NXT – June 19, 2019

Date: June 19, 2019
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Mauro Ranallo, Beth Phoenix

We’re back in Full Sail for the first real fallout show from Takeover and that means one thing: the Undisputed Era is going to get to have their big moment. Therefore, expect a lot of BAY-BAY’s and a tease of what is to come at Takeover: Toronto. I know it’s a pretty quick turnaround but the Summerslam show usually feels like their biggest of the year. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Here’s the Undisputed Era to open things up. Cole: “Told you so.” Cole talks about how he promised that this would be the Undisputed Era’s year and now, they’re going to start turning NXT into an Undisputed Image. Maybe this is how the show should start every week. We see a new opening sequence, featuring the Undisputed Era’s various highlights over the years, which the fans seem to like.

Kyle says he threw it together last night and Cole says that is why they run this place: they have all the power. Next up, it’s time to come after the Tag Team Titles so the Street Profits need to shine them up. Then they’ll have all the power and no one, not even HHH himself, will be able to touch them. Cue Velveteen Dream to say he’d like to touch Cole. NXT has risen to the heights it has reached because Dream Over. That NXT Title would look great next to the North American Title but Strong isn’t happy.

This brings out Matt Riddle, who says he beat Strong and Cole too. Riddle knows he’s an insanely good looking stallion but Cole calls him stupid for not realizing that he’s in the Undisputed Era. Now it’s Tyler Breeze interrupting to say he doesn’t care what is undisputed or who is better looking (Breeze: “Which, me by the way.”).

What he cares about is the Era trying to take credit for building NXT, which Breeze helped to do before the Era was even here. Therefore, it’s a six man tag with the three of them against any three members of the Era tonight. NXT doesn’t usually do these long form openings but it’s understandable given the big title change at Takeover. Cole deserved this kind of a platform and he already has three challengers set up. Just don’t make a habit of this.

Next week: Io Shirai vs. Shayna Baszler inside a cage.

Video on Baszler vs. Shirai, which has been going on for a good while now. Baszler beat Shirai at Takeover, sending Shirai over the edge (which apparently wasn’t a heel turn, despite having every trait of a heel turn).

Raul Mendoza vs. Damian Priest

That would be the former Punishment Martinez. Damian big boots him into the corner to start and drops Mendoza with a forearm. Another forearm to the back of the head rocks Mendoza, who annoys Priest with a shot tot he face. Damian ducks a springboard but gets caught with an enziguri. A rope walk dropkick sends Priest outside and he looks rather angry. Mendoza’s suicide dive is countered into a chokeslam onto the apron and a Roll of the Dice finishes Mendoza at 2:13. He’s going to need a better finisher but Priest looked good so far. Might have sold a bit too much though.

William Regal announces the Breakout Tournament between eight men who have never appeared on NXT TV before. The winner will receive a title shot against a champion of their choosing. The participants are:

Jordan Myles (ACH)


Cameron Grimes (Trevor Lee)

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott (Shane Strickland)

Dexter Lumis (Samuel Shaw)

Bronson Reed (Jonah Rock)

Angel Garza (Humberto Garza)

Joaquin Wilde (DJZ)

They actually list the indy names for a change. The tournament starts next week.

Video on Mia Yim, who grew up in Los Angeles during a lot of race riots. She was born to fight and wrestling was an escape. This is just the beginning and she’s coming for the Women’s Title. Just get a better nickname.

Taynara Conti vs. Xia Li

We go old school with the test of strength to start and Conti takes her down into a rollup for two. Conti gets in a few judo throws but has to avoid spinning kicks to the head. A kick to the leg puts Li down and lets Conti say that Latinas do it better. More kicks give Conti two and the kickouts get on her nerves. It’s off to a double arm crank until Li fights up and sweeps the leg (I would make a Karate Kid reference but I’ve never actually seen it). A kick to the head knocks Conti cold for the pin at 4:35.

Rating: D+. The match wasn’t anything great but it’s a good example of how to mix up the card. This was all about striking and throws while the previous match was a power display from Priest. Then you have the main event, which is going to be a mixture of styles. They’re throwing a bunch of different things out there instead of just doing the same stuff over and over again and it makes a difference.

The Street Profits are outside and ready to face the Forgotten Sons next week. The fans hold up their red cups.

Undisputed Era vs. Tyler Breeze/Matt Riddle/Velveteen Dream

It’s O’Reilly on the outside for this one and Riddle takes Cole down without too much trouble. The threat of a kneebar has Strong in to take Riddle into the corner and the stomping is on already. Riddle’s suplex gets two on Strong and it’s off to Dream for the first time. That means a hip swivel and a top rope ax handle to Fish, followed by a Lionsault (with knees to Fish’s face) for two.

It’s off to Breeze, who dropkicks Cole down without much trouble. Riddle comes back in, even though Dream wanted the tag. Cole misses the jumping enziguri and gets kneed in the face as everything breaks down. Riddle’s exploder sets up the Broton but Fish gets in a cheap shot. Strong hits the backbreaker on Riddle and it’s time for the chops in the corner. Cole’s knees to the back set up a chinlock but Riddle powers up in a hurry. A suplex is countered into a messy looking Backstabber for two on Riddle and it’s back to Strong.

The second chinlock doesn’t work as well and it’s Cole’s middle rope Canadian Destroyer getting kneed out of the air. Breeze comes in off the hot tag and it’s time for the strikes all around. The Beauty Shot hits Fish but Strong makes the save. Dream tags himself in but they manage a double superkick to put Cole on the floor. Strong knees Breeze into Dream though and it’s the End of Heartache to pin Dream at 9:16.

Rating: B. They set up a few things here as you could go with Riddle challenging Cole for the title, or possibly Strong coming after Dream, or even both. Throw in Dream and Breeze still having issues and that’s a potential rematch down the line. There’s something so nice about having all these options and NXT knows how to set them all up at once.

Overall Rating: B+. This was a storyline show with a good main event and that worked out quite well all things considered. NXT knows how to mix things up and give us something good throughout the show, which is exactly what they did here. Everything accomplished something and they have a bunch of directions to go, plus stuff to look forward to next week. As usual, NXT is the most efficient show around and that’s why it’s so easy to watch.


Damian Priest b. Raul Mendoza – Rolling cutter

Xia Li b. Taynara Conti – Spinning kick to the head

Undisputed Era b. Tyler Breeze/Velveteen Dream/Matt Riddle – End of Heartache to Dream

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