WWF Wrestling Challenge – October 31st, 1993

October 31, 1993

From the Portland Civic Center in Portland, ME

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan


We start off with the same video package we saw on “Superstars” about  the Crush/Randy Savage Summit.


This week, we have The Quebecers defending their Tag Team Titles against Men on a Mission. Plus, Razor Ramon as guest on the “King’s Court.”


Marty Jannetty vs. Tony DeVito

Marty works the arm as the announcers talk about Halloween. Marty stays in control then the announcers hype up tonight’s Tag Team Title match. Marty continues to work over DeVito then finally puts him away with a flying fist drop (3:00).

Thoughts: Heenan kept calling Marty a “punk “but most of the focus was on hyping today’s Tag Team Title match.


The Headshrinkers w/ Afa vs. Ralph Mosca & Barry Horowitz

Ross says he wants to see The Quebecers face the Headshrinkers with Heenan saying he doesnt think anyone can beat the Headshrinkers then we get a bit about Heenan almost saying Afa is not a good enough manager with Ross trying to get him to admit this as Heenan acts scared. Horowitz fights back against The Headshrinkers but that does not work. Mosca tags in and he gets destroyed then Fatu puts him away with a top rope splash (2:43).

Thoughts: Despite not having a feud the Headshrinkers are still billed as unbeatable monsters, despite the fact they’ve already been beaten by The Steiners and yet to have a big win.


We get the “WWF Unbelievable” ad where the president delays take off of Air Force One in order to watch “Monday Night RAW.”


IRS vs. Phil Apollo

IRS calls the crowd out for being tax cheats. I know you’re as shocked as I am. Apollo gets tossed outside but fights back from the apron and slingshots in with a sunset flip for two as Ross says it was “shades of PJ Walker.” A stockier, slower version of PJ Walker with much less wrestling ability anyway.  IRS then beats down Apollo and quickly finishes him off with the Write Off Clothesline (1:05).

Thoughts: IRS is still feuding with Razor and gets a quick win here.


King’s Court with guest Razor Ramon. Lawler says that Razor has more oil in his hair than he does in his car. Lawler then asks Razor if he has paid his taxes on all of his gold then says IRS will come collect the taxes. Razor then tells IRS he does not owe him anything and dares him to try and collect. Lawler then asks about the Survivor Series as Razor puts over his teammates. Razor then talks about Lawler’s gold but how he does not have any around his “chubby, little waist.” Razor then adds how some people call himself “Razor” or “Bad Guy” but now they have to call him “Champ” as he flicks his toothpick at Razor before leaving. We can expect the Razor/IRS feud to continue past Survivor Series with the Intercontinental Title on the line.


We get a Survivor Series promo by “Family Feud” host Ray Combs.


“The Rocket” Owen Hart vs. Mike Bell

Owen and Bell trade off working the arm as Ross wants to know how Bruce & Keith Hart will be able to fair at the Survivor Series as Heenan says we will be surprised about Lawler’s knights. Owen dropkicks Bell outside then flies out with a pescado then soon after that uses a Northern lights suplex for the win (2:18).

Thoughts: A backdrop to hype up the Hart Family vs. Lawler feud.


We now see Rick Martel backstage playing WWF Royal Rumble for Sega Genesis.


Survivor Series Report airs.


WWF Tag Team Title Match: The Quebecers (c) w/ Johnny Polo vs. Men on a Mission w/ Oscar

Jacques messes with Mo and does the “Canadian Moonwalk” according to Ross as Heenan says you lose some of it due to the exchange. Mo then struts around after running Jacques over then Pierre tags into the match. Pierre celebrates after knocking Mo down but as that was happening, Mabel tagged into the match. Jacques tries to cheap shot Mabel but that failed and The Quebecers bail to avoid Mabel as we head to break. We return with Mabel dropkicking Pierre through the ropes. Mo tags in as The Quebecers & Polo regroup then Polo causes a distraction that allows Pierre to attack from behind. The Quebecers double-team Mo as Oscar tries to hype up the crowd. Pierre gets two with a leg drop then The Quebecers go back to using double-team moves. Jacques hits a short piledriver because Mo could not fully get up for the move then Pierre gets up top for the assisted senton but Mo sits up to avoid the move. Pierre is hurt on the mat as the announcers keep talking him up as being hurt then Mabel tags in and runs wild. Jacques then grabs Oscar on the outside until Mabel makes the save. Mabel then leg drops Jacques on the floor but is the legal man. The ref nearly counts to ten as Jacques is rolled back inside but Pierre bumps him and this match completely breaks down as the ref raises MoM’s hands as they apparently won by count out as Mo had Jacques covered after an elbow drop with Oscar coming into the ring and counting to three (9:53) 1/4*. And this all happened while Mabel was actually the one who in fact did not beat the ten count. MoM then hold the belts and get upset after learning the titles did not change hands, which made them look like morons.

Thoughts: The ending of this match was an abomination. It was completely fucked up and even the announcers were at a loss of trying to explain the decision. The story was fairly simple in that The Quebecers, who claim to be fighting champions, are actually chickenshits that were afraid of Mabel. However, the rest of the match was also bad as MoM really struggled in the ring.


Next week we will see the Ludvig Borga vs. Tatanka match from “Superstars.” Also in action are the Steiner Brothers, Mr. Perfect, Crush, and the 1-2-3 Kid vs. Bastion Booger.


Final Thoughts: The featured match was bad and the rest of the show was typical Survivor Series hype with the PPV now less than four weeks away.