Russo & Bischoff in WCW 2000

Did Russo really try to work with Bischoff when they were brought back together in 2000, or do you think Russo's plan was to drive Eric out of WCW with the BATB incident so he could take WCW over for himself?  Did they have any real long term plan other
than the New Blood-Millionaires Club feud when they came together in April 2000?  If that had been booked properly would it have worked or was it doomed from the start?

It's so weird that I keep getting emails about WCW 2000 and/or Russo where the question is basically "Was there a long term plan?" and "Could it have saved WCW"?  The answer to both is NO.  Russo never had any plans past "Keep himself on TV for another week" and WCW was dead in 2001 no matter what they did because it wasn't based on ratings or buyrates, it was based on an external decision from the TV division changing directions.  There's no miracle storyline or booking decision that would have saved the company, the damage was done far sooner than the point when they started trying to "save" it.