The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling–02.06.82

The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 02.06.82

I just figured it might be fun to jump back to 1982 again with these, and the main event here is pretty intriguing.

Taped from Charlotte, NC

Your hosts are Bob Caudle & David Crockett

Handsome Jimmy Valiant joins us and he’s pretty sure all the champions are afraid of the Boogie Woogie Man. And then the electrifying force of nature that is Sandy Scott announces that all the top teams are entering in the tournament for the tag titles. $1000 entry fee each! Think of how many private jets and piles of coke for Roddy Piper that Jim Crockett could buy with those entry fees.

Ivan Koloff & Austin Idol v. Vinnie Valentino & Don Gilbert

Vinnie tries to work on Ivan’s arm and then goes after Idol, but that backfires on him and he gets beaten down as a result. Koloff blocks a blind charge and stomps Valentino down, then drops a knee on him and Idol comes in with a back elbow and tosses Valentino. Gilbert comes in and slugs away on Idol, but puts his head down like a goober and gets caught. Koloff drops him on the top rope and Idol gets a back elbow and backbreaker for the pin at 3:39. Idol actually tried to pick him up at two and the ref counted it anyway.

Ricky Steamboat gives us some tape of the Flair v. Jay Youngblood match from what I assume is Worldwide Wrestling, using the same studio but a different set of announcers.

NWA World title: Ric Flair v. Jay Youngblood

Youngblood works on Flair’s arm with a hammerlock and takes him down into an Indian deathlock, but Flair makes the ropes. Ric stops to bitch at young referee David Hebner, but Jay keeps coming with slams and Flair is tired of officials telling him how to wrestle. So Flair gets a cheapshot out of the corner, but pretends to give Youngblood a clean break and then Jay unloads with a chop on him. Flair takes a great bump off that and then they lay it in on each other, leading to a Flair Flip. Flair finally throws him out in frustration and suplexes him back in, leading to an elbow and figure-four, but Youngblood cradles for two and makes the comeback. He throws chops and gets a crossbody for two, and another chop puts Flair down with a Flair Flop. Ric runs him into the corner and tries another suplex, but Jay rolls him up for two. Youngblood with another chop and a small package, but TV time expires at 7:00 and Flair escapes. That was a HELL of a TV match! Youngblood worked his ass off there. Flair keeps beating on him because he pretends not to have heard the bell, and the babyface geeks in the back make the save.

Ric Flair joins us to talk about the last match, and he never heard a bell so it never rang. He’s the World champion, you see, and if everyone in the sport is being honest with themselves, they’d do anything just to earn the chance to hold it. It’s worth $500,000 a year! Somehow I think Ric was exaggerating his yearly salary there. So Flair has some tape of Tommy Rich wrestling a jobber on another syndicated show in a ridiculously boring squash. Ric gets a funny line when he talks about how Tommy is great and they’d had some tremendous battles, but it does his heart good every time he beats him. Back to the studio and Ric wraps it up by telling all the so-called contenders to bring it on.

Private Jim Nelson v. Blackjack Mulligan Jr.

Blackjack slugs Nelson out of the ring and Sarge tells his protégé to get his shit together and get back in there. Meanwhile, David Crockett notes that Blackjack Jr. is clearly his own man, so maybe it’s time to find a new name for him. Smooth. Nelson bails again and Slaughter has no sympathy and sends him back in there again, where Mulligan works a headlock and Slaughter is increasingly disappointed in his man. Nelson manages a slam for two and elbows Mulligan down for two, but Junior hits a flying forearm and dropkick. Another dropkick, but Nelson dodges it and gets a slam for two. Backbreaker gets two. Back elbow gets two. Lariat puts Mulligan down again and Slaughter is going crazy and tells him to go for the kill with the cobra clutch, but Junior easily reverses out and slugs away in the corner before tossing him out again, but puts him over the top for the DQ at 5:00. Slaughter considers coming into the ring to teach the young punk a lesson and perhaps encourage him to get a damn haircut, but thinks better of it.

Blackjack Jr. still wants Sgt. Slaughter RIGHT NOW, but Sarge won’t come out, “so I’ll just have to settle for some place”. Keep working on those promos, Barry.

Sgt. Slaughter refutes the notion that he’s a coward, and points out that Mulligan Jr. may have escaped THAT Cobra Clutch, but not HIS cobra clutch.

Austin Idol & Ivan Koloff admit that they’re going to be teaming more often, but how often is no one’s business but theirs. I feel like the people booking the tournament would need that information.

Jake Roberts v. Buck Brannigan

Jake works the knee to start and then move to a standing armbar while Ray Stevens breaks down the tag team tournament competition on commentary. Apparently Ole’s strategy is to agitate everyone. Perish the thought. Brannigan gets a slam on Jake but misses an elbow, and Jake goes to the arm again with a short arm scissors. Brannigan with a facelock, but Jake slams him and then finishes with the kneelift at 5:17.

Keith Larson & Tony Anthony v. Roddy Piper & Some Homeless Guy

Piper does not need a partner and claims that his partner is a homeless guy he found trolling under a bridge. Well at least he’s got gear. The jobbers try to double-team in their corner and Piper no-sells it and beats on them, then gives him both abdominal stretches. Larson gets a sunset flip for two while Caudle questions why Piper’s partner isn’t helping out, but then Piper finishes with a backdrop suplex on his own at 2:30 anyway. And we never find out the identity of the other guy.

Piper gives a crazed, coked-out promo to end the show and he still won’t reveal the actual partner he’s going to pick, but he’s apparently seven feet tall. Well that narrows it down.

A fun show this week, especially that Flair-Youngblood match! Plus Slaughter continues to carry the show, and hopefully Blackjack Mulligan Jr. gets his own name someday.