WWF All-American Wrestling – October 17th, 1993

October 17, 1993

Your hosts are Joe Fowler and Bobby Heenan

This week’s exclusive match is Marty Jannetty vs. Pat Tanaka


Pat Tanaka vs. Marty Jannetty

This is from the 9/29 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Portland, ME. Your announcers are Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon. Tanaka talks trash before slapping Marty across the face. Marty then shoves Tanaka and hits a pair of arm drags before sending him outside with a dropkick. Marty then flies out with a pescado but Tanaka comes back inside and hammers away. Ross says that Tanaka needs a victory to impress the promoters in his WWF return as Marty fights back. Marty uses a fist drop for a two count then works a chin lock on the mat. Tanaka escapes then counters a hurricarana with a sit-out powerbomb that gets two and after that uses a throat thrust as Gorilla puts over Tanaka’s “successful tour of the Orient”. Tanaka whips Marty into the corner then drills him with a thrust kick. Tanaka stays in control as we go to break then return with Marty fighting back. Tanaka takes out Marty with a flying chop then hits another powerbomb for a nearfall. Tanaka tosses Marty outside and hammers away but Marty comes back to turn Tanaka inside-out as both men are down. Ross then tells us about and conversation with Shawn Michaels on Radio WWF this weekend and how a special vote line will be out to let WWF President Jack Tunney whether or not they want Shawn reinstated and we can vote this coming Monday on RAW. Marty turns Tanaka inside out with a clothesline then catches a charging Tanaka with a boot to the face but whiffs on a crossbody attempt. Tanaka then tries a tombstone piledriver but Marty reverses and gets the win (7:11 shown) **3/4.

Thoughts: Another good match from Tanaka but it did not result in a job as he would end up going to ECW and reforming Badd Company with Paul Diamond. However, the big news (which was first broke on All-American of all places) was learning that we would have a vote as to whether or not there is enough interest for WWF President Jack Tunney to reinstate Shawn Michaels.


The announcers talk about the matches already announced for the Survivor Series.


We get a “WWF Unbelievable” ad voiced over by Howard Finkel commending MLB for having integrity and foresight to not schedule any World Series games on Monday nights.


Steiners defeat Arn Armstrong & Ricky Rich from the 10/17 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


The debut Jeff Jarrett vignette airs.


Owen Hart defeats Scott Taylor from the 10/16 edition of “Superstars.”


The hosts now talk about Jarrett with Heenan putting over his talents.


Razor Ramon defeats Rick Martel for the Intercontinental Title on the 10/11 edition of “Monday Night RAW.”


Survivor Series ad airs.


The hosts now talk about the Tatanka/Ludvig Borga backstage confrontation from “Superstars” as Heenan heard that the “Indian” insulted Borga as we see a replay of what took place.


Ludvig Borga defeats Tony Roy from the 10/16 edition of “Superstars.”


We then get a graphic listing off all of the most noteworthy summits of the century with Lord Alfred Hayes doing the voice over telling us that Crush/Savage is just as important to hype up tomorrow night’s RAW. There’s hyping up your segments and then going overboard like we saw with this package. I mean, the Crush/Savage friendship was barely mentioned prior to Crush getting hurt in his match against Yokozuna on RAW.


The hosts talk about Crush/Savage on RAW as Heenan says Crush will be in Savage’s face and stab him in the back.


Final Thoughts: Good featured match and more importantly we learned that Shawn Michael’s could possibly get reinstated depending on how the vote goes tomorrow night on RAW in a rare breaking news piece from All-American Wrestling. They also seemed to barely have Fowler and Heenan interact seeing that Fowler is a lost cause and cannot even give Heenan material to work with as we will soon see that his days were numbered. And the same can be said for Heenan too as we will also see in the coming weeks.