WWF 1993 Survivor Series

November 24, 1993

From the Boston Garden in Boston, MA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan


We start off with Lex Luger and his family at their home in front of a fireplace as they wish us all a Happy Thanksgiving. In his 1993 WWE Timeline with Kayfabe Commentaries, Luger said he was uncomfortable during this segment as at the same he was partying on the road and cheating on his wife. During his “Something to Wrestle With” podcast , Bruce Prichard said they flew down to Luger’s home the day before the show and they spent about five hours trying to film this, in a hot house as they wanted the fire place going for the segment and had to shut off the air conditioning for the audio, as Luger got upset with his son and made him cry and that upset Luger’s wife as Prichard said Luger was way too wound up and made it an extremely difficult process. He said what aired was the best take.


The heels came out to Diesel’s theme music while the faces received individual entrances. Razor then tells us that “Perfecto” tagged out before the match started but that he has a treat for us then introduces us to their new partner, Randy Savage, who receives a huge reaction.


IRS & Diesel & “The Model” Rick Martel & Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. 1-2-3 Kid & Marty Jannetty & Razor Ramon & “Macho Man” Randy Savage

The announcers play up the friction on the heel side then Heenan claims he had predicted Savage would be in this match and that Savage is only here because Crush is in the building. Razor and Martel start off the match and work a series of reversals that becomes more physical and ends with Razor rolling through a crossbody for a nearfall. Razor then hits a fallaway slam for two. Razor stays in control then Martel tags out to Bomb. The crowd gets into both men staring each other down then Bomb shoves Razor down a few times then overpowers him with a test-of-strength. Razor fights back then flips over Bomb for a two count and avoids Martel’s elbow drop as Whippleman comes in and gets decked by Martel. Bomb attacks Martel then the heel team huddle in the ring as the crowd is into the chaos. Bomb is now in with Kid tosses him around before tagging out. Diesel is now in the ring as he attacks Kid before tossing him across of the ring. Diesel follows with a gutwrench bomb then a big boot but Kid is able to tag out after using a headscissors takedown. Savage then hits Diesel with a flying double axe handle and runs wild on the entire team. Savage sends Bomb into Diesel then takes Bomb out with a high knee and drops a flying elbow on Diesel for the elimination as the crowd goes nuts (10:20). Martel attacks Savage from behind but Savage fights back. IRS tags in now but Savage fights him off before tagging out to Razor. Martel knees Razor in the back from the apron then tags in and continues to target the back. The heels use quick tags to cut off the ring then IRS slows things down with a chinlock. The heels run interference as we now see Martel applying the hold without making a tag. Razor fights back with a knee lift then catches IRS with a boot in the corner before tagging out as Savage runs wild. However, we see Crush head down the aisle taunting Savage to come down as Savage’s teammates hold him back. Savage then goes back inside as Crush continues to taunt him and Savage gets distracted, allowing IRS to roll him up from behind for the pin (16:48). Savage then runs backstage to go after Crush as Marty and IRS are now in the ring as Marty is in the ring for the first time. Marty gets two with a dropkick then Martel tags in and beats on Marty in the corner. Bomb is now in and hits Marty with a back suplex then beats him down in the corner. The heels cut off the ring until misses a charge and rams his shoulder into the ring post. Razor tags in and beats on IRS as Vince says Razor might be the WWF Superstar of the Year. Razor then hits an uranage and signals for the Razor’s Edge and hits that for the pin (20:33). Martel attacks Razor from behind then hammers away and this leads to the match completely breaking down. Razor has Martel up for the Razor’s Edge but IRS runs in to hit Razor with a briefcase. Razor ends up getting rolled outside and counted out as its now 2 vs. 2 (21:43). The face team are the underdogs here as the fans chant 1-2-3 as he is in the ring with Martel. Kid uses his speed to take advantage of Bomb but gets caught trying a tope and slammed onto the floor. Bomb rolls Kid back inside and hits a slingshot clothesline but Kid comes back with a rollup for two. Kid uses a series of kicks but Bomb drags him back to prevent a tag out as Martel is now in the ring. Martel gets two with a gutwrench suplex but gets decked coming off of the middle rope then Marty tags in and runs wild. Kid tags in then uses a sunset flip in the corner to put away Martel as Bomb is the lone man left for his team (26:19). Marty tags in now then slingshots in to put Bomb away with a sunset flip for the win (26:58) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Good match with a surprise of Kid & Jannetty being the lone survivors. Plus they played up the storyline of the heel team being able to get on the same page. And with how they paired up a few weeks ago on RAW to get Johnny Polo out of the ring when Polo interfered in their match it seems like Kid & Jannetty might be a team going forward and possibly facing The Quebecers. Savage replacing Perfect got over with the crowd and the work here was fast-paced for the most part. I also thought this was the best that Bomb has looked in the WWF at this point. He had a strong showing. This also amped up the Crush/Savage and Razor/IRS feuds.
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Todd Pettengill is backstage with Shawn Michaels, who is sporting the Intercontinental Title belt. Shawn keeps cutting off Pettengill to say he is the Superstar of the Year and the undisputed Intercontinental Champion. We then cut to an interview from earlier today as Ray Combs is with the Hart Family. He asks them about the remarks Shawn & The Knights made about his family as Bret says they do not care about the Knights and the masks are coming off. Bret then says he will pay after the skit they did about his mother & father. Owen says they are a proud family and that Shawn & The Knights are going down. We cut back to Shawn as he is laughing and if he had parents that looked like that he’d have put them six feet under a long time ago. Shawn now says this time at the Survivors Series he has gold and Bret does not while putting down his brothers and promising to “waffle” Stu upside is head if he interferes and will make him even uglier.


Howard Finkel welcomes Ray Combs out to handle the introductions for the Family Feud match. He points out the other Hart Family children and Helen in the front row. Combs then asks the crowd about Shawn and proceeds to make fun of him and his family for a bit before getting to the introductions.


Shawn Michaels & Blue Knight & Red Knight & Black Knight vs. Hart Family (Keith & Bruce & Owen & Bret) w/ Stu Hart

Shawn goes to the guardrail and taunts the Hart Family as Vince says there are 20 Hart family members in the building tonight, with Heenan joking that Helen just gave birth to eight of them. Heenan then accused Stu of “waxing” a jacket from the souvenier stand. Combs is now on commentary now. The Blue Knight is Greg Valentine, The Red Knight is Barry Horowitz, and the Black Knight is Jeff Gaylord. Shawn and Owen start off the match but Bruce wants in so Owen tags out. Combs and Heenan go back-and-forth and the two were actually friends in real life. Shawn accidentally collides with the red knight as Heenan points out that Bret is in different attire than his brothers and questions if he is ashamed of them. Bruce takes out the Knights then tags out to Keith as he works the arm of Shawn for a bit. Shawn boots Keith after a reversal sequence but Keith blocks a suplex and uses a small package for two then goes back to the arm. Owen is now in with the Red Knight as Heenan calls Owen “The Shadow.” Owen works over the Red and Black Knights then tags out as Bret is in with the Blue Knight. Bret hits a pair of atomic drops then a clothesline that gets two. Heenan now yells at Stu to wake up as Shawn kicks Bruce from the apron. Shawn taunts the Hart’s as Bruce is now in trouble. The crowd is quiet here during the heat segment on Bruce. After a while, Bruce comes back with a clothesline on Shawn then tags out as Bret hammers away on the Black Knight. The match breaks down now after Shawn broke up a few pin attempts and that ends with Owen eliminating the Black Knight with a missile dropkick (10:49). Owen now works over the Red Knight then tags out to Bret as the Hart Family is back in control of the match. The Red Knight sends Keith into the corner then hammers away but Keith puts him in a figure four until Shawn makes the save. Blue Knight slugs it out with Keith then Shawn runs in to hit a slingshot splash on the arm of Keith. Shawn & The Knights continue to work the arm of Keith until they miss a rocket launcher. Bret tags in and hits the Red Knight with an inverted atomic drop then takes him down and puts on a sharpshooter for the elimination (18:10). Blue Knight attacks Bret and tosses him outside. Stu is now rubbing Keith’s arm as Heenan sarcastically said Stu’s the man he would go to if he got hurt then cracks another joke about Stu stealing from the concession stand. Shawn gets two with a back elbow smash then applies a chin lock. Shawn cuts off a comeback with a knee smash then tags out as the camera cuts to a worried Helen. Bret fights back and sends the Blue Knight down with a clothesline and tags out as Owen runs wild. Owen uses a flying elbow for two as Shawn broke up that pin attempt then Shawn slides underneath Owen and gets in Stu’s face. However, Stu decks Shawn then Owen flies out with a pescado. Owen & Bruce then take Shawn outside with a double clothesline and Owen eliminates Blue Knight with a sharpshooter (23:46). Its now 4 vs. 1 as Shawn begs for mercy but gets punched by all four brothers. Shawn beats on Bruce for a bit as Heenan jokes that the Bruins logo is a picture of Helen. Bruce then uses a dropkick and tags out as Bret slingshots Shawn into the corner. Shawn kicks out of a few moves but is able to rake the eyes after being picked up for a backbreaker. Owen tags in and gets two with an overhead suplex but Owen accidentally knocks Bret off of the apron and into the guardrail then gets distracted enough for Shawn to roll him up for the pin (27:16) Bruce & Keith check on Bret as Owen throws a fit in the ring and yells at Bret. Owen heads up the aisle and can be heard saying “what about me” as Bruce now works over Shawn. Bret is finally up as Bruce and Shawn collide. Shawn escapes from Keith’s abdominal stretch attempt but Bret tags in and beats Shawn up as Shawn take all sorts of bumps then Bret tries to put on the Sharpshooter but Shawn escapes and runs backstage to get counted out (30:56) *1/2. After the match, Owen runs back to the ring and pulls Bret off of the turnbuckle and shoves him as he is pissed about being the only Hart Family member eliminated. Owen yells at all his brothers and shoves Bret a few more times then we see a worried Helen. Stu now pats Bret on the shoulder as Owen poses on the top rope and gets booed. Owen now yells at Stu about never getting any recognition. Bret leaves then Todd Pettengill comes out in the aisle for a word with Owen but gets blown off.

Thoughts: The work in the match wasn’t bad but good lord this felt like it lasted an hour. And Combs was dreaful on commentary as he talked over Vince and Bobby. Keith was solid in the ring and Bruce wasn’t terrible or anything so they held up fine. Valentine looked like shit in that costume though. The Knights, which were hyped up by Lawler, came off as goofs under a mask and there was no heat between Shawn and the Hart Family as Lawler’s absence really did zap the heat out of the match. The stuff with Owen at the end came off as sudden even though Heenan constantly said throughout the match that Owen was in Bret’s shadow and how Bret even dressed differently than his brothers to try and create some conflict. Stu decking Shawn received the loudest pop of the match. The highlight was Heenan’s performance on commentary. He had a lot of great lines. The other story was The Knights as Terry Funk was going to be the Red Knight but per Prichard on his podcast, Pat Patterson suggested the Knights unmask after getting pinned the day before the show and that was enough for Funk to quit. Prichard also said that Glen Jacobs (Kane) was backstage and considered to become a knight but deemed “too green” to be part of the match. Bart Gunn, who had nothing to do at the show, was another choice to be a knight but got to be part of a segment in the main event instead.


We now learn that Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon are going to call the next match with Vince and Heenan switching to Radio WWF. And we see Gorilla grab Heenan and threaten to hit him before walking away. Heenan then tried to cheap shot from behind but we saw Gorilla ready for it to happen. They were really heating up tension between these two and at this show was when Heenan gave his two week notice to the company. More on that as this timeline develops.


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A video package on the All-Americans/Foreign Fanatics feud airs.


Smoky Mountain Wrestling Tag Team Title Match: Heavenly Bodies w/ Jim Cornette vs. Rock ‘N’ Roll Express (c)

The Bodies attack the RnR before the bell. Morton ends up slingshotting both Bodies outside then flies out with a double clothesline as Gibson held open the ropes. The Bodies regroup as Ross calls the action like he is back in Mid-South and WCW. Gibson works over Del Ray as the announcers talk about the decade-long feud between Cornette and the RnR. We see fans leaving to the concourse as these guys in the ring are still working hard with the RnR in control. The old rowboat spot isnt enough to keep the fans in the seats and this has definitely turned into the piss break match for the live crowd. The RnR clear the ring and it seems like a few people are cheering as one person keeps chanting “boring.” The Bodies finally regain control after Morton ducked his head and got kicked in the face by Prichard. Del Ray beats on Morton then taunts Gibson for a bit. Morton gets tossed outside as Cornette holds up Morton so Del Ray can hit a moonsault. Prichard hammers away in the corner and that turns into a slugfest until Prichard catches Morton with a powerslam for a near fall. The Bodies cut the ring in half and hit a few nice double-team moves until Morton surprises them with a double DDT. Gibson runs wild then believes that Prichard is disqualified for tossing Morton over the top rope but this is not under Smoky Mountain rules. And really a moronic spot to pull in front of this crowd due to the fact it was not played up heavily on TV. The RnR hit Prichard with a double dropkick but as the ref orders Morton back to the apron we see Cornette toss his racket to Del Ray and Del Ray comes off the top to whack Gibson then Prichard covers for the win as we have new champions (13:43) ***.

Thoughts: A good match but this could absolutely did not care about these teams, which is a shame because they worked hard. You could visibly see fans leaving their seats. The RnR’s look was incredibly dated too and they looked out of place on a PPV despite the fact they were major stars of the 1980’s.


Clip from this week’s “Superstars” with Doink the Clown on the video wall taunting Bam Bam Bigelow & Luna Vachon.


We now see Bigelow & Luna backstage with Todd Pettengill as Bastion Booger, The Headshrinkers, and Afa all tear apart and eat a turkey. Just a segment designed for some “humor” that I’m sure amused Vince.


Another plug for the Survivor Series Hotline.


Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Luna Vachon & The Headshrinkers w/ Afa & Bastion Booger vs. Four Doinks (The Bushwhackers & Men on a Mission w/ Oscar)

Vince is cackling like an idiot over The Bushwhackers entrance as the Doink team are all dressed like Doink. Booger beats on Doink then wants a banana from one of the Headshrinkers but gets bit in the ass. Samu tags in and beats on Luke after biting a few balloons but one of them was filled with a blue liquid then Luke rolls him up for the pin (3:01). Fatu is in now and beats on Luke as a “whoomp, there it is” chant breaks out. The heels cut off the ring and use quick tags but Booger neglects to cover Luke after a splash then grabs a banana from Fatu. Booger dances now and tries the splash but is unaware that Mabel dragged Luke away. The Bushwhackers then hit Booger with a battering ram and Mabel drops the leg and spins around on Booger during the cover and gets the pin despite not being the legal man and the ref coming off like an incompetent in allowing this to happen (6:02). Mo is now riding a scooter around the ring as Fatu beats on Luke. This is just wretched by the way. Bigelow dropkicks Mo off of the scooter and the ref yells at him and Fatu hits a top rope splash but plays with the banana peel instead of covering. Butch then threatens to throw a bucket of water at Fatu but the bucket was empty and Fatu slips on the banana peel and gets rolled up for the pin (8:32). Its now 4 vs. 1 with Bigelow and Mabel in the ring and the crowd into the staredown. Bigelow bounces off of Mabel but is able to avoid a charge and comes back with a flying shoulder tackle. Butch runs in and gets slammed then Bigelow is distracted after Luna got stuff thrown at her by Luke and MoM hits a double avalance then all four men cover Bigelow for the win (10:58) -*. After the match, Doink the Clown is shown on the screen laughing at Bigelow & Luna over getting beaten by the “Doinks” and tells them not to get mad as he was only clowning around. The comedy gets worse and worse then it finally ends.

Thoughts: A terrible comedy match with a lot of bad/poorly executed spots. Anyway, this feud with Doink and Bigelow has devolved into a goofy feud that does nothing than make Bigelow look like a dipshit. And it doesnt feel the same either without Borne as Doink.


An ad for the Royal Rumble, which will take place on Saturday January 22nd.


Pettengill is backstage with the Foreign Fanatics. Cornette makes fun of Pettengill for using big words then says they look at the All-Americans as one man. He then adds you take out the heart, like the Steiner Brothers, the mind, like The Undertaker, then the soul which is Lex Luger. Cornette said when you capture the soul you have defeated a man once and for all. Strong promo from Cornette here.


We now get a corny segment with Vince narrating sites in Boston famous during the Revolutionary War with the All-Americans using this as a way to talk about defeating the Foreign Fanatics.


Foreign Fanatics (Ludvig Borga & Jacques Rougeau w/ Johnny Polo & Crush & Yokozuna w/ Mr. Fuji) vs. All-Americans (The Undertaker & Steiner Brothers & Lex Luger)

We get a Undertaker/Yokozuna staredown then the crowd chants USA as both teams are staring each other down. Cornette & Polo order the camera off of them now the match finally starts with Scott and Jacques. Scott blows off a handshake then boots Jacques before catching him in an overhead suplex. We now get Rick and Yokozuna in the ring with Yokozuna hammering away. Rick fights back then knocks Yokozuna through the ropes after a few different running attacks. Yokozuna now puts Rick in his corner as Borga tags and fires away. Borga tosses Rick outside but Rick comes back with a flying clothesline for two. Rick now works the arm until Borga punches out. Borga misses an elbow drop then Rick heads up top and Borga catches him in a powerslam, which was completely fucked up, and gets the pin (5:06). Vince talks about Rick having an injury as we are back to Scott and Jacques. Scott uses a press slam then Crush tags in and drops Scott with a throat thrust. Scott fights back as Vince tells us that Randy Savage was allowed back into the building after being tossed out. We now see severla officials and even Bart Gunn trying to hold back Savage as he comes down the aisle. Crush tosses Scott outside then waves for Savage to come into the ring. Crush kicks Scott in the ribs as Savage was finally corralled backstage. Crush headbutts Scott down then works the leg as the crowd is quiet. Vince tells us that Savage is trying to come back out as we see him again but this time Scott dropkicks Crush outside then Crush charges at Savage and beats him down. Savage avoids being slammed off of the guardrail and fights back as Crush was counted out (11:36). Crush then comes back to the ring to get the official word from the ref as the Foreign Fanatics are in an uproar. Jacques has Scott in a reverse chin lock then hits a jumping back elbow smash for a two count. Piledriver gets two. Scott punches Jacques in the gut after reversing an Irish whip then hits a press slam as both men are down. Luger tags in for the first time to a tepid crowd response and slams Jacques before putting him away with an elbow drop from the middle rope (14:05). Heenan notes how Luger took out both Quebecers over the span of two weeks as Scott tells Luger to get back on the apron so he can face Borga. After a reversal sequence, Borga clotheslines Steiner then hits a corner splash. Borga then hits another clothesline as Heenan proclaims him the wrestler of the 90’s but Steiner cuts Borga off of the top rope and hits a superplex with Yokozuna making the save on the pin attempt. Yokozuna is now in despite not tagging but misses a leg drop. Scott then whiffs on a dropkick and then Yokozuna uses a leg drop for the pin as its now 2 vs. 2 (16:57). Borga gives Yokozuna advice as Luger is now in the ring. The Undertaker has yet to see any action in this match. Yokozuna chops Luger down after they traded slaps. Yokozuna now chokes out Luger against the ropes before hitting a slam. Yokozuna misses a splash then Luger gets up and hammers away but Borga tags in soon after that and beats Luger down. Borga & Yokozuna cut the ring in half and keep the match at a methodical pace. Yokozuna misses an avalanche then the crowd goes wild as Undertaker tags into the match. Undertaker beats on Yokozuna then hits a jumping DDT and sits up as the crowd is going nuts. Borga takes a swing at Undertaker from the apron but gets knocked off then Yokozuna catches Undertaker with a belly-to-belly suplex. Undertaker sits right up as Yokozuna is shocked then Yokozuna hits a leg drop as the announcers talk about seeing fear in Yokozuna’s eyes. Yokozuna now sets up for the Bonzai Splash and hits it then goes up again after a short pause and Undertaker avoids it by sitting up. Undertaker then uses a flying clothesline and heads outside after Yokozuna but is sent into the steps. Undertaker brushes it off and fires away then both men get counted out as the announcers yet again talk about Yokozuna fearing Undertaker (23:25). Borga is now beating on Luger then catches him with a side slam for a two count. Borga beats on Luger but Luger keeps kicking out and getting back up as the announcers try to tell us how Borga is being arrogant. We then get a double clothesline spot then Cornette distracts the ref so Fuji can place the salt bucket in Borga’s hand. Borga then uses the bucket to crack Luger across the head and tosses the bucket before wasting time and covering Luger but that only gets two. Luger wants to know if the pride of America is helping him kick out of this punishment then Luger runs wild as the crowd does not seem to care much then Luger puts Borga away with a runing forearm smash (27:59) **1/4. Luger waves the American flag after the match then we see “snow” from the ceiling as Santa Claus comes out to celebrate with Luger as “Jingle Bells” plays.

Thoughts: Despite Luger winning, he was not over anywhere near the level you need as a top guy. Undertaker was by far and away the biggest star to the crowd and his segments with Yokozuna were the most exciting parts of the match. When it came down to Borga and Luger the action was bad and the crowd heat practically non-existent. This match never seemed to get out of first gear. The house show reports of their matches also said they sucked and they do have a match on the “WWE Unreleased” DVD set from this current week’s “Superstars” taping that I’ll review tomorrow.


Final Thoughts: I would not call this a terrible show but there is no reason to go back and watch it, either. The stuff with Owen was more memorable in hindsight than at the time and besides the opener and SMW Tag match the other matches were lacking. Not having Lawler on the show ended up hurting things and it was an unmemorable PPV as any other at this point. It was also the last PPV for Heenan in the WWF and liked I’ve been saying the past week in these recaps, the stuff behind the scenes was a lot more newsworthy and chaotic than anything with the product itself.