What AEW has that others don’t

With the news of  DoN getting 100,000 buys and All Out not only selling out immediately but also leaving thousands more wanting tickets, what is it about AEW that is drawing like this? Even when TNA was at its peak with a 1.0 rating each week, they had to hold shows with free tickets while drawing 5-15,000 PPV buys per event. I don't recall ROH ever having the buzz of AEW either, and it's not like resentment toward the WWE product is a recent phenomenon. 

So, what exactly is creating this weird situation of AEW doing so well without even any TV yet?

They must really like the t-shirts I guess.  Also, apparently Cody and the Elite are bigger draws than anyone ever gave them credit for.  Also, New Japan needs to dump their shitty relationship with ROH YESTERDAY and get on board this train and I really don't know why it hasn't happened yet.