WWF Wrestling Challenge – November 7th, 1993

November 7, 1993

From the Glens Falls Civic Center in Glens Falls, NY

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan

In action this week are Crush, Steiner Brothers, Rick Martel, Mr. Perfect, and the featured match of 1-2-3 Kid vs. Bastion Booger.


Crush w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Scott Taylor

I forgot to mention how Tony Chimel is now doing the ring announcing on this show as Mike McGuirk, along with Boni Blackstone, were let go as part of cost-cutting decisions. The announcers talk about Crush and Savage both appearing on RAW this coming Monday as Crush beats down Taylor. Crush then drops Taylor throat-first across of the top rope before the head vice gets the win (1:23). After the match, Crush hits Taylor with a leg drop.

Thoughts: All hype for the Crush/Savage feud as its quite clear a confrontation will take place this coming Monday night on RAW.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. We hear Hayes narrate the end of the Borga vs. Tatanka match from last week’s “Superstars” and is a total heel in putting over Borga for being skillful in hitting Tatanka with a chair before Tatanka could do the same to him, citing Tatanka is known for these tactics. After this we hear from the Foreign Fanatics as Borga says there is “no more rain dance” then they all laugh about their possible replacements for Tatanka before warning Scott Steiner that he will go down on RAW this week at the hands of Borga. Back to a now smiling Hayes as he says the “pompous one” Lex Luger will name a replacement next week then hypes up Scott Steiner vs. Borga on RAW before telling us to order the PPV. Even as a heel Hayes still sucked in this role. This truly was a crazy time for the on-air personalities as they are now trying out Hayes as a full heel. Bobby Heenan and Jesse Ventura he is not.


Steiner Brothers vs. Barry Horowitz & Barry Hardy

Ross talks about this being a crucial time for the Foreign Fanatics vs. All-Americans feud. Scott hits Horowitz with an overhead suplex then applies a Boston Crab until Horowitz grabs the ropes. Hardy tags in and the Steiners toss him around until the Doomsday Bulldog gets the win (2:37).

Thoughts: A showcase for the Steiners who are being pushed heading into the PPV.


The Jeff Jarrett vignette at Tootsie’s airs again.


Bastion Booger vs. 1-2-3 Kid

Ross puts over Booger’s gross appearance then plugs the Survivor Series Hotline where you can vote for the “Wrestler of the Year.” Booger makes Kid smell his tights after hammering away in the corner. Booger continues to beat on Kid until Kid drops him with a series of kicks. Kid lands more kicks but Booger catches him with a powerslam then dances around. We go to break with Booger in control then return with Kid trying to fight back but he gets cut off. Booger yells “now who smells” into the camera before hitting a double underhook suplex. Booger briefly applies a chin lock but misses on a charge in the corner and gets rolled up for a two count. Kid fights back and barely gets two with a spinning heel kick. Kid hits a missile dropkick then kips up and flies out with a tope. Kid lands more kicks on the outside then heads back up top but whiffs on a somersault senton and after that Booger gets the win with a splash (6:54) **.

Thoughts: A solid big man vs. little man match with the time they were given. Too bad Booger’s gimmick was dog shit because he was not that bad in the ring. Its funny because I went back and watched some of the 1993 WWE Timeline as told by Lex Luger from Kayfabe Commentaries and in that Luger talked about Vince coming up with characters just to either amuse himself, the boys, or to piss off fans when referencing Dink the Clown. I think you can safely apply the amuse himself part for the Booger gimmick.


Survivor Series Report with Todd Pettengill.


We now get a video package hyping up next week’s Bret & Owen Hart vs. Well Dunn match.


Rick Martel vs. Dan Dubiel

Heenan says the hottest rumor is that Cindy Crawford is going to dump Richard Gere and run off to Paris with Martel as Ross wants to know if that scoop came from the “Weasel Line.” Gene Okerlund started with WCW this same weekend and I believe so did his 1-900 hotline so I’m sure it was a dig at Okerlund. Martel works over Dubiel but Dubiel actually fights back and applies an arm bar. Ross wants to know who Lawler is interviewing this week on the King’s Court as Heenan says its Lawler’s most favorite people in the world. Martel catches Dubiel with a back suplex then taunts the crowd before using a Boston Crab for the win (2:51).

Thoughts: Heenan was trying to get over how Razor cannot trust his Survivor Series partners because they all want a shot at his Intercontinental Title. That’s at least some intrigue for this PPV match.


The Smoking Gunns are shown playing WWF Royal Rumble on Sega Genesis.


King’s Court with Jerry Lawler. The crowd starts up a “Burger King” chant as Ross wants to know who will be the guest and if he will reveal the identity of the Knights. Lawler said he wanted to have two special guests to clear the air about all of the insults and mudslinging but was unable to get Stu & Helen Hart as he makes fun of them for being old. Lawler now says he will talk to his favorite guest, which is himself. Lawler then talks about the Survivor Series being the event of the year and references “Family Feud” host Ray Combs asking fans questions and that Bret Hart is the biggest coward and Owen Hart the stupidest wrestler. Also, Lawler says Keith Hart was the black sheep of the family then ends by saying he wants them all in the ring with their old and wrinkled parents at ringside to see what will happen to their boys. Another segment for Lawler to take cheap shots at the Hart Family while he still refuses to reveal the identities of his knights.


Mr. Perfect vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Ross brings up the “King’s Court” contest where a fan can win a chance to be part of the show. Perfect takes control early and sends Sharpe to the floor with a dropkick. Sharpe returns but ducks his head then Perfect hits the Perfect Plex for the win (1:48). After the match, the address flashes on the screen where to send your letters to enter the King’s Court contest.

Thoughts: This ended up being Perfect’s final match with the WWF during this run and final televised match until 1997 with WCW. Despite being reported by both sides, according to Dave Meltzer, that it was due to Perfect needing time off to take care of “family problems,” it later came out that Perfect was upset over being passed over for the Intercontinental Title, which went to Razor. And in all honesty, Perfect was not over as a face at this point while Razor was quite popular. The announcers spent most of the time hyping the “King’s Court” contest which wound up being scrapped due to Lawler getting indicted.


Next week in action are Bam Bam Bigelow, Crush, and Bret & Owen Hart vs. Well Dunn.


Final Thoughts: The featured match was alright and we saw full heel Lord Alfred but again, the real stories are taking place behind the scenes. The next few weeks will be nuts in terms of talent turnover though and continue to read along to see how it all developed.