WWF Superstars – November 6th, 1993

November 6, 1993

From the Burlington Civic Center in Burlington, VT

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler


We start off with a clip from last week when Ludvig Borga defeated Tatanka then Yokozuna came out and hit two Bonzai Drops. Tatanka was saved by Lex Luger then taken out on a stretcher. Vince then tells us that Tatanka is now out of the Survivor Series as Lawler uses ethnic jokes to make fun of that.


Jacques Rougeau w/ Johnny Polo vs. Rick Steiner

Vince alerts us that next week the All-Americans will select their replacement for Tatanka. Rick and Jacques get in each others faces then Jacques bails after slapping Rick across the face. Rick outsmarts Jacques and catches him with a press slam then hits an atomic drop and an overhead suplex. Polo then distracts Rick allowing Jacques to attack from behind but Rick ends up catching Jacques with a powerslam. We now see Pierre at ringside as he distracts Rick and that allows Jacques to knock Rick out of the ring. Polo whacks Rick with his cane but then Scott runs out and chases Polo backstage as we go to break. The action returns with Jacques using an abdominal stretch. Rick eats boot on a charge then Jacques follows with a clothesline for two. Jacques uses a chin lock as Vince wonders who the All-Americans will select as a partner and speculates it could be Randy Savage. Jacques slugs it out then slams Rick throat-first across the top rope for two. Rick counters a back drop with a waterwheel slam then despite being practically on top of Jacques acts too hurt to do anything else. Both men now collide then Jacques heads up top only for Rick to shake the ropes. Rick now runs wild then heads up top for a bulldog and the win (6:20) shown *3/4.

Thoughts: Decent enough TV match. Much like Borga vs. Tatanka last week, this had a “Saturday Night’s Main Event” feel with the match cutting to commercial when both guys partners were at ringside and lots of outside interference at the beginning.


Face to Face with Joe Fowler. They are hyping Undertaker vs. Yokozuna in a casket match for the November MSG show.


The “WWF Unbelievable” ad airs with the wannabe tough guy calling out wrestlers and ending up in a body cast.


Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Rich Myers

Bomb hammers away as Lawler calls out the WWF for not giving Bomb credible opponents so that’s why he acquired the services of Whippleman. Bomb then catches Myers with a backbreaker then puts him away with the Atom Smasher (1:17).

Thoughts: Weird that they said Bomb went out to get Whippleman so he could get better matches when the story was he was essentially sold to Whippleman by Polo. Seems like they are going to give Bomb an actual feud now.


We now see Men on a Mission playing WWF Royal Rumble for Sega Genesis.


Back as we see Bomb & Whippleman still at ringside then Marty Jannetty comes out for his match. Marty shoves Whippleman out of the way then ducks a punch from Bomb and dropkicks him down in the aisle as officials run out to separate the two. Maybe this could be a feud for Bomb?


Survivor Series Report with Todd Pettengill. They now have Tatanka’s picture in the All-Americans photo blacked out.


Back to the announcers as we learn that Bomb vs. Jannetty will now take place on the show. Lawler says that Marty is a pretty boy that tries to impress the “little girls” with his high flying as that is certainly something given that Lawler would end up getting indicted on 11/12 of one count of second-degree rape, three counts of second-degree sodomy and one count of harassing a witness. And the fact Marty was fired and placed on house arrest after being with an underage girl who had a fake ID at a bar.


Crush w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Gary Jackson

The announcers now talk about Savage returning to RAW this coming Monday where Crush will also be in action. Crush misses an attack in the corner as Jackson locks on a sleeper but Crush drives Jackson into the corner. Vince now goes off on Crush for being a traitor to the United States as Crush super kicks Jackson on the outside. Crush then rolls Jackson inside as Fuji waves the Japanese flag and soon after that Crush press slams Jackson off of the top turnbuckle and gets the win (2:33). Vince now plugs Scott Steiner vs. Ludvig Borga on RAW as Crush beats on Jackson.

Thoughts: Besides hyping up Savage’s return to RAW with Crush also being on the show they are now presenting Crush as an American traitor for aligning with Fuji.


We get a video package hyping up a Razor Ramon vs. Rick Martel Intercontinental Title rematch for next week. Certainly a strong featured match for Superstars.


1-2-3 Kid vs. Tony DeVito

Vince plugs that RAW will be taking place from Bushkill, PA. Kid takes it to the mat as Vince plugs a Survivor Series Hotline poll where you can tell WWF President Jack Tunney who you pick as the “Wrestler of the Year.” Kid misses an attack in the corner as DeVito stomps away. DeVito then hits a dropkick but gets kicked in the face ducking his head for a back drop. Kid hits a few running leg drops and follows with a spinning heel kick in the corner then puts DeVito away with a crossbody (1:53).

Thoughts: Kid looked really good here and was over with the crowd. Speaking of the crowd, this was the liveliest Superstars crowd in a while but lucky for them it was for shows taking place during sweeps week.


Jeff Jarrett at Tootsie’s in a vignette first shown on the 11/1 edition of “Monday Night RAW.”


The Headshrinkers w/ Afa vs. Greg Hatfield & Cohito

We never got Cohito’s first name. Before the match, we see Doink the Clown on the screen introducing the Headshrinkers to another Doink. Hatfield & Cohito then attack The Headshrinkers from behind with some pathetic looking strikes that had zero effect then get destroyed until Fatu put Hatfield away with a flying body splash (0:56). Vince then plugs a contest where we can be a guest on Lawler’s “King’s Court” and will have more details next week.

Thoughts: Just some hype for the Four Doinks Surivior Series team as Doink continues to play mind games.


Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Marty Jannetty

Lawler complains about this contest as Bomb and Jannetty brawl before the bell. Bomb scoops up Marty for a slam but misses two straight elbow drops then Marty slides underneath Bomb’s legs and hits a flying clothesline that gets two. We get some back-and-forth brawling that ends with Marty using a double leg takedown for a two count. We get more back-and-forth that ends with Marty getting tossed outside where Whippleman stomps him until the 1-2-3 Kid runs out for the save. Bomb then attacks Kid and rolls him inside as the ref now rings the bell (2:44) *. Marty comes back in to save Kid and its 2 vs. 1 on Bomb until Martel runs out to even the score then the rest of these Survivor Series teams come out, except for Mr. Perfect, and we get a brawl that lasts until the show goes off air.

Thoughts: Another poor showing in the ring by Bomb with Marty carrying things the best he could. Notable by his absence in the brawl was Mr. Perfect. He did appear on the “Wrestling Challenge” tapings the day prior but missed time after that due to what Dave Meltzer of the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” reported as “family problems. And I will have more on that as this timeline continues.


Final Thoughts: A loaded edition of Superstars that also built up suspense for next week when we find out the replacement for Tatanka. Plus, we get an Intercontinental Title match too. However, the real news for the WWF will be taking place behind the scenes as that will end up greatly overshadowing the PPV with Vince McMahon being indicted for possession and conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids on November 11th.