ECW TV Hidden Gems

So again I’m ploughing through ECW TV having watched all 1998 and now deep into 1999, and I’m enjoying what it is offering.

I’ve watched a few genuinely great matches (that sweet 4 star+ range) during this 98 to 99 period that have little to no fanfare online and I can’t quite understand why. Everyone loves an awesome match right?

Bam Bam v RVD – April 98

Masato Tanaka & Jerry Lynn v Justin Credible & Mike Awesome – July 98

Jerry Lynn v RVD – Aug 98

Jerry Lynn v RVD – Sept 99

Masato Tanaka v Mike Awesome – Dec 99

I get it, ECW’s TV product wasn’t the best, it’s PPV offerings were middling but there are still a handful ECW matches that deserve more eyes on them.

Do you or your community have any more ECW non-PPV hidden gems? Thanks

I literally couldn't tell you anything that happened on ECW TV around that time outside of Tammy's exploitative interview segment and the time RVD won the TV title to surprise everyone.