WWE Random Name Generator

You've joked in the past about the WWE Random Name Generator giving new wrestlers their goofy ass new names. I understand it (make their own copyright), but thankfully they've lightened up on that & let guys use their old gimmicks.

Are there any of these re-brand names you can think of that actually doomed the wrestler, in a "they will never get over with this name regardless of how good" way? Or is there always a case of a wrestler can get any name over?
I tell ya, Kerwin White was a kiss of death right from the get go.  A lot of them are really, really bad now, though.  Especially the new guys in that NXT tournament.  WOOF.  One of them actually had to change his name to Dexter something, right?  Or Eric Bugenhagen is now named after boogers.  I suppose you can overcome it, but I don't trust them to be allowed to do so anymore.