What the World Was Watching: WCW Worldwide – June 24, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are doing commentary and they are taped from Orlando, Florida.

Opening Contest:  The Blue Bloods (12-1-1) defeat Eddie Jackie & Red Tyler when Lord Steven Regal makes Jackie submit to the Regal Stretch at 2:07:

The Blue Bloods keep rolling toward getting another tag team title shot, destroying Jackie after he tags into the match.

Gene Okerlund interviews Television Champion the Renegade with Jimmy Hart.  Hart has some fan mail for the Renegade, the Renegade grunts a lot, and then the Renegade yells that Orndorff will soon “feel the power.”

Diamond Dallas Page (w/the Diamond Doll & Maxx Muscle) (3-0) pins Bart Sawyer after a Diamond Cutter at 2:21:

Page orders the Doll around throughout the squash, which allows Sawyer to score a near-fall and work in a few dropkicks.  Page had still not mastered the “Diamond Cutter out of nowhere” spot yet, so he keeps Sawyer in a front facelock while Muscle holds up a “10” sign for him and then hits his finisher to remain undefeated.

Brian Pillman (19-4) defeats Barry Hardy via submission to an octopus hold on the canvas at 2:19:

Pillman does not bother to go aerial in this squash, opting for a more grounded style to vanquish Hardy.

Okerlund interviews Paul Orndorff, who says that the Renegade and Jimmy Hart are directionless and that the Renegade is a joke of a wrestler.  Some funny banter follows where Orndorff accuses Okerlund of not paying his taxes because he cannot remember how long the Renegade has wrestled and then asks Okerlund “What is the point of all this?”

Okerlund interviews Randy Savage.  Savage is not happy that Ric Flair attacked his dad at The Great American Bash, and he vows to get the job done at Bash at the Beach.

WCW Tag Team Championship Match:  Harlem Heat (w/Sister Sherri) (28-3-2) beat the Nasty Boys (Champions) (31-2-2) to win the title when Booker T pins Jerry Sags after Earl Robert Eaton gives Sags the Tower of London at 6:07:

Heenan is amazed that the Nasties use some wrestling moves in this match, with Brian Knobbs busting out a suplex and Sags using a side suplex to counter a headlock.  The Nasties appear poised to retain the title after Knobbs gives Booker T a powerslam, but Sherri and the referee are knocked down by the move.  This leads to the Blue Bloods interfering and beating up both teams, but Sags gets it worst of all when Eaton gives him the Tower of London, so the Heat become the tag team champions for the second time.  Another average match between the two teams, helped by the chaotic finish.  Rating:  **

Tune in next week to see Brian Pillman, Dave Sullivan, Dick Slater & Bunkhouse Buck in action!

The Last Word:  The title change in the main event was the first of several “phantom” tag team title changes that WCW would have during the summer of 1995 since the match that aired on this broadcast was taped on May 3.  That was when Harlem Heat were still the tag team champions and had not yet lost the titles to the Nasty Boys at Slamboree, meaning that the Nasties lost the titles before they ever won them.  A title switch gave fans a reason to watch Worldwide but the Nasties are the only credible babyface team in the division so taking the titles away from them is puzzling because it condemns the division to a lot of heel-versus-heel matches that will get weird crowd reactions.

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