Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #320 – 12/06/1999

Hello You!

Last week on ECW Hardcore TV, Sabu tried to wrestle Justin Credible but a gaggle of security and referees stopped them because Sabu is still unable to wrestle in North America due to Credible stooging him out to all of the commissions. Sadly this led to Sid coming out to seemingly brawl with both men when the showed faded to black. Hopefully we won’t be seeing much of Sid following this.

In addition to the Sabu/Credible stuff, a storyline continued to build between Cyrus, Steve Corino and Taz, as all three are trying to outsmart each other in a game of cat, mouse and lion (I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide which animal is an allegory for whom).

So with that all recapped, let’s once again pull up our adult socks and get ready to take things to The Extreme!!!

Tonight’s matches have been taped from Dalton, Georgia (The American State, not the Eastern European country that Georgi Kinkladze was from)

Calling the action is Joey Styles

We open up with some clips from last week, where Cyrus supposedly agreed to become a snitch for Taz and stooged off Steve Corino for copying his mannerisms. However, it looks like Taz knows what Cyrus is up to but it also seems like Corino knows more than he is letting on as well.

Show Intro. Today’s Tagline, “Hotter Than Georgia Asphalt in the Summertime, ECW Heat Wave 99, Sunday Night – July 18th, Live on Pay-Per-View”

Joey Styles is in front of the ECW Banner as he welcomes us to the show and hypes up Heat Wave 99 from Dayton, Ohio on the 18th of July. We then get some clips from the 1998 event, which was a contender for the best Pay-Per-View that ECW ever held. Scott Keith recently re-ranted on the show in fact and you can read his review by clicking right HERE.


Back from the break we see clips of Jerry Lynn taking an horrific bump off the top rope to the floor face first at Hardcore Heaven 99. He makes his return tonight.

Opening Match
El Mosco De La Merced Vs TAKA Michinoku

TAKA was apparently back in the WWF by this stage as Joey mentions him working a lot of places and getting arrogant about it. TAKA is going pure Kaientai D-X here, by cheap shotting Mosco to start and unloading with some chops and slaps. Mosco replies with a dropkick to send TAKA outside and goes for a dive, but TAKA dodges it and he hits nothing but concrete.

TAKA stomps away back inside, as Joey continues to chastise him for being so arrogant. Mosco replies by sending TAKA outside and following with a big Asai moonsault. Mosco puts TAKA back inside and heads up with a missile dropkick before getting a rana from the top rope for two. TAKA counters another rana attempt into a modified Boston Crab, but Mosco is able to make the ropes to break.

TAKA slams Mosco and heads up for a Sky Twister Press, but Mosco moves out of the way and goes for a moonsault, but TAKA blocks that with his knees. TAKA gets a spin kick from the top rope and hits the Michinoku Driver followed by a cocky pin for the win.

RATING: *1/2

Too short to be rated any higher, but the action was decent enough for the short run time.

Joey hypes up some comments from Tommy Dreamer after the break, which end up not coming for whatever reason. Maybe they were cut out of the tape that WWE has for this?


We get some comments from Lance Storm on the phone, bragging about beating Dreamer at Hardcore Heaven 99. He also puts Jerry Lynn over and says that Lynn still owes him one for helping him to the emergency room following Hardcore Heaven 99. Joey then sends to Gertnervision, where Joel Gertner, Buh Buh Ray, D-Von and Sign Guy are talking about Balls Mahoney being on his own in the locker room. They decide to attack him seeing as they have the numbers advantage as we take a break.


Back from the break, it seems like Balls is in the shower, so The Dudleyz lure him out by Sign Guy pretending to be an interviewer. The Dudleyz bonk Balls with a chair and Sign Guy pays them with an American Express card for amusing him.

Meanwhile, Storm is still ranting on the phone, saying that The Dudley Boyz are scared to face Credible and him for the tag titles.

Main Event
Tony DeVito w/ “Wild” Bill Whiles Vs Jerry Lynn

DeVito had done some jobs for the WWF prior to this, but I think this was his ECW debut. He would remain with the company until it closed its doors before forming a team with former ECW referee HC Loc in Ring of Honour. DeVito chops and punches to start, which leads Lynn to counter with some nice wrestling as we take a break.


DeVito is planting Lynn with a powerslam as we return from the break. He stops to mouth off to the crowd rather than making a pin however. DeVito brings a chair into the ring and actually gets a drop toe hold onto it ala Raven, but he again chooses to mug for the camera rather than taking advantage. DeVito seems so happy to be drawing actually heat here for beating up Lynn and is trying to make the most of his TV appearance.

Lynn fires back with a spinning head scissors and then follows with a jumping back elbow for two. DeVito replies with a DVD styled move, but Lynn is able to kick out as Joey is putting DeVito over on commentary. Lynn gets a lovely DDT on DeVito, but Wild Bill causes a distraction. Lynn ends up dropkicking the two clumsy heels together and gets the pin following The Cradle Piledriver.


This was a standard TV match used to get Lynn over by giving him a clean win on his return whilst also letting DeVito have a sustained period of offence so that he looked like an actual threat. This match essentially earned DeVito a job and by the end of the year he was actually getting a bit of a push as well.

Lynn comes across Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso backstage following the match. RVD actually welcomes Lynn back and asks him how he feels. Lynn thanks him and asks the same, as they both mention hitting the other with big moves at Hardcore Heaven. Things turn a bit sour though when Lynn asks RVD for another Title shot, which leads to both men trading barbs. RVD says he has to go as his music is playing, but he stops just before he heads out to tell Lynn that he will make time for him down the line. That was a great little angle actually.

In Conclusion

The opening section of the show was pretty pointless as it was just highlights of Heat Wave 98, but once the contemporary stuff started it was pretty good, with TAKA getting his cocky gimmick over, The Dudley Boyz continuing their feud with Balls Mahoney and a tease for another match between Jerry Lynn and RVD.

Skip straight to TAKA’s  match on the WWE Network and this is a reasonable half an hour or so of wrestling television, with some decent TV length matches and some fun angle advancement.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I can see you all next week for more Hardcore TV action!