WWF Monday Night RAW – December 6th, 1993

December 6, 1993

From the Westchester Civic Center in White Plains, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan.


We get a video package on last week’s Diesel vs. Razor Ramon match where we saw Shawn Michaels attack Razor then the 1-2-3 Kid ran out and made the save, setting up tonight’s Shawn vs. Kid match. We now hear a promo from Shawn as he says the Kid’s career will come to an abrupt end tonight.


The hosts talk about Shawn vs. Kid as Vince promises a wild night. Heenan says Kid could walk out as the Intercontinental Champion as Vince yells at Heenan for saying Shawn is champion. Also in action are Doink and Crush. We then hear Vince tell Gorilla that he took offense to his remarks as Heenan tells Gorilla to “shut up and woof down a box of bananas” while sitting home in New Jersey. These insults about Gorilla and every other babyface on the show from Heenan would be the theme of the night.


Shawn Michaels vs. 1-2-3 Kid

Shawn backs Kid into the corner and fires away. Kid fights back then they work a reversal sequence that ends with Kid knocking Shawn outside with a spinning heel kick. Shawn steps out of the way to prevent Kid from attempting a tope so Kid instead flies outside with a springboard crossbody. Kid then uses a bridging German suplex for a nearfall before working a side headlock. Shawn eventually breaks the hold with a back suplex before ramming Kid into the corner. Shawn takes Kid outside with a flying headscissors then heads out and tries to send Kid into the post but Kid reverses as Shawn’s shoulder hits. Kid then tries a running crossbody from the apron but Shawn turns that into a powerslam then we go to commercial. Back to the action as Shawn uses two straight backbreakers for a nearfall. Heenan is back to referring to Kid as a child as Kid knocks Shawn off of the top rope to avoid a superplex but ends up getting dropkicked in midair as Shawn gets another two count. Shawn now stretches Kid over his knee after a backbreaker but Kid breaks out by kicking Shawn in the face. Kid then catches Shawn with a spinning heel kick then covers by draping his arm on top and that gets two. Both men now collide then Kid fires away and after that lands kicks in the corner. Shawn flops down after Kid uses a spinning heel kick then Kid slowly climbs up and almost puts him away with a flying body press. Kid goes up top again after a slam but misses a somersault senton as we go to break. We return as Shawn hits a super kick then uses Razor’s signal for the Razor’s Edge and tries to hit that on Kid and does but he pulls Kid up before the three count. Heenan says this reminds him of Monsoon’s career as Monsoon spent most of his career on his back as Shawn hits another Razor’s Edge. Shawn sets up for a third but Razor comes out and pulls Kid to safety. Shawn confronts Razor outside then slaps him across the face as Heenan says he’d slap the guy who sold Razor his shirt. Razor now chases Shawn around the ring and then up the aisle but Shawn tripped. Razor tries to pull him from the curtains but Diesel was waiting and he punches Razor. Shawn now uses Razor’s shirt to choke him out as Heenan says you live and die by a cheap shirt. Shawn now punches away before hitting a Razor’s Edge on the floor before leaving through the curtain. Shawn returns with his Intercontinental Title belt to mock Razor as the camera zooms in on Razor’s toothpick on the floor. Shawn then hits another Razor’s Edge as several officials are trying to order him backstage as this is apparently ruled a no contest (12:31 shown) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Good match here. Not everything was smooth but it had a brisk pace and really helped Kid come off as a credible opponent. The stuff with Razor and Shawn was really strong though and got over their feud, even if Shawn’s Razor Edge attempts looked gentle. A tag match between all four involved seems likely at this point. And once again, Heenan tossed in more insults than usual for the match as the insults themselves would also become more mean-spirited as the night continued.


We return as the announcers talk about Shawn’s attack on Razor with Heenan accusing Razor of impersonating an Intercontinental Champion.


The Quebecers w/ Johnny Polo vs. Bert Centeno & Mike Walsh

Vince is still fuming about the attack on Razor then asks Heenan about Gorilla as Heenan makes more insults. Jacques approaches Centeno from his knees and slaps him across the face but Centeno fights back and hits a dropkick before tagging out. Centeno tells the crowd how smart he is then Pierre yells at him before beating on Walsh. Vince says they are going to try and reach Randy Savage, who he says is on tour in the United Kingdom with other WWF Superstars. Centeno is back in but Jacques beats him down and The Quebecers stay in control until the assisted senton gets the win (4:26). Pierre beats down Centeno after the match then tosses Walsh outside for trying to help. They now sit Centeno down on Polo’s lawn chair and Pierre clotheslines him off as The Quebecers celebrate.

Thoughts: A long squash match that served as a backdrop for Heenan to talk more trash about Gorilla and for the announcers to discuss the Razor/Shawn feud. Vince also mentioned The Steiners facing The Quebecers to keep that program alive for the house shows.


An ad for the Royal Rumble airs.


The announcers are now split screen with Owen Hart. Owen is once again wearing shades similar to Bret’s. They ask him about Bret winning the “Superstar of the Year” award as Owen says its great for Bret but not for him then talks about having a surprise that will have everyone talking about himself. Brief but to the point segment as we now await this surprise from Owen.


Doink the Clown w/ Dink vs. Tony DeVito

Heenan jokes about wanting to roll Dink downhill in traffic on the interstate before taking another shot at Gorilla. Heenan then asks if DeVito’s first name is “Basil” as Dink is dancing on the apron while Doink works the arm. Doink now works a STF while Dink honks a horn, causing Vince to laugh. Vince then tells Heenan that Gorilla is right about him not being a nice man while Heenan sarcastically says he is a product of his environment. Doink continues to ground DeVito while Dink does stuff on the as Vince tells us that Razor is in “adequate” condition and that Kid’s health is not much better. This match appears to be boring the crowd to tears as Heenan jokes that Razor is out $4 from his “Mr. T starter kit” gold chains as Vince once again talks about Heenan being a mean, nasty person. Doink continues to ground DeVito then the camera zooms on Dink honking the horn. DeVito finally fights back but Doink surprises him with an elbow smash then heads up top for the sit-down splash and the win (5:58). Vince now wonders about Owen’s surprise as Heenan laughs at the Hart’s for being dysfunctional.

Thoughts: The match itself was terrible and the Doink & Dink pairing was not over in the slightest but the reason for this being so long was to play up Heenan’s insults with Vince even pointing out how he is a mean, nasty person. They were still hyping up Doink vs. Bam Bam Bigelow as a feud.


The Jeff Jarrett vignette at the Hall of Fame Gift Shop airs again.


A video package on the Savage/Crush feud airs then we learn that Savage will return to the ring and face Fatu next week on RAW.


Crush w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Tony Roy

Heenan says tomorrow is a holiday for Fuji as he celebrates Pearl Harbor. We now hear from Savage on the phone as he talks about letting the fans know he appreciates their support and calls out Fatu as Crush beats on Roy. Vince then lets us know that Crush is currently wrestling as they speak and says he looks awesome while Heenan accuses Savage of hiding out in a “fish and chip” diner in the United Kingdom. Savage then runs down Heenan as the connection is terrible so Heenan jokes its due to the fact that Savage is currently talking while hiding under the bed. Crush continues to beat down Roy then drops him throat-first across the top rope with a press slam for the win (4:10).

Thoughts: They got over Savage’s return to RAW next week and hyped his match against Fatu along with the feud against Crush. It was teased that we would get another Savage/Crush confrontation.


The “WWF Unbelievable” ad airs with the guy who keeps saying he’s tougher than the wrestlers but is shown getting his ass kicked airs.


Next week, we will have a special interview with The Undertaker. Also in action are Adam Bomb and the Smoking Gunns. Plus, Savage vs. Fatu.


Now, we see Gorilla Monsoon walk down the aisle. Gorilla then alerts Heenan he won a free trip then proceeds to drag Heenan out from his chair. Heenan begs as Gorilla drags him up the aisle then through the backstage area and eventually out of the building. Gorilla then tosses Heenan’s luggage outside with him and says they are fed up with him here as Heenan fumbles around trying to pick up his stuff. Heenan is now crying (these were legitimate tears) then gives a farewell salute and walks away as the show ends. And this was the end of Heenan in the WWF. It was reported in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” that Heenan was originally offered a new deal but then it was pulled and he was offered less money. At the time, the company wanted its announcers to move near Connecticut as to save money on flying in talent but Heenan himself said he was sick of being on the road and wanted a break and did not want to relocate away from his daughter in school. Heenan also said that in the hotel afterwards he spent an hour crying together with Gorilla and that he did leave the WWF on good terms. This segment was set up well too with Gorilla being the one to finally get rid of Heenan after years of insults about everyone.


Final Thoughts: The show itself was good but it was a sad moment for Bobby Heenan fans as he would leave the company after nine years. It was like a new era with him gone as he was a constant fixture on multiple WWF shows. They really hyped up the Razor/Shawn feud and set up for next week’s featured match. And with all the changes and troubles the company had endured over the past few weeks maybe it was a good time for Heenan to leave. Heenan also mentioned, which I find interesting, that not everyone in the company approached him here on his final day. He did specifically mention Owen asking why he was leaving followed by Owen saying he will be missed and how it was a big loss before shaking his hand. This is a show that you should see if you have not already.


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