Monday Night Raw – June 10, 2019

Monday Night Raw
Date: June 10, 2019
Location: SAP Center, San Jose, California
Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young

They really have to go to California three days after an international trip? Anyway, it’s time to start the short road to Stomping Grounds as we’re finally past Super ShowDown. What’s up next? Well that would be a bunch of Super ShowDown rematches as WWE probably thinks you didn’t watch the show and NEED to see their brilliant ideas at work. It’s turned into a bit of a game to see how bad Raw can get these days so maybe we can hit a new low score. Let’s get to it.

Here’s Seth Rollins, carrying a chair, to get things going, but first we need to look at him retaining the Universal Title over Baron Corbin and thwarting Brock Lesnar’s cash-in attempt at Super ShowDown. Rollins talks about it being a new era for the Universal Title (even though we’re in the exact same place we were two weeks ago) because everyone is trying to take the title from him.

They can do it by wrestling him but no one can lace his boots, or they can try it by cashing in a contract, which earns them a beating. No one can do what he did to Lesnar but here’s Corbin to interrupt. The fans boo him quite a bit as Corbin says he’ll worry about Lesnar after he wins the title at Stomping Grounds. Corbin blames the referee for costing him the match at Super ShowDown and says that won’t be a problem at Stomping Grounds. See, he’s quite the negotiator and therefore he’s going to get to pick the guest referee for the rematch.

Rollins laughs it off because no one likes Corbin but here’s Sami Zayn to interrupt. Sami thinks it would be better for everyone, including Rollins, if Corbin was champion. If that was the case, we would have a champion who isn’t completely obsessed with Brock Lesnar. Rollins doesn’t buy this and thinks there is something in it for Sami.

It turns out that Sami might have been promised a future title shot so Rollins wants to come fight now. This brings out Kevin Owens, who thinks he might come to the ring and fight Rollins instead. The match is made for the main event. While it seems pretty clear, Sami was never officially announced as the referee. You know what might help Raw a lot? Not opening the show with a fifteen minute promo to set up tonight’s main event.

Lars Sullivan vs. Lucha House Party

Elimination rules. Sullivan runs Dorado and Metalik over during the entrances so Kalisto tries some dropkicks, only to get caught in the Freak Accident for the elimination at 25 seconds. Dorado comes in but his springboard hurricanrana is countered into a running powerbomb for the elimination at 58 seconds.

That leaves Metalik, whose handspring is countered into a toss slam. Sullivan pulls him up at two and goes outside to gorilla press Kalisto onto the steps. Back inside and the Freak Accident plants Metalik….for two as Sullivan picks him up again. Instead he tossed Dorado head first into the post, followed by the Swan Dive to finish Metalik at 3:06.

Rating: D+. While exactly what it should have been, this makes Friday even more frustrating. It shows they know what they’re supposed to do but instead they went with the stupid decision at Super ShowDown. This was an improvement, but it made me more annoyed at Super ShowDown, which I didn’t think possible.

R-Truth and Carmella get caught by the mob but they go into an elevator without the referee. The camera inside the elevator shows it stopping between floors. More on this later it seems.

Becky Lynch is getting ready for an interview. Of note: Rollins is with her and Cole acknowledges their relationship.

We get a sitdown, split screen interview with Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans. Lacey wants to go first because ladies go first, but Becky talks about making Lacey tap at Money in the bank. Sure Lacey should beat her because Lacey is bigger and stronger, but Becky isn’t letting someone like her be champion.

Lacey says Becky doesn’t know anything about her and she won’t stop until she has everything she wants. She hears fear in Becky’s voice and it’s the fear of fading back down into obscurity. The stench of fear is nasty and she’ll be Becky No Belts at Stomping Grounds. Becky says she’ll be taking a slap upside the head and another loss. They kept this short and that’s the best thing for everyone involved.

Nikki Cross asks Alexa Bliss about what happened last week but tonight Bliss is in a champions vs. challengers match tonight. Bliss accuses Bayley of being two faced and says you can only try to convince people you’re something you’re not for so long. She’s totally Cross’ friend though.

It’s time for MizTV, because having a short match in between these segments is just out of the question. This week’s guest is Samoa Joe, who does not like being called the NEW United States Champion. Rey Mysterio stole his title and then Joe had the chance to win it back. Miz calls him out on being handed the title back and jumping Mysterio last week. Joe: “Yeah, so?”

On top of that, Joe brought in Rey’s son Dominic, which Miz finds uncool. You don’t do that to a man’s family so Joe is ready to fight. This brings out Braun Strowman who wants a fight with Joe. It also brings out Bobby Lashley, who isn’t done with Strowman. He wants a title shot, but here’s Ricochet to add his name to the list as well. Before he can get that out though, Cesaro interrupts and punches Ricochet in the face. The brawl is on and the good guys clean house to set up the six man tag.

Samoa Joe/Bobby Lashley/Cesaro vs. The Miz/Ricochet/Braun Strowman

I mean, duh? Strowman starts fast with a leapfrog over Lashley and a clothesline, followed by a tag to Miz for the running corner clothesline. It’s off to Cesaro but Ricochet comes in for the running flip dive to the floor. The standoff takes us to a break and we come back with Ricochet in trouble. Cesaro’s uppercut sends him outside but an enziguri drops Lashley.

That’s enough for the hot tag to Miz, who hits running knees and clotheslines in the corner. Joe gets kicked off the apron and a DDT plants Cesaro, setting up the YES Kicks to Lashley and Cesaro. Lashley gets up and plants Miz though, allowing the tag off to Joe. Strowman is knocked off the apron so he pulls Lashley to the floor, leaving Miz to take the Swing from Cesaro.

Miz is fine enough to kick Cesaro away though and it’s off to Strowman for the running splashes in the corner. That’s enough for Joe, who grabs the title and runs off. That leaves Lashley on the floor, with Miz backdropping Ricochet over the post to take him down. The Skull Crushing Finale hits Cesaro and the 630 gives Ricochet the pin at 13:40. The 630 hit Cesaro in the knee and he falls outside holding said knee.

Rating: C. I saw something on Twitter that was incredibly accurate: we’re supposed to believe that these six men all want the US Title and that Baron Corbin is a better choice for a main eventer than any of them. That’s very accurate, and yet these people are probably going to be stuck facing each other for months. It’s not the worst move in the world, but it’s not making me think much of Ricochet beating Cesaro or Strowman beating Lashley if those results got them to the same place.

Corbin confirms that he has not yet made his choice for guest referee. Sami comes up for a talk.

Becky Lynch/Bayley vs. Lacey Evans/Alexa Bliss

Bayley is the hometown girl and Nikki Cross is here with Bliss. Bayley and Bliss start things off with Bayley driving her into the corner for some stomping. Bliss is right back with an arm twist to take her to the mat before it’s off to Lacey vs. Becky. Lacey kicks her in the ribs and hands it off to Bliss, who has to be saves from the Bexploder. Bayley’s sliding dropkick underneath the ropes barely hits Lacey as we take a break.

Back with Becky coming in off the hot tag but getting knocked down in a hurry. The slingshot Bronco Buster makes it worse but Becky sends Lacey outside for a baseball slide. A Bliss distraction lets Lacey get in a neckbreaker, setting up a backflip (from the mat) splash for two. Evans misses a springboard moonsault and that’s enough for the tag off to Bayley. The Women’s Right cuts Bayley off but Twisted Bliss hits knees. Evans knocks Bayley out again though and steals the pin at 10:49.

Rating: D+. You know, I had been thinking that this week’s show was getting better because it didn’t have the big eye rolling moment. But never fear, because WWE won’t let you down. OF COURSE the hometown girl had to lose here because it was the only option they had. They couldn’t have done a countout, a DQ, a brawl to a no contest, or done ANYTHING OTHER THAN HAVE BAYLEY GET PINNED IN HER HOMETOWN AGAIN. Have fun working in front of a dead crowd for the rest of the night people.

Sami comes in to see Shane McMahon and offers to audition as guest referee for Owens vs. Rollins tonight. Shane agrees on Sami being an outside referee, which Sami agrees was Shane’s idea.

Here’s Paul Heyman to talk about how Brock Lesnar can beat up Seth Rollins every day and cash in any day. Three days ago, Rollins needed a chair to fend off Lesnar because he’s a coward and a stupid coward at that. See now, Rollins is going to have to worry about Lesnar cashing in every week. It could be tonight, it could be next week or the week after that. Or Lesnar could be the guest referee at Stomping Grounds and take the title then. He’ll do it one day and that’s a spoiler because Lesnar is the Beast Slayer Slayer. Good for him. Now both of you go away.

The 24/7 people are STILL stuck in the elevator and Truth announces that he has a phone. Just no bars on his phone. Drake Maverick needs to get out of here because he’s getting married in a few weeks. EC3: “And you didn’t invite me???” Maverick: “You’re my best man!” Maverick is accused of being Hornswoggle but what really matters is Heath Slater getting out because he has kids.

Here are the IIconics for a match against some hand selected opponents. They’ve found San Jose’s finest but the two of them will never win the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Just like the San Jose Sharks will never win the Stanley Cup.

IIconics vs. Lisa Lace/Aaliyah Mia

Non-title. The announcers crack jokes about the jobbers, with Graves having to cut himself off after a Los Conquistadors joke. Royce knees Mia in the ribs and the knee to the head is good for the pin at 1:19. And….that’s it actually. Just a squash win.

Video on Shane McMahon beating Roman Reigns at Super ShowDown. Normally I would say I can’t believe they did that, but I completely believe this one. After the match was over, Reigns said he was upset at the loss but was moving on to Drew McIntyre at Stomping Grounds.

They’re still in the elevator.

And now, Shane McMahon’s victory celebration. Drew McIntyre is with him and we have live bagpipe players to play him to the ring. Shane talks about growing up in WWE and recognizing special things. That would apply to Roman Reigns, who is a first ballot WWE Hall of Famer. Reigns hits like a mule and has beaten the best WWE has to offer. However, Reigns does not have a victory over Shane because Shane beat him at Super ShowDown. Shane thanks Drew for his preparation but gets cut off by a BORING chant. Shane: “Get used to it. It’s my celebration and I’ve got all night.”

Drew calls Shane the Best in the World but he’s the most dangerous man in the world. At Stomping Grounds, he’s going to give Reigns the beating he deserves and beat him 1-2-3. Shane: “You’re so intense dude.” Shane drinks out of the Best in the World cup before bringing out the Revival. They can’t drink though because they have a Tag Team Title match up next. They can join the party, provided they win some gold. Uh, the titles are silver Shane.

Tag Team Titles: Zack Ryder/Curt Hawkins vs. Revival vs. Usos

Ryder and Hawkins are defending and before the match, they talk about their backs being against the wall but it’s not midnight yet. The Revival is knocked to the floor to start so the champs hit a neckbreaker for two on Jimmy. Dawson pulls Hawkins outside though and sends him into the barricade as we take a break.

Back with the Usos picking up the pace off a big dive to the floor. A high crossbody gives Jimmy two on Dawson but it’s back to Ryder to take Dawson down. Jey tags himself in as everything breaks down, allowing Jey to hit the Superfly Splash on Ryder. Dawson tags himself in as well though and steals the pin and the titles at 8:19.

Rating: C-. I like the ending, though odds are this is just going to be a way to advance Reigns vs. McMahon even more, likely with another Usos vs. Revival match at Stomping Grounds. That being said, at least the Revival are somewhat more likely to be on TV than Hawkins and Ryder, who are the most useless Tag Team Champions in at least 64 days.

Rollins is ready for Lesnar, Corbin, Owens and Zayn.

They’re still in the elevator and talk Maverick through his cold feet about the wedding. They decide they’re friends and start singing We Are Family. Then the other people outside the elevator open the door and the chase is on again. Some near falls ensue but Carmella drags R-Truth into the elevator and they get away.

Cole: “Bray Wyatt has invited R-Truth to the Firefly Fun House to stay safe.” Oh….I’m not sure about this.

It’s time for the Firefly Fun House. Bray posts a sign on the door saying Abandon All Hope Ye Who Exit Here as Mercy and Rambling Rabbit get in a fight. Bray threatens them with the Fiend and they shake in fear. Instead they’ll let fate decide. He puts his hands on his head and things get creepy, but Rambling gets to speak his mind.

It’s not cool to eat your friends but it might be time for him to expose what is really going on around here. Bray, now with a clown nose, picks him up and throws him down before CRUSHING RAMBLING WITH A MALLET. He then eats the entrails and declares them delicious. Today’s show is sponsored by Rambling Rabbit’s Delicious Rabbit Spread. I’ll be over here talking my rabbit off a cliff.

Back in the arena and a wide shot of the arena shows a lot of empty seats on the hard camera sign.

Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens

Non-title with Sami Zayn as outside referee. Sami checks Rollins, with the taped up ribs, for weapons and does a much faster check of Owens. They start slowly with Owens working on a wristlock and then an armbar. That’s broken up with some spinning and flipping but Sami offers a distraction so a rollup gets a delayed two. Rollins goes to yell at Sami, allowing Owens to send him outside.

A DDT on the floor drops Rollins and we take a break. Back with Rollins jawbreaking his way to freedom from a chinlock. Owens finally wakes up and goes after the taped up ribs with a backbreaker. A dropkick and forearm to the back but the Sling Blade gets Rollins out of trouble. The ribs go out on a suplex attempt but Owens’ Swanton hits knees.

An exchange of superkicks lets Rollins hit an enziguri but Sami comes in to check on Sami before the frog splash can loss. Rollins low bridges Owens to the floor and hits a suicide dive to take out both villains. The Stomp connects but Sami pulls the referee out at two. Sami takes his place so Seth grabs him by the shirt, earning a DQ at 12:01.

Rating: C. Just announce that Seth can lose the title via DQ at Stomping Grounds and get on with it. This was a preview for the title match that no one wants to see (again) and that’s the perfect way to cap off a boring show like this one. Owens could have been just about anyone here, though at least they did some stuff with the ribs instead of looking like morons.

Post match Corbin comes in and grabs a chair but Rollins takes it away and chases him off. Sami gets chaired down with Rollins exploding as Cole talks about everything he’s been through over the last few weeks. What has he been through? Beating up Lesnar, retaining the title, and then a match here? Rollins hits the Stomp on Sami to end the show with no announcement being made on the guest referee.

Overall Rating: D+. Actually, this was a good bit better than the previous few shows. It’s a higher quality than just about anything they’ve done in the last few weeks and that’s an improvement. Then you get to the problem: this show was really boring. We spent weeks setting up Super ShowDown and now we’re getting ready for a very similar card which isn’t interesting either. Between Shane McMahon’s never ending reign and Baron Corbin: Yes He’s Really A Main Eventer, what is interesting here?

The problem around here seems to be that we never get to the big show/match/story. Everything is always about waiting for the next one but, other than Wrestlemania, the next one never comes. Reigns beat McIntyre at Wrestlemania. So? He’s still fighting him and gets to do it again at Stomping Grounds. Rollins defeated Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Well that might be continuing for the next eleven months. Becky is fighting Lacey again. The Revival got the Tag Team Titles back tonight.

It feels like we’re either riding around in a circle and passing the same things every few weeks or driving down the road with no idea where we’re supposed to go. What is the big match on the horizon right now? Unless someone is suddenly brought up from the mid/upper midcard, Corbin and McMahon are the main event heels at the moment and while I expect Shane to get a title shot there, who does that leave for the other title? Maybe they’re just overloaded with the amount of shows they have going on at the moment, but they need to figure something out and in a hurry because these last few months have been awful.


Lars Sullivan b. Lucha House Party – Swan Dive to Gran Metalik

Braun Strowman/Miz/Ricochet b. Cesaro/Bobby Lashley/Samoa Joe – 630 to Cesaro

Alexa Bliss/Lacey Evans b. Becky Lynch/Bayley – Woman’s Right to Bayley

IIconics b. Lisa Lace/Aaliyah Mia – Knee to Mia’s head

Revival b. Usos and Zack Ryder/Curt Hawkins – Dawson pinned Ryder after a Superfly Splash from Jey Uso

Kevin Owens b. Seth Rollins via DQ when Rollins attacked the referee

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