Not liking any WWE feuds

While I was watching some of Smackdown last night it just occurred to me;  I don't like/am not interested in any feud in the WWE right now, and I can't even remember the last time I didn't dig at least 1 program between wrestlers.  How about you?  
I'm not even sure what most of the programs are even supposed to be outside of Dolph Ziggler whining about not getting title shots while he's getting multiple title shots.  Alexa is against Bayley on the next show but sometimes she's in a tag team with Nikki Cross apparently and may or may not be a heel?  Sami Zayn is mad at the internet and Kevin Owens is on RAW now going after Seth Rollins because…reasons?  Elias is sort of there, I guess, after they set up a feud with Roman Reigns when they both moved to Smackdown, and now both guys are kind of on both shows, I think?  It's a mess.