Bret Hart vs Roman Reigns

I was just playing WWE Champions this morning (I’m in your faction!), and had Bret Hart vs Roman Reigns happen. It got me thinking… wouldn’t that have been a great match in real life? Bret always got great stuff out of dudes who were slightly bigger than him, and I think he could coax a tremendous match out of the big dog. Especially if Bret did what he does best, which is be a face, but work heel. And what’s weird is I don’t see Roman working that well against HBK or Flair, but Bret seems like he would have been a great fit for some reason. Am I way off here?

Nope, I think Bret would have worked the Nash formula with Roman and it would have been great.  Plus Bret would bump all over for him.  
As for WWE Champions, if anyone else is playing that soul-sucking game and wants to hang out in my faction, it’s BulletClubRJD.   I’m leader more by default than anything.  But I’ve been playing since the beta and I’m always happy to give advice where I can.  It’s increasingly fascinating how much of a toxic relationship that Scopely can develop with the players, though, as they make the WWE look like Google at this point.