What am I missing on Lars?

Uglier than Snitsky, roughly the same size as Ryback but less chiseled, not really a "monster" if the measuring stick of monster today is Braun Strowman and when he talks it makes him even less intimidating.  Does Vince just love ugly racists?  I mean if the guy was a wiz in the ring I could see, but from what I watched in NXT he's nothing special.

I'm not sure what they see in him specifically either, but regardless they're literally doing everything wrong if they want to get him over in that role anyway.  Going out and cutting a long promo on live TV?  Check. Going 50/50 with three job guys in a long match in his debut feud?  Check. Clearly he was called up way too soon and put in a really bad position and now whatever protection he had is gone already.