Missing PPVs?


Hello from a longtime reader, someone who’s written articles you’ve kindly linked to, and a member of your WWE Champions faction. You recently mentioned that you’re running out of Superstars and Heat to review. I know your heart and page views lie with the golden age/attitude era stuff, but maybe you could fill in some WWE PPVs you’ve missed? I know the idea of watching a million Cena v Orton matches must seem less than thrilling, but you could split them up across multiple days – say, an hour of a PPV a day – like you’ve been doing for the longer NJPW rants. And you might discover a few gems now that you have some distance from that grind. Anyway, just a thought. Love the work, all the best to you and your family.
I was doing that for a while but time is always an issue.  But yes, it's my long term goal to fill in all the gaps again and get those pesky 2007-2011 shows all caught up.