NXT UK Results – June 5, 2019

Date: June 5, 2019
Location: Braehead Arena, Glasgow, Scotland
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph

We’re still in Glasgow and it’s another big night with the fatal four way to crown a new #1 contender. That’s quite the interesting match and most of the people involved are conceivable winners. Other than that we now have Imperium looming over the rest of the roster and that could get interesting in a hurry. Let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at the four way and how all four (Joe Coffey, Jordan Devlin, Dave Mastiff and Travis Banks) qualified.

Opening sequence.

The Hunt vs. Tyson T-Bone/Saxon Huxley

I had hoped T-Bone and Huxley had fallen in a hole somewhere. Huxley can’t do much with Wild Boar, who growls at him and fires off some forearms. A Thesz press gives Huxley a breather and it’s off to T-Bone vs. Wild Boar in a match that sounds like it’s out of a wrestling video game made by people who don’t watch wrestling. Vic: “T-Bone and Huxley have become quite the team over the last few months.” I don’t remember the last time they were on TV. Boar gets over for the tag though and it’s Primate coming in for some screaming. A Cannonball to Huxley brings Boar back in for a powerbomb/German suplex combination, followed by a double Swan Dive for the pin on Huxley at 3:41.

Rating: D+. The Hunt is a team that could be a solid midcard addition so I’m more than cool with having them beat a team like T-Bone and Huxley. They kept this quick because a team like the Hunt isn’t going to be the most intriguing in a longer match, so everything worked out fine here.

Post match Wolfgang and Mark Coffey come out and jump the Hunt. Wolfgang goes over to commentary to yell at Nigel as the Hunt is left laying.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Kasey Owens

In a bit of an odd thing to hear, Ray is billed as the ICW Women’s Champion. The fans chant ICW as Ray forearms away to start but charges into a boot in the corner. Owens’ over the ropes armbar is blocked with a kick to the back and a dropkick makes it even worse. Owens gets in some strikes of her own but misses a running kick and gets slapped in the chest. A Gory Bomb finishes Owens at 3:57.

Rating: C-. Ray is another name who could become a force in the division and be a rather strong challenger against Toni Storm down the line. There are a lot of names who could become top level performers in the division and Ray already has the success outside of the division. Just keep going like this and see where she can go.

Video on Imperium, who wants to destroy British Strong Style.

Video on Jazzy Gabbert destroying Xia Brookside last week.

Jinny says she got Jazzy to help her because she paid her off. She could either fight Jazzy or befriend her because Jinny is more than just a pretty face.

Here are the Grizzled Young Veterans with something to say. Zack Gibson was told not to come out here but he has something to say. They are the first NXT UK Tag Team Champions and now they’re having to defend the titles at the Download Festival. Gibson: “IS THIS A RIB???” Johnny Saint wants Gibson to walk through an ugly field in his custom boots to defend these titles while horrible bands like Slipknot ruin music? They are the NXT UK Tag Team Champions so they need some respect. If they’re unhappy, the rest of the locker room will be unhappy. That’s bad for morale, so old man Saint needs to figure it out.

Moustache Mountain are in Men’s Health UK.

Next week, British Strong Style vs. Imperium.

Jordan Devlin vs. Dave Mastiff vs. Travis Banks vs. Joe Coffey

One fall to a finish. Coffey shouts that this is his kingdom and it’s Banks vs. Devlin fighting on the floor early on. Coffey and Mastiff hit shoulders that send them outside. That works so well that they do it again a few times on the floor. Banks goes after Mastiff and gets thrown into the barricade, allowing Mastiff and Coffey to collide again. Devlin gets thrown down too and everyone is on the floor.

It’s Banks hammering away at Devlin back inside but managing to kick at Coffey as well. Running elbows in the corner have the villains in trouble and Devlin is thrown head first into Coffey’s crotch. Mastiff comes back in to start throwing people around but Coffey blocks the rolling German suplexes. Devlin takes them instead but Coffey manages to powerslam Mastiff. Just to show off, Coffey throws Banks on his shoulders and reverse giant swings Devlin at the same time.

There’s a double underhook swing to Devlin but he sends Coffey shoulder first into the post. Some stomping keeps Coffey down and Devlin even manages to take out the invading Banks. A backbreaker keeps Banks down but Devlin makes the mistake of mocking Coffey’s pose. Now guess who pops up right behind him. Actually it would be Coffey and Mastiff, who knock him around with some forearms. Coffey’s running headbutt to the ribs hits the buckle though and Mastiff’s German suplex gets two on Banks.

Devlin comes back in and gets knocked into the corner as well for a Cannonball from Mastiff. That’s broken up at two so Banks hits the running Spanish Fly for two on Devlin. Coffey’s top rope spinning crossbody crushes Mastiff and it’s All The Best For The Bells for two more on Devlin. The big guys get knocked to the floor though and it’s the Slice of Heaven into the Kiwi Crusher to give Banks the pin at Devlin at 12:15.

Rating: B. I like Banks getting the title shot like this as he can certainly go in the ring and would give Walter a heck of a run for his money. That being said, he’s going to need some allies to deal with Imperium. They’re keeping Mastiff strong as well and seeing Walter powerbomb him at the end of a hoss fight could be a lot of fun.

Overall Rating: B-. Nice show here, which again is a good sign without the top stars around. They’re doing a nice job of making the smaller names look important and that’s how you build up a successful promotion over time. Banks is someone who could be a very fun challenger to Walter and they kept the others looking strong enough. It’s like they’re thinking, which is a welcome idea around this company.

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