WWF Monday Night RAW – October 18th, 1993

October 18, 1993

From the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Bobby Heenan


We get the “Summit” video package that shows last week’s “summits” on RAW when Razor Ramon became the Intercontinental Champion and Lex Luger confronted Ludvig Borga but this week is the most important in WWF history between Crush and Randy Savage as Vince goes into overdrive in hyping this up as a huge event. Man, Vince was really into the word summit in October 1993.


The hosts run down this week’s show with Tatanka, The Steiners, and the summit appearing on the show. Savage is getting pissed at everyone but is sure that Crush will smooth things over as Heenan still eggs him on as we see a welcoming committee backstage to escort Crush.


The Steiners vs. PJ Walker & Tony DeVito

Scott works over DeVito to start then dumps him on his head with a dragon suplex. Walker tags in now, as does Rick, and gets dumped during a powerslam attempt. Rick then murders Walker with a clothesline then Scott dedicates his Steiner Screwdriver to Savage and drags Walker to his partner for a tag. Scott drills DeVito with a forearm smash then the Steiners use a Doomsday Bulldog for the win (3:02).

Thoughts: The Steiners destroyed poor DeVito & Walker in this match as the story is they’re pissed about losing the titles and not getting a rematch.


The announcers now to talk about Shawn Michaels and that we will have the opportunity to vote as to whether or not Jack Tunney should lift Shawn Michaels’ suspension as the numbers flash on the screen. We then hear from Diesel (saying to vote “yes”) then Mr. Perfect (saying to vote “no”) as those two argue as Diesel claims Shawn was sick and missed his dates with a temperature of 108 degrees. The argument itself was really bad and forced just like most scripted WWF arguments. And the fact Tunney would do it based on fan interest despite Shawn being a heel is odd psychology but the fact Shawn’s name is being sad again means he will be back as was reported in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” a week before this aired.


The “WWF Unbelievable” ad with Yokozuna as Godzilla airs.


IRS vs. Scott Taylor

IRS tells us tax cheats to pay up. Vince tells us that Crush is very close to the arena as IRS beats on Taylor. We see Taylor almost put IRS away with a sunset flip as Vince reminds us how PJ Walker beat him a few weeks ago. Vince then plugs “Pet Cemetery” as being the USA Wednesday Night movie as IRS has Taylor in a chin lock. IRS stays in control then hits the Write Off clothesline for the win (3:30).

Thoughts: There was some mention of the IRS/Razor Ramon feud but the focus on this show is Crush returning to confront Savage.


The Jeff Jarrett vignette airs.


We cut backstage as Vince says Crush will be here shortly and that Tatanka will be in action after the break.


Tatanka vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Vince brings up the Tatanka/Borga confrontation as we see the clip of that interaction. Heenan gloats over Jarrett’s talents, saying on a 1-10 scale his wrestling ability is 30. Heenan asks Savage why he is quiet now yet talked so much on Radio WWF as Savage mentioned what he said about Hulk Hogan and Savage even calls Hogan a “backstabber” and a “liar” even challenging Hogan before talking about Crush and worries Crush spoke with Hogan. Tatanka beats on Sharpe and stays in control before putting him away with a Samoan drop (3:01).

Thoughts: The big news here was Savage ripping on Hogan to go off what he said about him on Radio WWF as the company is selling Radio WWF as a place where talent cuts loose.


Survivor Series Report with Joe Fowler. He was awful doing this too, just like everything else he did for the company.


We see Crush arrive backstage where he is greeted by Heenan. Crush is wearing jeans and a leather jacket and sporting a goatee now as well.


Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Luna Vachon vs. Dennis Diamond

Bigelow backs Diamond into the corner then tosses him across of the ring as Heenan returns. Heenan then tells Savage that he betrayed Crush’s friendship and that when he comes out he better beg Crush in order to not get torn apart. Savage asks Heenan what he did wrong to Crush as Heenan does not know then we see Bigelow beating on Diamond. Vince then alerts us that Diesel is up next with a plea to fans as apparently 65% of fans do not want Shawn reinstated. Bigelow then drops Diamond with an enziguiri as Heenan says Shawn needs our help and to vote “yes” then Bigelow uses a slingshot splash for the win (3:00).

Thoughts: Most of the focus was on the Crush/Savage summit while we learned that the fans do not want to see Shawn get reinstated. No mention of Bigelow’s feud with Doink.


Diesel is backstage telling us to vote “yes” for Shawn’s reinstatement because he is the best wrestler in the WWF then incorrectly gives the “no” number as the “yes” number. Okay, that was a bit funny.


Heenan welcomes Crush to the ring. But we are surprised to see Mr. Fuji lead Crush to the ring. Crush then tells Savage he listened to him on what to do inside and outside of the ring. However, when he became superior, Savage could not handle it then Crush yells at the crowd. Crush then said Savage told him to get into the ring with Yokozuna and knew he was not 100% due to a hurt back from the “Stars & Stripes Challenge.” Crush then said he lost due to outside interference and calls out Savage for not helping out and watching him get hit with four straight Bonzai drops. Crush then said that Savage sat back and watch because he wanted him out of the WWF and only called once to see how bad he was doing. Crush then said the one person who made sense to him while he was recuperating was Mr. Fuji. Crush then delivers one last warning to stay out of his life, business, and most important of all to stay out of his way. Savage enters the ring to tell Crush that he is making a big mistake. Savage talks about making a million mistakes and to not listen to garbage like Heenan & Fuji. Savage then asks Crush to shake his hand and they can talk it out but Crush says its too late. Savage then extends his hand as the fans cheer. Heenan tells Crush not to fall for it but Crush yells at him to shut up then acts conflicted. Crush then shakes Savage’s hand as Crush raises their arms. Savage’s theme plays as he holds open the ropes for Crush. Heenan goes back on commentary to say Crush sold him out and that Crush is a wimp. Crush then raises Savage’s hand in the aisle but cheap shots him with a clothesline. Crush now press slams Savage across of the guardrail as Savage is grabbing his throat on the ground. Jim Cornette now leads out Yokozuna as we see Crush and Yokozuna bow in a sign of respect. Crush sends Savage into the steps and chops him down as several officials try to break this up. Savage is bleeding from the mouth as the fans chant for Luger but Savage is tossed into the ring where Yokozuna hits him with a Bonzai Splash. Savage is then rolled outside and helped backstage by the officials. The attack itself came off well but I cannot imagine anyone thinking that Crush was not going to turn here thus killing off a lot of heat despite Vince’s maniacal selling of the attack. And Crush is not charismatic enough to be part of a major angle and like I said, the friendship was really only stressed after Crush got hurt. Maybe if Savage and Crush were presented as friends for months prior it could have worked better but it just came off contrived for the most part.


We return as Vince says the preliminary report is that Savage lacerated his tongue.


The final result of the Shawn Michaels suspension lifting poll ends up just 36% yes and 64% no.


Next week in action are Diesel, Ludvig Borga, and 1-2-3 Kid vs. Marty Jannetty. Also, Crush will be in action as Vince says Savage will be alright which leads to Heenan making fun of Savage trying to talk.


Final Thoughts: As expected, Crush turned on Savage to kick off their feud. We also learned that the fan vote did not go in Shawn Michaels’ favor as he will still remain suspended I guess. And next week Crush makes his return to the ring and we get another Jannetty vs. Kid match like we saw last month on “All-American Wrestling” as the company tries to heat things up for the PPV but unfortunately for them the heating up happened off-screen.


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