New ratings excuse


Tag Team Match
Alexa Bliss & Lacey Evans (w/Nikki Cross) defeat Bayley & Becky Lynch (10:45)

WWE RAW Women’s Champion- the hottest thing in wrestling going into 2019- and WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion- who only recently overcame years of bad presentation in one genius PPV segment and is the hottest she’s ever been since getting the call up- were both wrestling as a tag team on Monday Night RAW where half of the competitors were on the wrong show. You mean to tell me that the SMACKDOWN CHAMPION gets pinned by the Raw (or Smackdown? I’m not even sure anymore.) roster lady that was just beaten by the Charlotte a few days ago on National TV and lost to the RAW Champion cleanly at the last (real) PPV event?!… Oh my god… my f—ing head.

So both the Champions of these shows are losers who lose to the losers that lose to them? They don’t make my Zoloft strong enough… These are bad matchups. This is bad storytelling. This is BAD TV!!!

Yet, as much as I believe WWE has worked hard over the most recent few years to slowly erode their audience, I did notice something recently over the last few weeks when I have unintentionally left my TV on as background noise or because I fell asleep during raw. I think there might be a case for a slight ratings impact when RAW and Smackdown are on a network that actually has 17 hours a day dedicated rape, murder, and horrible acting.

Wrestling notoriously has very little crossover programming, but the TV on USA as a whole is just BAD. I haven’t looked into it yet, but I think there just might be fewer people watching that shit programming in general. If not, the USA’s audience and demographics have shifted to being a smaller group of older viewers people that PREFER bad TV properties.

As for RAW and Smackdown, they don’t fit in the portfolio at all and I don’t even understand why USA is in the market for live, weekly content based on the 17-hour block of procedural crime dramas they run every. fucking. day.

The only breaks from the downer TV are Crisley and its spin-offs (some of the worst TV and acting I have ever seen), 7 year old re-runs of Modern Family (still love it but Modern Family is no longer “modern”), and WWE (I’m not counting that shit as 2 separate shows). Aside from those 3 shows, everything else on the channel is rape, murder, drugs, incest, and human trafficking nearly all day and all night. Right now, the only criteria that RAW and Smackdown fit for the USA network is that they are driveling, plodding, pointless, and terribly acted TV shows with vapid characters and storylines.