Going on strike

We've had walk outs, strikes and stoppages in just about every sport, so why not now for the scripted sport we love to hate in the WWE?  Ownership is making tons of cash regardless of how bad the product is to watch, and getting that money from some highly questionable business partners.

We've heard the disgruntled views of Cody, Jericho and Mox, and believe there are many, many more out there.  Sure a wrestler here or there can just not show up like Neville or Sasha, but what would happen if a multitude of top stars just sat out and refused to perform until things changed?  The easy thought is Vince would just fire them, but would Vince really, really just fire 50% or more of the roster if they went on strike?

And not a walk out strike a la 2013 RAW for the unsafe work environment.  A real strike.  Crap.  One of their 800 writers is going to read this and use this as a "real" angle now, aren't they?  

Good luck getting a bunch of top stars to even agree on what to order for lunch without one of them going to stooge out the others, let alone going on strike.  And Vince wouldn't have to fire them, he'd just send them all home and freeze their contracts like Neville.