.  Clearly.