Indies and Insanity: June 20, 2019

Tonight is Zion Williamson Coronation Night!  GO DUKE!  Also expect Ja Morant to go to Memphis and be the most intriguing rookie of the bunch.  RJ Barrett looks to be the Knicks’ latest savior.  After that, things could get crazy.  BOLD PREDICTION: The Pelicans trade #4 to the Hawks for #8 and #17.  (Editor’s Note: while I was writing this up, the trade happened.  I was right! WOJBOMB!)

The Men’s Gold Cup continues tonight: Nicaragua faces Haiti, while Costa Rica takes on Bermuda.

Your Women’s World Cup knockout field is set.  In a wild twist, eight of the nine spots are taken by UEFA teams and they are in eight different KO matches!  There’s a chance UEFA sweeps the quarters… or is gone that soon.  (Not likely, though: I’m predicting 5 UEFA teams getting in the quarters, with USA, Japan, and Australia joining England, France, Italy, Germany, and Sweden.)

Enough sports, let’s go to the indies!


  • We start with Super Viernes, where the Copa Dinastia championship is coming up tomorrow night.  Niebla Roja and Angel De Oro take on Rush and Bestia Del Ring.  Meanwhile, a Rudo Battle is the semi-main as Ultimo Guerrero, Gran Guerrero, and Euforia take on Gilbert El Boricua, Ciber The Main Man, and El Chris.  (Look, I’m just reading the poster here.)
  • “There will be blood.  Oh yes, there will be blood.”  It’s time for the 18th annual CZW Tournament of Death!  Coming to you Saturday from Voorhees, NJ.  Here’s the field:
    • Casanova Valentine vs Big F’n Joe (Bundles and Boards)
    • Conor Claxton vs Jimmy Lyon (Summer Funtime)
    • John Wayne Murdoch vs Jimmy Lloyd (Shattered Dreams Panes of Glass)
    • Dan O’Hare vs SHLAK (Doors of Death)
  • In addition, you get Matt Tremont taking on Mance Warner in a Fans Bring the Weapons match!  And we don’t know what the stips are for the semis and finals, but if you’re a fan of bloody violence, this is the show for you!
  • But let’s offer hope, especially in the wake of the passing of Lionheart.  Guys, I’ve wanted to make these folks the PROMOTION OF THE WEEK for quite some time, and here we are: Dropkick Depression is putting on the Calaway/Cannonball Birthday Extravaganza with all proceeds going to charity.  Calaway faces Hallowicked, Cannonball faces Faye Jackson, Low Life Louie Ramos takes on UltraMantis Black, plus a fun undercard with lots of young talent!  Head to Old Bridge NJ Saturday night (there probably will be time after the CZW show if you want to make it a doubleheader) and give them some love!
  • Alpha-1 is back in Oshawa, ON, on Sunday afternoon with Maximum Effort II!  Kobe Durst will defend the big gold in a triple threat against Bear Bronson and Jake Parnell!  BMD vs VSK for the 0G!  The Space Pirates defend the tag gold against Savage Society in a street fight!  Plus, an open challenge from THE NORTH!
  • WrestleCircus is back in action Sunday night in Texas for Big Top Revival!  Scorpio Sky defends the top title against Tessa Blanchard!  Gentleman Jervis defends his gold against Sami Callihan!  The Rascalz defend the tag gold in a triple threat against the Riegel Twins and Private Party!  Colin Delaney gets an NWA National title shot against Colt Cabana!  Big show!

My independent MATCH OF THE WEEK is going to be a personal pick of a very good friend of mine.  Josh Fuller is a fellow CRAB wrestler and at only 20 is an amazing heel.  He’s appeared in Welterweight Wrestling and, while he’s recovering from a concussion right now, he’s got the skill to be an important part of any show.  Here’s his favorite match of his career, as he takes on Swoggle!

(Yes, those are Lucky Charms in place of thumbtacks.  What of it?)

Bring the insanity!