The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling–03.09.85

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 03.09.85

Time for some Father’s Day Mid-South with the best dad a guy could have – Bill Watts!

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Jim Ross & Joel Watts

Mid-South TV title: Terry Taylor v. Jake Roberts

Finally that punk rooster has to stop running from the Snake! Jake takes him down with an armdrag and laughs at Taylor’s stupidity, but Taylor gives it right back to him. Jake pounds him in the corner, taking out his frustration at weeks of being ducked, but then makes the mistake of pointing to his head to indicate his intelligence, which allows Terry to attack him from behind and chase him out of the ring. NEVER POINT TO YOUR HEAD! Back in, Taylor goes to the arm and works on that, and Jake is unable to get enough leverage to slam out of it. Taylor moves to a hammerlock, but Jake escapes that with a jawbreaker in a slick reversal and follows with a gutbuster. He stomps away on the ropes, but Taylor comes back and Jake is forced to headbutt him and cut him off. Jake actually goes AERIAL and tries a middle rope elbow, but Taylor moves and makes the comeback and people are losing their shit. Slam and kneedrop get two. Taylor fights for a whip into the corner, but Jake hits him with a clothesline out of the corner and slugs away. Taylor suddenly hits the fivearm out of nowhere and gets the pin to retain, however, at 6:50. And then Jake blasts him from behind before he can even celebrate, and follows with a DDT on a chair. What a slimy heel. I love it. I sense this feud is yet to be resolved fully but this was a pretty damn good TV match.

Buddy Landel v. Brad Armstrong

Buddy gets a chop in the corner, but overestimates how devastating it was and turns his back on Brad, which allows Brad the chance to nail him from behind for an entertaining sell from Buddy. Armstrong takes him down with a drop toehold but Buddy makes the ropes and claims a pull of the tights as well, because why not? Brad takes him down again and Buddy makes the ropes again and complains about the tights again. Buddy tries to do a fancy drop-down so he can get his own takedown, but Brad just dances over him and drops a knee on him before putting him in a hammerlock on the mat. Buddy gets to the ropes again and Brad backdrops him out of the corner and follows with a powerslam for the pin at 4:20. Buddy continues to be entertaining in his buffoonish heel role.

The Dirty White Boys v. Mike Jackson & Private Terry Daniels

Jackson goes after Anthony with a hammerlock, but takes a knee from Denton and gets double-teamed. For those asking in the comments from last week’s show, Tony Anthony pulled a British Bulldog and appropriated the Dirty White Boy gimmick for himself after the team broke up, and then ended up as evil plumber TL Hopper later on. Denton quickly finishes Jackson with the samoan drop at 1:47.

Iceman Parsons v. Frank LaVerte

JR is skeptical that LaVerte’s announced weight of 260 pounds is accurate. Hey, it’s Father’s Day, so we’re celebrating dad bods, I guess. Iceman finishes with his outta control clothesline at 0:46. He’s not working by the hour, notes JR.

Hacksaw Duggan & Kerry Von Erich v. Gino Hernandez & Hercules Hernandez

Wait, I know the Paul Boesch theory is the popular one, but has anyone looked into the possibility of Hercules being Gino’s dad? All the pieces fit! Just look at the evidence:

1. Their names are the same.

2. …

OK, well clearly I’m still hammering out the fine details on this one. But the real truth is out there! Kerry and Duggan pinball Hercules to start and the crowd is just losing it. Over to Gino and Kerry dropkicks him. Over to Hacksaw, who slams Herc and drops a knee for two. And then Gino gets a hairpull behind the ref’s back and the heels take over and cheat like crazy to hold Duggan in the corner, but Duggan comes back with a sunset flip for two. Herc tries to goad Kerry into the ring, but for once Kerry outsmarts someone and won’t bite. Hot tag Kerry and he hits Herc with the discus punch for two, but the heels double-team him with a clothesline. And Duggan immediately overreacts and bursts in for the PIER SIX BRAWL, which draws Ted Dibiase out for some interference. Duggan takes him out, but the ref is bumped as a result and Dibiase runs Duggan’s head into the railing. Meanwhile, Herc puts Kerry in the sleeper, but Duggan revives and finds his coal miner’s glove, then WALLOPS Herc with it and Kerry gets the pin at 5:53. If you were watching this in 1985 you’d probably think Kerry was about to be the biggest star in the world and the next Hulk Hogan. A really fun, chaotic tag match that was one of the specialties of the territory.

Kamala v. David Eddy

Another pasty jobber in a series of them. Collect them all! Kamala chops him down and finishes with the big splash from the top rope, which is unfortunately a DQ against him at 0:56. Jim Ross calls this “similar to setting off a nuclear warhead” in terms of the message it sends to Butch Reed. I feel like a warhead is a bit stronger of a signal somehow.

The Barbarian v. Tommy Prichard

Nord overpowers Tommy and gets a big boot followed by a slam not once, not twice, but THRICE. And that finishes at 1:13. I know you want to keep things simple, but GEEZ.

Meanwhile, Joel Watts has produced another video, this one chronicling young Terry Taylor as he does photoshoots and fights FOR AMERICA. This involves clips of him pinning Nikolai Volkoff multiple times, so I’m assuming this was Bill sending a message.

Kerry Von Erich joins us and he pledges the help of all the Von Erichs in cleaning up the Mid-South area, and he’s getting the World title back from Ric Flair at his earlier convenience. God bless America and good night!