Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #321 – 19/06/1999

Hello You!

Last week on ECW Hardcore TV, The Dudley Boyz jumped poor Balls Mahoney once again in the locker room, bloodying him up with a chair shot. Lance Storm talked trash about The Dudleyz on the phone saying that they were ducking him and Justin Credible, whilst Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn traded barbs in the closing segment.

Where will all of these stories head next? Let’s see if that question is answered in today’s ECW Hardcore TV!!!

Tonight’s matches have been taped from Columbia, South Carolina

Calling the action is Joey Styles

We open up with Dave Prazak in the locker room with Balls Mahoney. Balls takes Dave with him as he goes on a quest to find The Dudleyz. CW Anderson makes probably his first ECW appearance by walking up and saying Hi to Balls, only to get a chair to the bonce for his troubles. A security guard stops him from getting to The Dudleyz though, and they jump him from behind whilst he argues with them.

Show Intro. Today’s tagline, “If You (Not Your Girl) Really Likes La Vida Loca, You’re Not Allowed To Watch This Show”

Joey Styles is in front of the ECW Banner and talks about how this part of the country was renowned for classic wrestling before sending to something taped from earlier with Steve Corino in the ring. Corino lists names of wrestlers who worked in Mid-Atlantic, like Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair, but he says he is the new age Champion and in the greatest shape of his life. This is ECW Champ Taz’s cue to come down to the ring and confront the cocky young man. Corino begs off from Taz as per usual and tries to get someone to come out and face Taz instead, but the music man isn’t helping him out this time. Taz punches Corino in the face, at which point we quick cut to Little Spike Dudley coming down to face Taz. Taz asks the fans if they want him to defend the Title against Spike in a falls count anywhere match, and they respond to the affirmative, so the match is made.

Opening Match
ECW World Title
Champion: Taz Vs Little Spike Dudley

The brawl is on right away, as we see that Steve Corino is moping backstage over Taz punching him in the face. Taz sends Spike into the crowd and they brawl up into the bleachers, where Taz flings Spike down the stairs. Quick cut to Taz powerbombing Spike through a table up on the staging area. Spike fights back however by bulldogging Taz onto the remains of the table and hitting Taz with a ladder for two.

Cut to both men in the ring, where Taz hits a release German Suplex and then counters a Spike up and over attempt with an Alabama Slam. Cut to Taz hitting a head and arm suplex. Cut to Spike going for the Acid Drop, but Taz shrugs him off and flattens him with a lariat. Spike gets a low blow and tries it again, but Taz counters into the Tazmission for the clean submission win.


Match was clipped so I can’t rate it but the clips did a good job of making Taz look like a dangerous and unstoppable Champion.

Taz applauds Spike post-match and offers his hand, which gets a nice round of applause from the audience. Taz’s character is so woefully inconsistent sometimes. One week he’s a gutsy babyface Champion who shows respect to his opponents and the next week he’s a psychotic madman willing to attack members of his own family to prove a point.


Match Two
Jerry Lynn Vs David Kash

You can really see the 99/2000 crew working their way onto the show now, with Tony DeVito and Bill Whiles last week and Kash and CW Anderson appearing on this week’s show. It probably won’t be too long until we see Rhino either.  Lynn unloads with some open hand slaps to Kash, as Justin Credible and Jason make their way down to ringside to watch the action.

Jason is on the phone with someone, and it sounds like Lance Storm is on the other end of the line. Jason and Credible tell him everything is going fine, but what are they referring to? Meanwhile, Lynn low bridges Kash outside the ring and follows with a cannonball dive off the apron. Jason and Credible choose to leave, whilst Lynn and Kash brawl outside the ring.


Back from the break, both men are back in the ring, as Kash is working total heel and floors Lynn with a clothesline. Lynn replies with the Cradle Piledriver however and that’s enough for him to pick up the three count.


Match wasn’t long enough to get a rating but it made Lynn look strong in victory at least.

Following the match, Lynn hits Kash with another Piledriver and flings him out of the ring to tease that he might be going heel and joining up with the Storm and Credible faction.


Match Three
Super Crazy Vs Yoshiro Tajiri

Remember back at Living Dangerously where Crazy and Tajiri supposedly had their final feud ending bout? Well, we’re getting it again now; although Joey is at least smart enough to make up an excuse for it by saying the fans in Carolina demanded to see these two men wrestle, which is better than just having the match without an explanation I guess.

As Crazy makes his way to the ring, we see Danny Doring and Roadkill cutting a promo backstage about all the great Mid-Atlantic tag teams, with the payoff being Doring saying that he and Roadkill are better than all of them. Roadkill ends the promo the usual way he did by snarling “chickens” into the camera, as we see that Little Guido and Big Sal E. Graziano have attacked Tajiri to take his place in the match with Crazy

Revised Match Three
Super Crazy Vs Little Guido w/ Big Sal E. Graziano

The fight goes straight into the crowd, where Crazy slams Guido on the floor and leaps off the balcony with a moonsault onto both Guido and Sal. Guido manages to drag himself back into the ring and dodges a Crazy attack in the corner to hit a Sicilian Slice for two. Guido goes to a Fujiwara arm bar, but Crazy is able to make the ropes, go Guido slams him and jaws with the crowd. This allows Crazy to recover and hit him with a sit out powerbomb for two.

Guido distracts the referee, which allows Sal to come in with a big elbow drop onto Crazy, which allows Guido to get a cover for two. Guido works Crazy over but Crazy is able to fight back and hits a Quebrada for two. Big DDT gets another two for Crazy, as Guido is proving to be quite resilient. Crazy tries to get a springboard styled move but Guido hammers him down and then locks in the Sicilian Crab.

However, Tajiri now recovers from his previous beat down to assault Guido with kicks. This leads to Jim Mollineaux making the match an ad-hoc 3 way dance. Crazy pins Guido with three moonsaults whilst Tajiri works over Sal, but when Crazy turns around Tajiri hits him with an immediate brain buster and pins him to win the match.

RATING: **1/2

Good little match between Crazy and Guido that got a bit silly once Tajiri came in but the live crowd seemed to enjoy it.


Back from the break, The Dudley Boyz are agitating the live crowd, which brings out Justin Credible. He says that it wasn’t so impressive that The Dudleyz beat RVD two on one when he could easily beat RVD all by himself. Credible then lays the ground for a match with RVD by saying that RVD has been ducking him. This brings out Bill Alfonso to say that Credible is lucky that the police aren’t letting Sabu in the building tonight, before bringing RVD down to ringside. Justin Credible uses this as an opportunity to bail to the back, which I guess this means the scheduled D-Von Vs Credible match is off then?

Main Event
ECW Television Title
Champion: Rob Van Dam w/ Bill Alfonso Vs D-Von Dudley w/ Sign Guy Dudley and Buh Buh Ray Dudley

So this is a rematch of D-Von Dudley defeating RVD about a month back on Hardcore TV thanks to interference from Buh Buh Ray. RVD runs wild on D-Von to start with his usual offence of flips and strikes. Whilst this goes on in the ring, Justin Credible comes out to cane Buh Buh outside the ring, which draws D-Von out to brawl with him. Jason gets involved too, which leads to RVD leaping off the top rope onto him and D-Von as we take a break.


Back from the break, RVD and D-Von are going at it in the ring, as RVD dropkicks a chair into D-Von’s face. We can see that Buh Buh is bleeding from the Credible cane attack. RVD tries a monkey flip onto a chair, but D-Von dodges it and then neck breakers RVD off the second rope onto the chair for two. RVD ducks a D-Von flying forearm attack, but the ref gets bumped in the process, which bring Buh Buh in for a double team attack.

However, Balls Mahoney comes out to destroy both Dudleyz with a chair as payback for their constant attacks on him. Fonzie tries to help RVD but gets clocked by Sign Guy, so Balls knocks him out and then plays the Fonzie role of holding a chair in D-Von’s face so RVD can kick it. Balls takes the referees shirt and then counts the winning pin when RVD Frogsplashes D-Von, which appears to be legal in ECW. We even get a bit of “Walk” from Kilgore following the match as well.


This got a bit silly at the end but it was a decent enough TV Main Event.

Balls and RVD actually argue post-match, although I’m not sure why as Balls did RVD a real solid there. This ends with Balls clocking RVD with his chair as the show closes.

In Conclusion

They squeezed a lot into 47 minutes there, probably too much in all honesty. It felt like a Vince Russo Era 1 hour TNA Impact show at points. No wonder they had to clip the Taz/Spike match to bits when you consider all the other stuff that was happening.

It’d be nice if they could start naming some matches for Heat Wave 99, but it looks like they’re going to do what they did with Hardcore Heaven by essentially leaving all the match announcements to about two weeks out from the show and then just hard selling the crap out of the show in those two weeks.

I personally would prefer it if they booked things sooner and gave them a chance to breathe in the build up to the show, but hey-ho this is what we’re getting I guess.

Not a great edition of the show this week but the wrestling for the most part wasn’t bad and they at least planted some seeds for further feuds and storylines, such as a possible RVD Vs Balls feud as well as a Dudleyz Vs Storm and Credible one.

Hopefully I’ll see you all again next week for more Extreme ECW Action!