Shane’s push

Hi Scott

In the past few months Shane McMahon featured in a high profile Wrestlemania match which he won and then also won his next two PPV matches whilst being kept strong for them. One of those victories was over Roman Reigns who he essentially dominated. He has prominently featured in multiple segments on both Raw and Smackdown too.

The rest of the roster would kill for a push like that right? 

So with AEW looking for big names to add to it's roster… why this Shane push? Why risk pissing off guys busting their asses on a nightly basis knowing they'll never get this push? The fact he's blown up before the match even starts makes it even more crazy.

It's not like their aren't enough talented guys on their roster who would slay with that sort of push behind them so… why? I can usually see at least a semblance of logic (or at least WWE logic) in things they do but this I just can't see the upside.

To make people long for the Roman Reigns push again?  I literally can offer no other explanation at this point.