Punk vs. Bryan

Yo Scott,

Phred here, I was just looking at the Observer HoF and while Bryan was inducted in 2016 (before his comeback) Punk is currently not in. Now I understand the WON has it's own qualifications and such, but I really don't see how Bryan can be seen as a greater talent than Punk. Yes, he was the better wrestler, but was he better enough to overcome all the other things Punk beat him at?

Now Bryan's career is looking like its far from over and Punk's probably is, but just on where we are right now, I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on this and how a person could rank Daniel over Mr. Brooks.
Because Bryan was better in the ring to the point where he could be voted in on ringwork alone, and hugely influential, and drew a big buyrate for the Wrestlemania that he headlined.  Punk had some great matches but flopped in a headlining role (yeah, he was sabotaged as champion, but Money in the Bank 2011 is a big black eye) and the UFC deal has kind of destroyed his legacy.  He's currently sitting at 12% of the vote and looks likely to drop off soon unless he returns to the business and makes a difference.