WWF Wrestling Challenge – December 5th, 1993

December 5, 1993

From Carbondale High School in Carbondale, PA

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan


Razor Ramon vs. Cory Student

The announcers talk about Shawn Michaels attacking Razor this past Monday on RAW then hype up Shawn vs. 1-2-3 Kid for this week. Razor slaps Student after working him over but Student fights back. Razor chops Student in the corner then soon after that hits an uranage then finishes off Student with a Razor’s Edge (1:52). Ross puts over how no one is able to withstand the Razor’s Edge.

Thoughts: An easy win for Razor as they hyped his feud with Shawn Michaels.


We get the Lex Luger “Just Say No” to drugs ad.


Sid Garrison & J.C. Storm vs. The Quebecers w/ Johnny Polo

This is Pierre’s first match back since his “concussion” from the forearm smash of Lex Luger. Jacques slaps Storm around then the Quebecers use quick tags and double-team moves to maintain control then use a Boston Crab/flying leg drop combo for the win as Storm never even got the chance to tag out (2:17). After the match, Garrison sneaks in and dropkicks Pierre into Jacques as they were about to hug then gets chased to the back.

Thoughts: The end was odd to see but The Quebecers are back and it appears they need some challengers for the titles.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. We see another look at what happened between Bret & Owen Hart at the Survivor Series then hear the promos we saw on “Superstars” from both men. No snarky comments or heeling from Lord Alfred in this segment.


Back to the hosts as Heenan wants to know why Bret never gave Owen a title shot while champion.


Barry Horowitz vs. Virgil

Wow, Virgil is booked in a position to get a win. That has not happened in a while. The announcers continue to talk about the Hart Family as Virgil works the arm after a fast-paced sequence. Horowitz fights back but Virgil takes him down with an arm drag as Ross is optimistic that the Hart’s will resolve their differences but Heenan is not so sure. Virgil misses a high knee in the corner then Horowitz follows a neck breaker with a leg drop for a two count. Ross mentions that Virgil is from Pittsburgh after hyping Diesel appearing on this week’s show then Horowitz stops short to avoid a boot in the corner but taunts the crowd and gets attacked. Virgil runs wild before putting Horowitz away with the Million Dollar Dream (2:48). Ross once again hypes up Diesel, saying he is seven-feet tall.

Thoughts: The match was a backdrop for the announcers to talk about the problems between Bret and Owen as well as hyping up Diesel’s appearance on the show. The announcers also stressed Diesel’s size a lot here.


An ad for the Royal Rumble airs.


Diesel vs. Tony Webb

Webb gets tossed as the announcers again talk about Shawn vs. Kid on RAW. Webb now tries to work the arm but gets clotheslined then Diesel starts working the back. Ross talks about Diesel being one of the best street-fighters in the WWF as Heenan puts over Diesel’s size, saying he seems bigger than seven-feet. Diesel then teases his konckout punch but instead pie-faces Webb down and gets the win (1:50).

Thoughts: Given how much the announcers have put over Diesel’s size here and during the previous match its clear they are planning to give him a push. And fitting enough, we had a Royal Rumble ad sandwiched between the past two matches.


Men on a Mission w/ Oscar vs. Brooklyn Brawler & Joe Brennan

The crowd is into Mabel. Brawler gets tossed into the corner as we get a “whoomp, there it is” chant as Heenan laughs at some kid with big ears in the front row. Brawler tries to work the arm as Ross says that MoM has a very good chance to beat The Quebecers in a title match. MoM stays in control until Brawler fights back. Brennan tags in but gets beat down quickly and soon after that Mabel hits an avalanche then Mo hits an avalanche before the Irish Whip/spinning heel kick combo gets the win (2:55).

Thoughts: Mabel was over here and based on commentary it seems that MoM will be getting more title shots i the future. Now for a story. This match reminded me of Mabel’s shoot interview that I recapped. He was asked about Oscar as Mabel said Oscar never respected the wrestling business and frequently ran his mouth so as a result would always get ribbed. Mabel also added that Oscar once told Brawler that he’d have him “floating in a river” and I wonder if it happened during this taping.


The “WWF Fan Club” with Randy Savage airs.


Raymond Rougeau welcomes Crush & Mr. Fuji to the ring. Before bringing them out he mentions that Crush turned his back on his friend and his country. Crush says he did everything for the fans and only got a little bit of applause in return. Crush says the cheers of the fans mean nothing to him and that he has soared to new heights that the fans are nowhere near his level. Crush then calls out Savage for stabbing him in the back after he watched his back. Crush then says next time in the ring there will be no more attacks from behind and that Savage will have to look him eye-to-eye as he vows to break Savage’s spirit. Crush then says Savage’s legacy will be torn up and tossed in the garbage like yesterday’s newspaper. The heel promo by Crush wasn’t bad and much better than what he had been doing as a babyface. This will be another one of the top feuds in the company.


We see the clip of Undertaker sitting up to avoid a second Bonzai Drop at the Survivor Series, playing up the whole “Yokozuna is scared of Undertaker” storyline.


Marty Jannetty vs. HD Ryder

Ryder looks like he just got out of a prison work release program. Marty uses a few arm drags but Ryder rakes the eyes. Marty then catches Ryder in a powerslam before the flying fist drop gets the win (1:08).

Thoughts: Easy win for Marty here but he does not have any direction quite yet. That will change soon enough, however.


The Jeff Jarrett vignette in front of the Legends Hall of Fame Gift Shop airs.


Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Chaz Ware

Ross says next week the Royal Rumble main event will be announced and that Tatanka is returning. Bomb beats on Ware as Whippleman barks out orders. Bomb gouges the face of Ware then hits a flying clothesline before the Atom Smasher gets the win (2:55).

Thoughts: The big news here was learning next week will have Tatanka’s return plus the announcement of the Royal Rumble event. Just like the past few weeks, Bomb continues to get pushed strong on commentary as he


Next week in action are Tatanka, Headshrinkers, Doink the Clown, Ludvig Borga, Crush, Steiner Brothers, and Shawn Michaels.


Final Thoughts: The company is still dealing with the Survivor Series fallout and hyping up newer feuds and acts. They also pushed the Shawn vs. Kid match for RAW and judging by TV the past couple of weeks the key singles feuds going forward are: Yokozuna vs. Undertaker, Lex Luger vs. Ludvig Borga, Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels, Randy Savage vs. Crush, and Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Doink.


And this ended up being the final appearance on Challenge for Bobby Heenan. He has been on just about every episode of the show since it began in the Fall of 1986. We will see why this was the case on RAW and learn what led to him leaving the company.