WWF All-American Wrestling – November 7th, 1993

November 7, 1993

Your hosts are Joe Fowler and Bobby Heenan


The hosts run down the show and how we will see Razor Ramon vs. Bastion Booger and Rick Steiner vs. Jacques Rougeau as Heenan keeps referring to Fowler as “Mo.” Heenan also gloats over the fact Tatanka is out of the Survivor Series.


Rick Steiner defeats Jacques Rougeau from the 11/6 edition of “Superstars.”


Back to the hosts as they talk about the previous match and strategy of the Foreign Fanatics to pick off each member of the All-Americans one by one as we see a replay of Tatanka getting beat down from last week.


We then hear from Lex Luger & Steiner Brothers as they run down their opponents and how they will go find themselves a new partner.


The “WWF Unbelievable” ad with Yokozuna as Godzilla airs.


Mr. Perfect defeats Iron Mike Sharpe from the 11/7 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


A scroll of radio stations that carry Radio WWF appears on the screen.


Adam Bomb defeats Virgil from the 11/1 edition of “Monday Night RAW.”


The Jeff Jarrett vignette where he is in front of Tootsie’s airs.


Fowler tells us that Randy Savage will appear on Monday Night RAW as Heenan points out how Crush will be there too and expects a confrontation as we see a replay of Crush turning on Savage. They’ve gone out of their way on every show to all but say Crush and Savage are going to brawl on RAW.


Crush defeats Gary Jackson from the 11/6 edition of “Superstars.”


We now get an ad for the “WWF Merchandise Catalog.”


Rick Martel defeats Dan Dubiel from the 11/7 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Razor Ramon defeats Bastion Booger from the 11/1 edition of “Monday Night RAW.”


Back to the hosts as they hype up RAW this Monday night and next week where we will find out the 4th member of the All-Americans team. Also Bret & Owen Hart vs. Well Dunn. Fowler then holds up a Heenan action figure and says it was a throw-in at a garage sale as Heenan wants to go to the guy’s house and find out why he was a throw in. Fowler then says “see you next week” but we didn’t as he got fired. We will see Heenan’s new co-host next week.


Final Thoughts: Notable for being Fowler’s last show as he did not last long at all in this role. He also was unable to have any sort of rapport with Heenan and the pairing was terrible. Fowler would be seen for one more week in the “Face to Face” segments before being replaced by Jim Ross.