Hey Scott, watched NJPW and while the show was entertaining, Ibushi, Naito and Ospreay nearly killed themselves. I look at Naito and he is young, I think 36, and he has the body of a 55 year old. Dude has serious atrophy. Ospreay is young and his body is wreck already. I wrestled indy for a short time, very short, and my body is a wreck. When does NJPW step in and slow these guys down? I know it's an art, but your body has a certain # of bumps and it's not even entertaining to cringe at what these guys are doing. Do they see Kurt Angle, Aguayo Jr.(RIP), Mysterio who can't even walk? I am not trying to be a downer and I know they want to put on a show, but they have to tone it down. 

Ospreay actually HAS toned it down this year.  Like, a lot.  Think about how scary that is!  

I will say, New Japan dojos train things like neck bridges for strength to the point of obsession, so it's not like they're totally unprepared.  But yes, 100% agree that someone needs to step in and tone down the style.  Although Nakamura wrecked his body and then moved to WWE to use it as an extended vacation to heal up, so maybe he's the smartest worker after all.